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Eat Your Way Through Italy!

Buongiorno! As if Italy didn't have enough to love already, Spokin users are sharing glowing reviews of the country's allergy-friendly options. Since 2014, European laws have required allergen information to be provided at all restaurants and cafes. As a result, it is not unusual to find allergen grids in restaurants and separate gelato scoopers at gelatarias. Explore by city with our maps, see reviews shared by Spokin users, treat your sweet tooth with our gelato guide, and follow our Spokin world travelers to help plan your own allergy-friendly vacation to beautiful Italy.  

City Guide For New Orleans Food Allergy-Friendly

There is no other city on Earth quite like New Orleans, with its rich cultural heritage, music scene, and of course, food. With restaurants paying more attention to dietary restrictions, New Orleans is also a great city for people with food allergies. Think that powdery beignet or spicy gumbo is off-limits? Think again, and check out our guide for the best places to treat yourself, allergy-friendly style. See the top-rated places shared by Spokin users.  
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