Allergy-Friendly Toronto Guide

Canada’s largest city is a safe haven for food allergies and a perfect place to visit with a vibrant art scene including legal graffiti, over 1,500 parks, and an eclectic vibe that provides both an urban and a small town feel. Our Top Rated Toronto Guide features the Spokin community’s favorite finds from gluten-free chicken and waffles to vegan restaurants serving the multicultural cuisines Toronto is known for. See the 10 best places to get your sugar fix reviewed on the Spokin app, including 5 bakeries dedicated free of a range of allergens—gluten, nuts, and more.


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1. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – King West

“The Keg was great with modifying food orders to suit and were really careful with celiac. Can help direct on what is safe to eat. Only ate here with celiac (not food allergies).”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

2. Grazie Ristorante

“My son can safely eat delicious pizza and pasta at this restaurant.”

@karebench who manages peanut, tree nut, soy, avocado, chickpea, and pea allergies

3. Terroni

“Place was crowded and busy, nevertheless the staff made me feel comfortable and we had pizza to share as well as a salad and pasta which all was pretty delicious. They have pistachio and few nuts on the menu but are peanut-free. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options.”

@stefanie who manages peanut, tree nut, and apple allergies


“The cutest little authentic Mexican restaurant; food is amazing. Super knowledgeable about celiac. Fryer is not dedicated gluten-free but all of their tortillas are corn so nearly everything on the menu is gluten-free—items that are not gluten-free are clearly noted. Instead of chips with the guac, they give you tortillas. Note: There are nuts on the menu.”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

5. Fat Choi

“I loved eating at this amazing Malaysian restaurant that is fully vegan. I got the roti and was obsessed! The staff was knowledgeable and attentive when it came to dietary restrictions. I highly recommend!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies

6. Morton’s

“Morton’s does an excellent job in talking openly about items on the menu that are peanut/tree nut and shellfish/fish-free. They are very well informed with cross contamination and are very honest with how they prepare food. I always feel 100% safe eating my food and I feel very comfortable. The staff and manager are very attentive, helpful, and very well versed with food allergies.”

@victoria16 who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish allergies

7. Fresh Restaurants

“This was my all-time favorite place to get food from while I went to the University of Toronto St. George campus! It’s only a couple blocks away and is fully vegan, with tons of gluten-free options as well. Their portions and prices are fair and they even offer a 10% student discount when you show your ID card for takeout orders, which was super helpful for me! My favorite dishes were the BBQ burger, cobb salad, and squash tacos but I’ve seriously tried everything on the menu and am obsessed with all of it. They have awesome vegan desserts from local vegan bakeries as well, and bomb cocktails! This place has it all (even a grab and go section). It’s a must-try!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies

8. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

“One of the only places I feel comfortable eating out with my soy allergy. Able to accommodate many allergies.”

@daniellebarry who manages peanut, soy, and pea allergies

9. Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill

“Swiss Chalet is delicious food with very few allergens and they have a great menu that lets you know what you can eat safely.”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

10. Sala Modern Thai Kitchen (Danforth Ave)

“My celiac kids love ordering delivery from Sala Thai. When I spoke with them on the phone, they were able to direct us to safe gluten-free choices for celiac or explain why a certain menu item wouldn’t work for us. Their menu also clearly shows gluten-free items.”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

11. The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles

“I had a gluten-free waffle and fried chicken. They were both delicious. The staff was also very helpful on what was and wasn’t gluten-free!”

@ajd who manages celiac

12. Eat Nabati

“I was so excited to try this fully vegan Egyptian spot. I got the Mama Shawarma bowl and it was so hearty and delicious! I believe they use soy in their shawarma, but this place is very safe and accommodating for most allergies! The bowls and pitas are very veggie-forward and everything was amazing!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies

13. Odd Burger

“This was my favorite vegan fast food spot in college! It is a short streetcar ride from the U of T campus and has affordable vegan fast food. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts and are completely dairy-free. My favorite was their Maple Crunch breakfast sandwich with their onion rings—simply amazing!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies

14. Osteria Rialto

“We booked a private room for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I didn’t have my kids with me but in our party we had someone eating dairy-free, I am gluten-free, and another person eating vegan. They were able to accommodate all of us. They do not have gluten-free pastas, but have meats, seafood and salads that work. Food was really good, staff is fantastic—not a ton of options but you can definitely eat. There are tree nuts on the menu.”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

15. Pizzaiolo – The Pizza Maker’s Pizza

“Consistently delish gluten-free pizza options. Nut-free establishment.”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

16. Amano Trattoria

“The location is amazing and the interior itself worth a visit. Staff was very helpful, checked everything with the chef and made me feel safe, although they told my that they cannot 100% guarantee that there will be no cross contamination since there are (few!) nuts in the kitchen and no peanuts at all. The fact that they were aware of cross contact and the way they treated me and said that they will make it safe made me confident and oh my god, it was worth it. The food is amazing and they made us virgin mojitos which were also safe and great (no nuts at the bar).”

@stefanie who manages peanut, tree nut, and apple allergies

17. La Bartola

“This is a vegan Mexican restaurant with AMAZING tacos. I got the taco sampler plate with hibiscus tacos, cactus tacos, and their carne asada. This place is super allergy-friendly and knowledgeable. They have tons of options for people with gluten and nut allergies but do use nuts in some of their tacos. Overall, highly recommend checking this dairy-free Mexican spot out!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies

18. Mi-Ne Sushi

“This sushi place is amazing. They don’t have anything nutty on the menu aside from a couple desserts. I usually get chicken teriyaki or cucumber avocado rolls.”

@allergydiaries who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

19. STACK BBQ Toronto

“They are working on a gluten-free menu but when I spoke to them on the phone they were very knowledgeable and patient walking me through options to order. They even have gluten-free buns. Shared fryer though, so nothing fried works. No worries, there are tons of other delicious options. Ribs and slaw were delicious.”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

20. Si Lom Thai Bistro

“I loved the cocktails and the vegan menu at this amazing Thai restaurant. I got the vegan pad see ew and loved it! I highly recommend if you are avoiding animal products and want to enjoy delicious Thai food.”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies


“Wow. Some of the most interesting food I’ve ever had. If you’re looking to try something new, this is the place to go. So many different meats/sausages, gluten and vegan options, and a super cool waitstaff. Have you ever had a duck roll? So good!”

@aliu who manages a citrus allergy

22. Sushi Inn

“This was my go-to sushi spot during college because of its proximity to U of T, the fair prices, good quality, and knowledge among waitstaff about allergies. Many restaurants use cream cheese, which is not safe for me, and I appreciated that this place always took my milk allergy seriously and used minimal cream cheese (if any) in their restaurant. I never had an issue here and recommend this place for any sushi lover. They have vegan and vegetarian options as well!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies

23. bloomer’s Queen

“This place has the best donuts I’ve ever had! Everything is vegan. Be aware, they do have some donuts with nuts in them but their labeling is very clear and they take extra cautions. I highly highly recommend this place! They also clearly label what is gluten-free and what isn’t! The staff is very communicative and aware.”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, beef, and pork allergies

24. Riz on Yonge Restaurant

“A certified gluten-free kitchen! The food is outstanding and you can even pick up some of their prepared food to take home.”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies


1. Bunner’s Bakeshop

“A family member went on a work trip to Toronto and brought us back treats from Bunner’s, a gluten-free, vegan, AND nut-free (minus coconut) bakery with 2 locations in the city. We tried the brownie, supersonic cookie, apricot bar, and raspberry bar, and loved them all!”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

2. Whisked Gluten-Free Bakery

“Lots of options, and they have take home mixes and products.”

@emander who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, soy, wheat, flax, vegetable, fruit, grain, and legume allergies

3. Grodzinski Bakery

“Very helpful staff. Nut-free bakery. I inquired about legumes and soy and was told they don’t use any legume flours (chickpea, pea, or soy). They have a hummus wrap prepared on a different floor than their breads and cakes. They even went as far as knowing that their shortening is canola but it may contain undeclared soy oil, as labelling regulations allow up to 1% to be undeclared. I can have soy oil, but was very impressed they thought that far ahead.”

@daniellebarry who manages peanut, soy, and pea allergies

4. CT Bakery

“I have a severe peanut allergy and was never able to eat donuts safely. I took a trip to Giant for snacks and ran into the donuts in the bakery and they are absolutely delicious! I love the raspberry filled!”

@courtw1 who manages a peanut allergy

5. Short & Sweet Bakeshop

“Delicious nut-free bakery. Amazing cookies and cupcakes.”

@karebench who manages peanut, tree nut, soy, avocado, and legume allergies

6. Cakes and Bakes Shop

“Amazing that they offer gluten-free and nut-free options. Cupcakes and cake pops!”

@scadman who manages celiac and peanut and wheat allergies

7. Gemaro Bakery

“We love Gemaro waffles and cookies. Their packaged stuffing is also fantastic and really easy to make. They have a huge menu of prepared foods that we need to try. They are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free. So amazing!”

@thedyercrew who manages celiac and tree nut and egg allergies

8. Golden Bubbles

“Yummy bubble waffle and ice cream place and very cute, too! They’ve got a set of delicious Asian ice cream flavors: black sesame, green tea, red bean, taro, and more! Ice cream with a fluffy waffle…the best. Lots of signage all around with allergen info. If you’re in Toronto area, check it out!”

@aliu who manages a citrus allergy

9. On Third Thought

“OMG—everything is plant-based/vegan. They use rice milk as base for the ice cream. Nut-free (they have coconut), dairy-free, gluten-free, the menu changes daily. We enjoyed lemon, raspberry swirl, and coconut. Amazing.”

@stefanie who manages peanut, tree nut, and apple allergies

10. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

“Heard lots about this widely popular ice cream place and its London Fog ice cream?! So unique. A must visit if you’re in the area.”

@aliu who manages a citrus allergy


1. One King West Hotel & Residence

“Very centrally located, the rooms are nicely designed and have a little kitchenette. The rooms are not overcrowded. Having a double burner is so handy when staying in a hotel as an allergic guest. The hotel itself is beautiful.”

@amandaorlando who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, and legume allergies

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