Kelsey Wells’ Epinephrine Petition

Kelsey Wells is a fitness influencer with a
platform of over 3 million followers who recently shared that she not only has life-threatening food allergies but has started a petition to mandate that auto-injectors are available in all public places, including restaurants. She is the creator of the PWR fitness program on the Sweat app, hosts live events and retreats, as well as speaking engagements all focusing on where mindfulness meets movement and is a fierce advocate for women empowerment. She is also the host of the podcast Redefine Fitness with Kelsey Wells, and for the first time is sharing her food allergy journey as well as interviewing Spokin founder Susie Hultquist and Dr. Ruchi Gupta.

Hidden Allergens in Restaurants

You know that moment when you ask a server about a menu item to see if it is safe and find out it contains one of your allergens? You move on to another item to order and likely forget about that first dish. There is a whole world of dishes passed over due to a hidden allergen and we’re on a mission to capture them and help to hopefully spare the next person who might forget to mention, have a server who doesn’t know, etc. From its early days, the Spokin app has had a Hidden Allergen feature that allows you to share items like a bread that contains walnuts or a chimichurri sauce that contains pistachios, to help keep the food allergy community safe. Today we are publishing the first-of-its-kind guide, featuring over 400 Spokin app-reported hidden allergens in restaurants covering 41 states and 19 countries. If you find one, please share and before you dine out, please check the Spokin app!
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