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Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University has been so great with food allergies! Every item (entrees, sides, pastries, etc) is labeled with the major allergens and the DUC and the village both have an allergen kitchen where food is prepared safely. You can preorder this allergen free food from back kitchen and the staff is very helpful. No open tree nuts are allowed and prepackaged food with nuts always have a sticker on them. Another super helpful thing is the new Top 8 Friendly stations at every dining hall that serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are all free of the top 8 allergens. The food marts at the village and Paws&Go both have so many snacks from verified brands such as Enjoy Life and 88 Acres that any student can purchase. The nutritionist who helps students with food allergies, Rebecca Miller, guided me through how to navigate WashU’s dining system and gave me tips on how to manage my food allergies at college. Location: St. Louis, Missouri  
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Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Washington University

I was in contact with the registered dietitians (Rebecca and Susan) at
Washington University before coming to campus, and they were really helpful. On my move-in day, I attended a couple of food allergy sessions, toured the kitchen, and met the executive chef. I learned that the chefs are FARE-trained, and they seem to be really aware of allergies. There is a top-8 free station (will become top-9 free next year). There are separate areas for preparation, and everything is clearly marked. Overall, my dining experience at WashU has been really good, and the dietitians are very interested in my well-being and safety, which I appreciate! Location: St. Louis, Missouri  
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