About Spokin

Founder Susie Hultquist on ABC 7 news.

Founder Susie Hultquist on ABC 7 news.

Welcome to Spokin, your new destination for all things food allergies. If there's one thing I know, it's that managing food allergies requires effort and time. I also know that connecting with others who have "been there" has been invaluable in helping me navigate food allergies for my daughter. Finding that experienced person and their great advice isn't as easy as it should be and like everything else in my life, I want a faster, easier, better way to get what I need. 

Our mission is to build the ultimate food allergy resource. A go-to spot to provide just what you need, when you need it, regardless of your experience level. If you are newly diagnosed and not sure where to start, looking for a quick list of allergy-friendly restaurants for spring break or preparing for major milestones like how to handle kissing (eek) and colleges, your search is over. Spokin will keep you in the know, #wegotthis.

Less time searching means more time to get on with the fun parts of life. If we can take work off your overflowing plate, then we have done our job.


Susie Hultquist

CEO and Founder of Spokin