19 Allergy-Friendly Mochi

Cool off with our hottest product guide of the summer: our Top Rated Mochi Guide! See the 19 most allergy-friendly mochi, including 2 that are top 9 free! We’re sweet on safe mochi and all the fun flavors—ube, matcha, mango, strawberry, and more. This guide was published on 7/25/2023. To learn more about our product guide process, see our
Letter From Our Founder. Our criteria for being included in the guide was that each mochi had to be free of at least 1 of the top 9 allergens and either not have a warning label or, if it had a warning label, the warning label needed to not include at least 1 of the allergens the product’s ingredients were free of. In other words, there was at least 1 allergy the product was free of that there was not a warning for.
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