Greece Wheat-Free Travel Itinerary

Hi! My name is Alex Adams and I’m an adventurous foodie living in Miami Beach, Florida. I discovered I have a wheat allergy in 2019 and have been gluten-free ever since. While a bit more challenging sometimes, I love to travel, experience different cuisines, and find restaurant gems near and far. Last summer, I went on an 8-day trip to Greece and got engaged! We had so many wonderful meals of fresh fish, delicious cheeses, plenty of Greek salad and great cocktails. Santorini was the perfect island for a romantic getaway where we could wine and dine at spots like Venetsanos Winery with a multi-course, gluten-free wine pairing lunch, and we finished the trip celebrating at beautiful beach clubs in Mykonos. Follow me on the Spokin app to see all of my restaurant and travel reviews and on Instagram for more fun gluten-free eats at @passthetreats.  
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