Black-Owned Allergy-Friendly Companies

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Supporting black-owned businesses is one way to show your support for the community. From buying cupcakes in a jar that ship nationwide, to getting takeout from a local black-owned restaurant or donating to a black-founded advocacy organization, there are lots of ways to make a positive impact.

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1. Baked Cravings

2. Batter & Berries

3. Cloud 9 Bakers

4. Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

5. Hecky’s Barbecue

6. Inspired Cravings

7. International Smoke

8. Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor

9. Luella’s Southern Kitchen

10. Mo’Pweeze Bakery

11. Old Lady Gang

12. Out of the Bubble Bakery

13. Red Rooster

14. Roaming Rooster

15. Seasoned Vegan

16. Sweet Maple Cafe

17. The Pink Bakery, Inc

18. Tipping Cow Ice Cream

19. The Dailey Pastry


1. A Dozen Cousins

2. Berhan Grains

3. Island Seamoss

4. Partake Foods

5. Yummy Spoonfuls

6. Ohh! Foods

7. Every Body Eat

8. Smooth Pops


1. Chop Friendly

2. Compassion4Anaphylaxis

3. Elijah-Alavi Foundation

4. Food Equality Initiative


1. Alerje

2. Food Sitch

3. Peyton’s Allergy Shield of Hope

4. The Allergy Chef

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