Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University has a Pure Eats section in each dining hall that is free from the top 8 allergens, and they serve it themselves to avoid cross contamination. There are gluten free sections as well, including a dedicated waffle machine! They have an app that lists every item on the menu and it’s ingredients! I will say that sometimes the ingredients have been vague (ex. “sugar cookie dough”) but for the most part I have a wide variety of safe eating options! Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: College of William and Mary

As a sophomore at
William and Mary, I have been pleased with the College’s allergy policy and protocol. Menus are clearly labeled and 2/3 of the dining halls on campus have allergy-friendly “Simple Servings” stations and are completely nut-free facilities. The school nutritionist is a fabulous resource and a wealth of information. There is always room to grow, but I feel safe eating on campus with a food allergy. Location: Williamsburg, Virginia  

Allergy-Friendly DePaul University Campus Guide

I am a current student at DePaul University and even though I have never eaten in the food hall, DePaul is very considerate when it comes to food safety. At all events they have clear signage on each ingredient. DePaul does a great job with being accommodating to any restriction or allergy. Don’t hesitate to ask someone! They have been a fantastic fit for me, socially, academically, and with everything from A to Z. DePaul does not have a student health insurance plan, which is disappointing.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Allergy-Friendly Duke University Campus Guide

Duke is an almost completely nut free campus with everything labeled very clearly. Any questions can be directed to specifically designated people wearing hats that are trained to answer any questions about allergies. Staff will also change gloves for anyone with allergies.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Allergy-Friendly Elon University Guide

As freshman at Elon University, my mom and I went through extensive research on which school would be the best to accommodate my allergies. After many meetings with the chefs and nutritionists at Elon, we figured out a plan to keep me safe. Then during the first day of orientation, the day after my mom left me at school, I had an allergic reaction. Following this reaction, the school put in place a plan for me that I would only get my meals from 3 chefs that I had a group chat with. I requested what I wanted, whenever I wanted. This was not something normal Elon does for students, but after they nearly killed me, that’s what they saw as best fit.

The next school year, there was a completely vegan cafe in one of the dining halls. Whenever I ate there, I always had to make sure all the stuff was prepped in its own space. I did not have a reaction once! Now that I am a junior, I don’t have a meal plan but ironically, they got rid of the completely vegan cafe. They do, however, have a top allergen free cafe in one of the dining halls. In my past years, the chefs advised me not to eat there because of possible cross contamination. This year whenever I go with my friends, I either make sure it was prepped individually, or ask them if they can go prep me something individually in a safe dairy-free zone.

Location: Elon, North Carolina


Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Elon University

Elon University had been my dream school for a few years, but when I was finally accepted into one of their BFA Programs, we realized that getting to attend this might actually become a real possibility. All that was left was to work out accommodations for my food allergies. It turns out that there were hardly any preparations necessary because this school has SO many established food allergy resources. First of all, the school has a dining hall section that is COMPLETELY allergy friendly. Yes, that’s right. It is free of the top 8 allergens with no cross contamination. They also have my favorite allergy friendly brands as “grab and go” snack items in the different dining halls. They also have extensive amounts of allergy friendly food items in each of the stores on campus. All of these things have made my first year and a half at Elon go as smoothly as possible and have kept my family, who lives 12 hours away, at ease. I am forever grateful for all of their efforts, and hope that others will be encouraged by this information because attending a university far from home with multiple life threatening food allergies IS possible! Location: Elon, North Carolina  

Allergy-Friendly George Mason University Guide

I’ve had an amazing experience with George Mason University's dining staff! Upon first entering as a freshman, there were no options for me that were made safely in separate areas without my allergens, so every week the dietician would create a menu based off of my preferences & email me the menu. Each day and each meal, I would go into the dining hall, talk to the designated person and they would remove my meal that was wrapped in plastic wrap safely from the heater. It was always prepared safely for me in a separate area without my allergens. They went as far as providing me with their cell numbers to text them the times I was coming to eat so my food wouldn’t be cold. I was able to safely dine in the dining hall with all the other students for the first 2 years of college, then my junior year, they created a station called simple servings. Simple servings serves top 8 allergy free food items daily, 3x a day in a dedicated allergy free section/ station. I was able to help with the development of that safe section! They have their own simple serving specific pans, pots, utensils, and ingredients. They also have allergen free baked goods, sunbutter, rice milks, etc. They also do not allow students to get food at that station themselves, it is not self serve, all of the staff is aller trained, and food is given to students on a new plate every single time to eliminate cross contamination. I am so grateful for their attention and help with my allergies. I’ve never had a better experience at any other college Update on Aug 2023: I graduated 2 years ago but I went back on campus to serve as an assistant director for my professor’s STEM camp. I had to eat in the dining hall during the week and the staff was amazing at Ike’s! I had never really dined at Ike’s as a student - Southside always supported my allergies but they were just as amazing at Ike’s. Brooke T, the dietician, Deniz and Tytianna, the managers, Chef Sharmaine, Chef Jose, and Ms Gladis were all so kind and amazing as was everyone in the dining hall. They made sure I was safe and had enough to eat!

Location: Fairfax, Virginia
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