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Meet the Maker: Chaia

Chaia holds a special place in our hearts as the first restaurant to join the Spokin Verified Restaurant program. We’re excited to share the story behind this allergy mom co-owned and female-founded restaurant dedicated free of peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and more. To celebrate joining the Spokin family, Chaia is giving away FREE tacos! Join the biggest Taco Tuesday ever by using code SPOKIN at any of their 3 locations in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. This code is good for up to 1 year—perfect for that 2023 D.C. trip! Can also be used for delivery. Limit one use per person.  

Disney World With Food Allergies

Food allergy mom Rachel McFall dreamed of taking her family to Disney World. With the help of travel advisor Taylor Gordon, who not only specializes in food allergy travel but also manages her own allergies, Rachel’s family managed to eat every meal out, enjoying character breakfasts, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, and a visit to Erin McKenna’s Bakery. See her 527 reviews on the Spokin app @allergene, including 14 from her trip!

Join our Insta Live with Rachel to hear how her family dined out safely with peanut, egg, and wheat allergies, and how Taylor "did it all", planning every detail of their fairytale vacation. Tune in Wednesday, 5/18 at 12 PM CT/1 PM ET for the Insta Live and enter to win a Disney World trip of your own!

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SoCal TIP Patient Interview: Liz Gilligan

Liz Gilligan is a food allergy mom to Jack, an 11 year old allergic to peanut and tree nuts. They live in Pacific Palisades, a suburb of Los Angeles. Jack is on maintenance for tree nuts and currently dosing peanuts but has been cleared for cross-contact. Liz’s advice to anyone interested in TIP is to join the waitlist while you learn about the program; it’s been life changing for Jack and her family. Her favorite moment from Jack’s time in the program was when he no longer needed to ask what kind of oil a restaurant used in their fryer and was able to safely eat at Chick-fil-A, which uses peanut oil.  
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SoCal TIP Patient Interview: Josh Franklin

Josh Franklin is a food allergy dad to Jack, a 7 year old allergic to peanut and egg. They live in San Diego and Jack is in maintenance for egg, is currently dosing peanut, and no longer needs to worry about peanut or egg cross-contact. Josh’s advice to anyone interested in TIP is to believe the stories about how much it’s changed people’s lives. His favorite moment from Jack’s time in the program was when their family was able to go to a restaurant together for the first time, which was made even sweeter as it was Josh's birthday.  
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SoCal TIP Patient Interview: Sage Kamin

Sage Kamin is a food allergy mom to Payton, a 16 year old allergic to fin fish. They live in Chicago. Payton graduated from TIP about a year ago and can freely eat his allergens. Sage’s advice to anyone interested in TIP is to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Her favorite moment from Payton’s time in the program was the first time they went to a restaurant and didn’t have to say a word about Payton’s allergies, he could just pick anything he wanted off the menu.  
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SoCal TIP Patient Interview: Jess Carrillo

Jess Carrillo is 23 years old and allergic to peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, chickpea, lentils, seeds, nightshades, kiwi, and melon, and avoids fish and shellfish. She lives in Morgan Hill, California and travels to SoCal about every 8 weeks. She’s currently 2 years into the program and is now able to eat brazil nut, coconut, cashew, macadamia, pistachio, soy, sunflower, and pumpkin freely. Her advice to anyone interested in TIP is to understand the time commitment involved and to know she’s felt safe the entire time and would highly recommend it to anyone. Her favorite moment from her time in the program was being able to freely eat a Brazil nut for the first time in her life.  
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