Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Harvard University

My experience with dining at
Harvard with a nut allergy has been somewhat positive. Dishes with allergens are only sometimes labelled, and so it requires a lot of asking the dining staff. I also have been given the option to order my meals separately and email ahead (accommodations through AEO). However, students at Harvard do not have the option to cook for themselves or get off of the required meal plan. Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts  

Allergy-Friendly Howard University Campus Guide

After finishing my freshman year at
Howard University, I am hopeful that moving forward I will have a more positive dining experience as an upperclassman. I witnessed a lot of cross contamination issues and had difficulty communicating with staff members about my needs. While I was able to work with a dietitian to make contact with the head chef in our main cafeteria, there were often times when entrees would be missing allergen warnings from nutritional labels, or they were not labeled at all. I hope that moving forward there will be change.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Campus Guide: James Madison University

James Madison University has a very helpful Office of Disability Services, professors all willing to work with you, and people tend to be nice about allergies." See Rose's top allergy-friendly picks around the James Madison University campus! Follow her on the Spokin app @toboldlygo Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia  

Allergy-Friendly Lawrence University Campus Guide

Lawrence University's dining service staff are all very friendly and willing to work with students on their dietary restrictions and needs! I’ve met with the staff a couple of times and was able to work out the possibility of getting a safe bread for me to make sandwiches in the dining hall! There is a SimplyOasis station free of the top allergens, as well as a gluten-free fridge section that also includes some nut-free/allergy-friendly Enjoy Life products! Their kitchen staff even goes through the FARECheck training.

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin


Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Northeastern University

Northeastern University offers a station at the main dining hall that is free of the top 8 allergens, as well as a dedicated gluten-free toaster, microwave, freezer and bread box. There are definitely options on campus for gluten-free students, however for other allergies it is limited to one section at just one of three dining halls. The Northeastern staff are extremely kind and helpful, though, and when I needed meals delivered to my room for medical needs, they handled everything incredibly well. The chef personally gave me his phone number so I could text him questions about my meals. While the on-campus options aren’t extensive, being in the middle of a large city undoubtedly helps with more options. There are many grocery stores within walking distance and a wide variety of bakeries and restaurants in the city that cater to allergies. The school definitely has options for students with allergies but has room to improve. Location: Boston, Massachusetts  
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