Top 100 Women in Food Allergies 2019

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Leave it to a woman to get the job done! These top 100 women in the food allergy community are creating products and laws, raising funds and awareness and making managing food allergies easier. Not only are they improving the landscape, but they are also collaborating with one another. This talented group of women understands “it’s us versus food allergies,” and we are thrilled to recognize all their hard work.

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Sarah Ackerman

The Girl Behind the Hive

Sarah Ackerman is the blogger behind The Girl Behind the Hive. She has multiple severe allergies. Her blog is a resource to answer the “growing up with allergies questions” she wishes she’d had when she was younger.


Dr. Amal H. Assa’ad

Allergy and Immunology Research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Amal Assa’ad MD is the Professor of Pediatrics, the Director of Clinical Services and Associate Director of the Division of Allergy and Immunology, and the Director of the FARE Center of Excellence in Food Allergy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). She is a clinician, researcher, and educator with 75 peer-reviewed publications.


Dr. Renuka Babu


Renuka Babu, a food allergy mom, is the CEO and Co-founder of DOTS, a company that aims to make people’s lives better by creating a portable allergen detecting device, focused on children and adults with food allergies.


Allie Bahn

Miss Allergic Reactor

The blogger behind the popular Miss Allergic Reactor, Allie Bahn is a world traveller and advocate for the food allergy community.

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Dr. Sakina Bajowala

The Food Allergy Fix

Dr. Sakina Bajowala is the author of The Food Allergy Fix, a book which discusses how allergies can be managed through sublingual and oral immunotherapy. She suffers from allergies herself and treats patients at her practice, Kaneland Allergy & Asthma Center.


Abigail Barnes

Allergy Amulet

Co-founder and CEO of Allergy Amulet, a portable, wearable food allergen and ingredient sensor. Abigail Barnes, also has food allergies herself. She was voted one of the 100 coolest people in food and drink by Business Insider!

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Becky Basalone

The Teal Pumpkin Project

Becky Basalone is the Founder of The Teal Pumpkin Project, a movement to put a teal pumpkin out to signify you have non-food treats available, promoting inclusion for trick-or-treaters with food allergies or other conditions. She is also the Founder/Director of the Food Allergy Community of East Tennessee (FACET).


Elise Bates

Ending Allergies Together

As the President and Co-founder of EAT (Ending Allergies Together), Elise Bates works to further the mission of the organization, which is accelerating treatments and cures for food allergies.


Dr. Cecilia Berin

The Jaffe Food Allergy Institute

Dr. Cecilia Berin is a Professor of Pediatrics and Deputy Director of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute. She is the Principal Investigator at the Berin Laboratory at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. The Berin Laboratory studies the immune basis of allergy and tolerance to foods in order to develop better approaches for the prevention and treatment of food allergy, including IgE-mediated food allergy and other food-triggered disorders such as food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) and eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE).


Anat Binur


Anat Binur is the Co-founder and CEO of Ukko, an Israeli-based company funded by Innovation Endeavors, former CEO of Google Eric Schmidt’s fund focused on investing in visionary founders, transformational technologies and emergent ecosystems for a new world. Ukko aims to improve the lives of food allergy and gluten-related disorder sufferers by developing foods that are safe for everyone to eat, starting with peanuts and wheat.


Loren Brill

Sweet Loren’s

Loren Brill is the Founder of Sweet Loren’s, a clean food company crafting products with pure, simple ingredients so that everyone—regardless of dietary restriction or lifestyle—can enjoy a delectable treat. Her products are manufactured in a dedicated facility free of gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, and tree nuts.


Emily Brown

Food Equality Initiative, Inc.

Emily Brown is the Founder and CEO of Food Equality Initiative, Inc. (FEI), which launched the nation’s first allergy friendly and gluten-free food pantry and works to increase access to allergy friendly and gluten-free foods to individuals who need them the most.


Denise Bunning


Denise A. Bunning is an educator, support group leader and advocate who co-founded MOCHA (Mothers of Children Having Allergies)–a support group for food-allergic families. She also co-authored The Food Allergy Experience with Dr. Ruchi Gupta and currently serves on the Board of Governors for Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), the Founders’ Board of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and the Women’s Board of Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital.

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Shruthi Chandramouli

Enjoy Life Foods

Shruthi Chandramouli is the Marketing Director of Enjoy Life Foods, a company which was founded with the goal to create great-tasting, allergy friendly foods free of the top 14 allergens.


Georgina Cipriano

Love for Giovanni

Georgina Cipriano founded the Love for Giovanni Foundation and the Friends Helping Friends Support Group after losing her son, Giovanni, to an anaphylactic reaction. She has become an active lobbyist working on legislation to protect food allergy sufferers, as well as a New York State law honoring her son, titled Gio’s Law, which requires members of all emergency service providers be trained in the administration of emergency anaphylaxis treatment and to carry emergency anaphylaxis treatment in their vehicles.


Nicole Ciuppa

Nutritionally Nicole

Nicole Ciuppa has multiple food allergies and is the blogger behind Nutritionally Nicole, which encourages you to “play with your food” and discover new ways to cook and bake. She also authored the e-book Nutritionally Nicole: Allergy Friendly Holiday Sweets.


Gina Clowes

Allergy Moms

Gina Clowes is the Founder of, an online support group, National Director of Training and Outreach of FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), as well as a Parenting Columnist for Allergic Living magazine.


Eun Lee Criswell

FARE Chicago

Eun Lee Criswell is a Co-founder of FAI Chicago, which was renamed FARE Chicago. She is a food allergy mom and long time food allergy advocate and has Co-Chaired the Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) Chicago Spring Luncheon.


Nicole Dawson


Nicole is the blogger behind Allergylicious, which offers recipes that are delicious and deceptively allergy-friendly and vegan. She is a food allergy mom and her family avoids dairy, eggs, peanut, tree nuts and shellfish, as well as following a vegan diet.

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Merrill Debbs

Red Sneakers for Oakley

Merrill Debbs is the Co-founder of Red Sneakers for Oakley, an organization she established with her husband after the death of her 11-year-old son Oakley due to a fatal allergic reaction to nuts. Oakley loved his red sneakers and the family decided to use them as a powerful symbol for increased education and awareness among communities of people with and without food allergies.


Dr. Haidi Demain

Allergy Safe Kids (ASK)

Food allergy mom Dr. Haidi Demain is the Founder and Medical Director of Allergy Safe Kids (ASK). She currently serves as president of the ASK board of directors. ASK equips schools and teachers with life-saving educational resources.


Erica Dermer

Celiac and the Beast

Erica Dermer is the blogger and author of Celiac and the Beast, as well as a senior content manager at The Nourished Group.


Ashley Dombkowski


Ashley Dombkowski, PhD, is the CEO and Co-founder of SpoonfulOne, the most complete & gentle product line ever developed to reduce the risk of developing a food allergy. Each serving of their Mix-ins and Puffs includes small, gentle amounts of the food groups associated with over 90% of food allergies.

She is the former Chief Business Officer of 23andMe and has a food allergic nephew.

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Dr. Alice Hoyt

The Teal Schoolhouse

Dr. Alice Hoyt is the founder of The Teal School House, which supports families with food allergy through educational programming and research. She’s also the executive director of Code Ana, which she developed when a local school reached out for help in creating a school-wide anaphylaxis response plan. Code Ana equips schools to prevent and be prepared for medical emergencies. She is a board-certified allergist and immunologist, internist and pediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic.


Dr. Stephanie Eisenbarth

Yale School of Medicine

Stephanie Eisenbarth, MD, PhD is an Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine, of Immunobiology and of Medicine (Immunology), the Associate Chair of Research, Laboratory Medicine and the Assistant Director of Clinical Pathology Residency Program at the Yale School of Medicine.


Dr. Tania Elliott

Tania Elliott MD

Dr. Tania Elliott is a nationally recognized expert in the telemedicine and digital health space. She is regularly featured in the media and has a large social media following. She is the first author on the position paper, The Use of Telemedicine for Allergists, published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. She is an associate attending at NYU Langone Health in NYC, the medical director of clinical solutions at Aetna and a national spokesperson for the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.


Alisa Fleming

Go Dairy Free

Alisa Fleming is the Founder and chief editor of, a leading online magazine and website for dairy-free living. She is also the author of the best-selling dairy-free book, Go Dairy Free, and the popular new cookbook, Eat Dairy Free.

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Laurel Francoeur

Francoeur Law

Laurel Francoeur is the Founder and sole practitioner at Francoeur Law, which advocates for people with disabilities including food allergies. She is also a support group leader for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and drafted Massachusetts legislation allowing for epinephrine access in classrooms. Laurel is co-owner of Greenlaurel Documents, an online resource for food allergies, and is the author of several food allergy related books.


Suzanne Dunn Friedland

FARE Chicago

Suzanne Dunn Friedland is a Co-founder of FAI Chicago, which was renamed FARE Chicago. She is a food allergy mom and long time food allergy advocate.


Lisa Gable


As CEO for the organization FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education), which raises money to improve the life and health of those with food allergies, Lisa Gable helps build public awareness of food allergies and the value of investing in food allergy research.


Eleanor Garrow-Holding


Eleanor Garrow-Holding is the CEO of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team (FAACT), a national nonprofit organization committed to education, advocacy, and raising awareness of food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis.


Ilana Golant

Food Allergy Fund

Ilana Golant is the Founder and CEO of the Food Allergy Fund, which is dedicated to funding food allergy research focused on the underlying causes of food allergies and improved treatments for people with food allergies.

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Dr. Ruchi Gupta


Dr. Ruchi Gupta is a Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a Clinical Attending at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. She is a board-certified pediatrician and health researcher and currently serves as the director of the Science and Outcomes of Allergy & Asthma Research Program (SOAAR), where she is actively involved in clinical, epidemiological, and community-based research. She is nationally recognized for her groundbreaking research in the areas of food allergy and asthma epidemiology; specifically for her research on childhood food allergy prevalence.

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Dina Hawthorne-Silvera

Elijah-Alavi Foundation

Dina Hawthorne-Silvera has been a staunch food allergy advocate, including getting a critical New York state law passed after her son Elijah tragically passed away after being fed grilled cheese by his day care.

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Dr. Abby Herzig


Dr. Abby Herzig is the CEO and Co-founder of Belay, an app that aims to help manage children’s food allergies by sharing information with caregivers.


Kortney Kwong Hing

Allergy Girl Eats

Berlin-based Kortney Kwong Hing has multiple severe food allergies, including some outside of the top 8, which led her to start the blog Allergy Girl Eats, which is about everyday life with food allergies, going out with allergies, and recipes that are allergy friendly. She also cohosts The Itch podcast with Dr. Payel Gupta.

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Tanya Ednan-Laperouse

Natasha Allergy Research Foundation

Tanya Ednan-Laperouse is the CEO & founder of the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation. The foundation was created after her daughter Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died in 2016 after a reaction to undeclared sesame in a Pret a Manger sandwich. She also helped pass Natasha’s Law in honor of her daughter. The law will require all pre-packed foods for sale in England and Northern Ireland to have a full list of ingredients.

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Tamara Hubbard

The Food Allergy Counselor

Tamara Hubbard is a family therapy-trained Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who specializes in helping those managing food allergies navigate the emotional/social aspects, especially parents/caregivers.

Susie Hultquist


Susie is the Founder and CEO of Spokin, a modern lifestyle food allergy platform and iOS app. She launched Spokin to create an easier and safer way to manage food allergies for her daughter and the community. She’s also determined to raise awareness and has been featured in “The Peanut Problem” episode of the Netflix documentary series Rotten and recently got a deal on Entrepreneur’s Elevator Pitch.


Helen Jaffe


Helen Jaffe is a food allergy mom of four and hers is one of the founding families of the organization now known as FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education). She launched and lead Connecticut’s FARE Walk and she has created educational initiatives and chaired the advocacy efforts that led to the passage of Connecticut’s Stock Epinephrine Bill.


Jennifer Jobrack

The Food Allergy Pros

Jennifer Jobrack is a principal at The Food Allergy Pros, which she recently launched after many years leading advocacy at Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE.)


Alexa Jordan


Harvard student Alexa Jordan began a petition to revive act S. 1972 Airline Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act of 2015, which would require epinephrine auto-injectors be carried on airplanes and that flight attendants have proper training.

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Jamie Kaufmann

Milk Allergy Mom

Jamie Kaufmann is the blogger of the popular blog Milk Allergy Mom and its associated Facebook group.

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Colleen Kavanagh

ZEGO Foods

Colleen Kavanagh is the Founder and CEO of ZEGO, a company committed to making it easy for everyone to eat safe, high-quality, nourishing food regardless of their special diet needs that are not only free of allergens but also free of chemicals like food dyes, artificial sugars. They test for over 400 pesticides, herbicides, allergens, and gluten. Her family manages celiac disease, lactose and gluten intolerance, and pre-diabetes.

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Susan Kelly

Friends Helping Friends

Susan Kelly, BSN, RN is the co-leader of the food allergy support group FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS, a FAACT (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team) support group. The mission of Friends Helping Friends is to promote awareness and education and to support all those in the food allergy community through group meetings, play dates, kid friendly events and more.


Megan Jill Lavin

Allergy Awesomeness

The blogger behind Allergy Awesomeness, Megan Jill Lavin is a food allergy and EOE mom. Her blog is a recipe safe haven for those with food allergies. She is also the author of An Allergy Mom’s Lifesaving Instant Pot Cookbook.

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Nicole Ledoux

88 Acres

Nicole Ledoux is the Co-founder of 88 Acres, a bakery she created with her husband who manages food allergies. Their bakery is dedicated free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and sesame. She is also a food allergy mom.

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Shelly LeGere

The Annie LeGere Foundation

Shelly LeGere advocated to create Annie’s Law, which allows Illinois first responders to carry and administer epinephrine and absolves medical professionals of liability when prescribing them to law enforcement agencies. The law honors her daughter, Annie LeGere, who passed away due to anaphylaxis.

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Meenal Lele

Lil Mixins

Meenal Lele is the Founder and CEO of Lil Mixins, a food allergy preventative aimed at making early introduction of allergic foods to babies easy.


Michelle Lobel


Michelle Lobel is the Founder and chief inspiration officer of BrynPharma, a company developing a bidose intranasal epinephrine-delivery device.


Leah Lopez

Better Bites Bakery

Food allergy mom Leah Lopez is the Founder and CEO of Better Bites Bakery, a company she started in her home kitchen that has grown to be a nationwide brand. The company aims to bring people together by providing delicious, plant-based treats that are free from the top 8 allergens.


Stephanie Lowe

Turn It Teal

Stephanie Lowe is the Founder of the Turn It Teal movement, an international movement that focuses on turning the nighttime lighting on buildings, bridges and attractions the color teal during Food Allergy Awareness week in May.

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Erin Malawer

Allergy Strong

Erin Malawer is the Founder of Allergy Schmallergy, and the executive director of Allergy Strong. She also serves on the Food Allergy Task Force at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. She is the founder of AllergyHealth, a joint initiative with Comcast/ NBCUniversal and was featured on the Discovery Channel documentary, “Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America.” She is also the food allergy columnist and medical editor for the publication, Allergy & Asthma Today.

Lianne Mandelbaum

No Nut Traveler

Lianne Mandelbaum founded The No Nut Traveler, an advocacy website for food allergic flyers, following a negative travel experience. Lianne Mandelbaum’s writing has been featured in Huffington Post, The Mighty, KevinMD and Allergic Living Magazine. She is an active advocate for food allergic travelers, including promoting a petition, testifying before government committees and sharing testimonials from food allergic families gathered on her site with lawmakers, media, and advocacy groups with the aim to influence the airlines and government policies.

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Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan

Ready, Set, Food!

Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan is the Chief Allergist for Ready, Set, Food!, a company that makes an early introduction food product for babies that helps prevent peanut, egg and milk allergies. She is also a board certified pediatric and adult allergist at Clear Allergy.


Sarah Matheson

Hungry Harry’s

Sarah Matheson is the Co-founder and creative director of Hungry Harry’s, a brand she created with her husband and named after their son Harry, who has severe food allergies and sensitivities. The company produces foods free from the 14 food allergens in their top 14-free manufacturing facility.

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Rep. Doris Matsui


U.S. Rep. Doris Matsui introduced the The Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education, and Research (FASTER) Act, a California bill currently in legislation that encourages further research, education and treatment of food allergies. It includes allergen labeling laws, increases research, expands patient experience data to include food allergies, and studies the economic costs of food allergies. Her grandson has peanut allergies.


Erin McKenna

Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC

Erin McKenna is the Founder of Erin McKenna Bakery NYC, a gluten free, vegan, and allergy friendly bakery.

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Lynda Mitchell

Kids with Food Allergies

Lynda Mitchell is the Founder of the Kids with Food Allergies (KFA), an organization that offers resources, education and services with the aim of improving the day-to-day lives of families raising children with food allergies.


Caroline Moassessi


Caroline Moassessi is a the Founder of the international food allergy and asthma site GratefulFoodie, and a parent of two food allergic/asthmatic teenagers. She is also the product editor and contributor to Allergic Living magazine and a food allergy advocate.


Olivia Moglino

Liv Nut Free

Olivia Moglino has multiple food allergies and is the founder of Liv Nut Free. She began her first nut free bakery business at age sixteen, graduated from New York City’s Institute of Culinary Education and opened her bakery in New Jersey, Her mission is to expand the current options of nut-free desserts.


Dr. Mary Morris

Allergy Associates of La Crosse

Along with her partners at Allergy Associates of La Crosse, Dr. Mary Morris authored and published the La Crosse Method Protocol. She has a busy clinical practice and has been a driving force toward expanding research on sublingual immunotherapy in the U.S.

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Dr. Kari Nadeau

Sean N. Park Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford

Dr. Kari Nadeau, a trailblazer in allergy research, is the director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University, which aims not only to find better treatments for children and adults with allergies and asthma, but to discover underlying immune mechanisms against the diseases and develop a lasting cure.

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Dr. Cathy Nagler


A scientist and professor at The University of Chicago, Dr. Cathy Nagler has dedicated her career to breakthrough food allergy research. Dr. Nagler runs her own lab and also started biotech ClostraBio, a company that hopes to one day make treating and living with food allergies easier.

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Sonya North


Food allergy mom Sonya North is the Founder and CEO of SnackRoots, a service that generates snack lists based on allergens to share with others. She is also a food allergy management consultant.


Christine Olsen

Food Allergy Science Initiative

Christine Olsen is the Co-founder and chair of the executive committee for the Food Allergy Science Initiative at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She is also a board member at FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education.)


Amanda Orlando

Everyday Allergen Free

Amanda Orlando is the Toronto-based blogger behind Everyday Allergen Free and author of Everyone’s Welcome: the Art of Living and Eating Allergen-Free, a book that features simple, everyday recipes. She is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts (excluding coconut), dairy, soy protein, and legumes (peas, chick peas, beans, lentils).


Jackie Ourman

Celiac and Allergy Friendly Epicurean

Jackie Ourman is the strategic advisor at End Allergies Together (EAT) and is currently training to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, focusing on the food allergy community.


Roxanne Palin


Roxanne Palin has two food allergic children and a food allergic husband. Over the years, Roxanne has been a strong advocate and fundraiser for food allergy safety, education and research.

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Cybele Pascal

Cybele’s Free to Eat

Originally a professional cook, multiple food allergy mom Cybele Pascal founded and is the president and CEO of Cybele’s Free to Eat, a line of top-8 free foods. She is also a published cookbook author.


Dr. Jacqueline A. Pongracic

Feinberg School of Medicine

Dr. Jacqueline A. Pongracic is the Division Head of Allergy and Immunology at the Ann & Robert H Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. She is a professor of pediatrics and medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She is currently the Director of the FARE Clinical Center Network site at Lurie Children’s and serves on FARE’s Medical Advisory Board and Outcomes Research Advisory Board. Dr. Pongracic is a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI)


Allison Purvis

Allergy Mom Depot

Allison Purvis is the Founder and CEO of Allergy Mom Depot, an online shop offering a fresh, stylish take on living with food allergies. She donates 2% of net proceeds to charities working toward finding a cure for food allergies. She also founded the Empowering Food Allergy Moms Community support group on Facebook.

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Gayle Rigione

Allergy Force

Gayle Rigione is the CEO and Co-founder of the Allergy Force app, a food allergy management tool.


Dr. Rachel Glick Robison

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Dr. Rachel Glick Robison is a board certified pediatric allergist/immunologist at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Robison has participated as a site co-investigator for the Chicagoland Metropolitan AsthmaNet Consortium for the AsthmaNet clinical research network as well as a site principal investigator and co-investigator for multiple clinical trials for food allergy therapy.


Sarah Romano

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Sarah Romano is the attending physician in the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University, and is the director of the FASE Program. Three of her four children have food allergies and she recently developed a food allergy herself.

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Lisa Rutter

No Nuts Moms Group

Lisa Rutter is well known for founding the No Nuts Moms Group, which offers support and education for families living with life threatening food allergies. She is also the director of support group development at FAACT (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team) and advocated for Michigan House Bills 4352 and 4353, which places epinephrine auto-injectors in schools for use on any student suffering an allergic reaction and requires staff training.

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Stacey Saiontz

Stacey’s Fight Against Food Allergies

Stacey Saiontz helped pass several bills in the state of New York. These laws help protect children suffering from allergic reactions on buses, allows for epinephrine auto-injector self-carry in schools, as well as stocks schools with epinephrine auto-injectors and provides teachers with training and extends the New York Good Samaritan Law to include teachers.

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Jessie Rose Schwartz


Jessie Schwartz founded EPICROSE, a company selling hand-painted apparel. She donates 100% of her profits to fund food allergy research, inspired by her own experiences with food allergies.


Sara Shannon

Sabrina’s Law

Sara Shannon helped pass the precedent-setting Sabrina’s Law in honor of her daughter Sabrina Shannon, who passed away after accidentally ingesting dairy in a school cafeteria lunch. The law was the first of its kind, requiring Canadian public schools create and execute anaphylaxis plans. It also requires allergy and epinephrine auto-injector training for teachers and staff, as well as individual plans be created for each high risk student.

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Nicole Smith


Nicole Smith runs AllergicChild, a food allergy resource website, with her husband and she has co-written and published many children’s books about allergies. She was the driving force behind Colorado Senate Bill 09-226, which requires all school districts to have a policy to keep food allergic children safe at school.

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Gwen Smith

Allergic Living

Gwen Smith is an editor, writer and the co-owner of Allergic Living magazine, an online magazine serving families living with food and environmental allergies.


Stephanie Sorkin

Children’s Book Author

Stephanie Sorkin is the author of numerous children’s book, including the food allergy-focused book Nutley the Nut-Free Squirrel, which she donates 100% of the proceeds of to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE.) She is a strong advocate of food allergies, speaking at schools about food allergies and bullying and giving allergy-friendly cooking demonstrations.

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Jenny Sprague


Jenny Sprague founded and stages the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference (FABlogCon).


Gina Squara

Aimmune Therapeutics

Gina Squara is the senior director of global marketing at Aimmune Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing desensitization treatments.


Lindsay Stippich

Allergy Friendly Mama

Lindsay Stippich is the food allergy mom behind the blog Allergy Friendly Mama, which features recipes that are dairy, egg and nut free, and sometimes gluten and soy free as well.


Lori Stokes

Good Day New York

Lori Stokes is an award-winning journalist and co-host of Good Day New York, which airs on WNYW-FOX 5 News. She is a member of the Board of National Ambassadors of Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) and has emceed FARE’s annual New York Spring Luncheon since 2006. She is allergic to tree nuts, and her youngest daughter also has a tree nut allergy.


Stacey Sturner


Stacey Sturner founded the popular Facebook group FATT (Food Allergy Treatment Talk group), which allows members to share and discuss evidence-based scientific research related to improving and hopefully, eliminating IgE-mediated food allergies.


Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson


Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP is the Chief Medical Officer of SpoonfulOne, the most complete & gentle product line ever developed to reduce the risk of developing a food allergy. Each serving of their Mix-ins and Puffs includes small, gentle amounts of the food groups associated with over 90% of food allergies. She is also a board certified pediatrician, keynote speaker, author, TV contributor and podcaster.


Karin Teglia


Karin Teglia is co-chair of the board of national ambassadors for Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). She co-chaired the FARE Chicago luncheon for multiple years raising $500,000 annually. She is also a spokesperson to an advisory panel at the National Academy of Sciences for a white paper on food allergies.


Dr. Mary C. Tobin

Internal Medicine at Rush Medical College

Dr. Mary Catherine Tobin is an associate professor for the Department of Internal Medicine at Rush Medical College and the director of the Division of Allergy & Immunology, Department of Internal Medicine at Rush University. She started the Celiac and Food Sensitivity Clinics at Rush with her colleagues to patients access to specialists in GI and food allergy, for evaluation and testing, oral challenges and dietitians. She has been a PI on multiple clinical trials, and investigator funded studies. She is also an active clinical educator.


Mary Vargas

Stein & Vargas, LLP

A partner at Stein & Vargas, LLP, Mary C. Vargas litigates cases pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act throughout the United States in federal and state courts. She also speaks nationally on issues including disability discrimination, food allergies, anaphylaxis and celiac disease.

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Dee Dee Vicino


Founder and CEO of AllerCuisine, Dee Dee Vicino is a certified food management expert and consultant, motivational speaker, educational trainer and a food allergy mom. She is the former director of education and training for AllerTrain.


Jennifer Warren

Advocate for Allergy Signs in Local Parks

Jennifer Warren is a Michigan food allergy mom who advocated to have signs placed in local parks, raising awareness of food allergies and asking visitors to help protect food allergic children by keeping food in picnic areas and wiping hands before returning to play. She raised the funds to pay for the signs in 24 hours on GoFundMe.

Top+Women_Weiser (1).png

Mary H. Weiser

Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center

Mary H. Weiser is the Founder of the Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center at the University of Michigan, which was established to investigate novel areas of research to better understand the causes and to help develop new cures for food allergies. She is also a board member of FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education.)

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Tonya Winders

Allergy & Asthma Network

Tonya Winders is the President and CEO of the Allergy & Asthma Network, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to end suffering due to asthma, allergies and related conditions through outreach, education, advocacy and research.


Sharon Wong

Nut Free Wok

Sharon Wong created the allergy-aware asian fare blog Nut Free Wok to share recipes, cooking techniques, Asian ingredients, and food allergy related awareness and advocacy issues.

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Denise Woodard

Partake Foods

The founder and CEO of Partake Foods, Denise Woodard set out to create delicious allergy-friendly, healthy snacks for those with restrictions and those who simply want to eat more healthfully.


Dr. Lakiea Wright

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Lakiea Wright is the Medical Director of U.S. Clinical Affairs of Thermo Fisher Scientific allergy and autoimmune assays in the U.S.


Kimberly Yates

Latitude Food Allergy Clare

Kimberly Yates’ daughter was the first multi-allergen oral immunotherapy patient at Stanford University under the care of Dr. Kari Nadeau. Through her fundraising and community building efforts, Kimberley was instrumental in creating the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford. Kimberley Yates is the Founder and CEO of Latitude Food Allergy Care, a clinic 100% focused on food allergy care. Kimberly is also the co-chair of the board of national ambassadors for FARE.

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Shireen Yates

Nima Sensor

Shireen Yates is the CEO and Co-founder of Nima, a portable food sensor that detects gluten and peanut in food in minutes.

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