Turks and Caicos Allergy-Friendly Travel Itinerary

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Hello! My name is Riya Miglani, and I’m 16 years old. I live in New Jersey, and I have anaphylactic food allergies to all nuts and seafood! Due to the lockdown, traveling anywhere has been limited. But once school ended, I was able to travel to Turks and Caicos with my best friend without my parents for the first time. Since I’ve been home for over a year, I felt that it was important to experience something independent and exciting. The shimmery ocean, jet-skiing, parasailing, sailboating, swimming, and eating at delicious and safe restaurants like Bay Bistro were all very memorable. I also reviewed multiple restaurants/airlines/hotels/ice cream shops on the Spokin App. Be sure to follow me @riyamiglani and on Instagram @riyamiglani10.


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Travel: United Airlines + Newark Airport

Usually on United, I get to travel with no worries. This flight did not offer any peanuts to their passengers which was extremely comforting. I also loved the fact that their snacks were peanut friendly. I did check the labels, and it was all safe! The Newark Airport also allowed my auto-injector to be onboard with me at all times. I ordered a bagel egg sandwich there, and they were accommodating with my food allergies.

Dinner: Opus Wine Bar & Grill

The Opus restaurant was one of the first places we visited in Turks and Caicos. It was very accomodating to my food allergies and had excellent service. I triple checked before eating my food, and they made the food differently for my food allergies. They have a very clear protocol!


Breakfast: The Somerset on Grace Bay

I went to breakfast here every morning, and they have a consistent staff who are knowledgeable in food allergies. They understand my allergies and worked to prevent cross-contamination in my food, which I am grateful for!


Lunch: Da Conch Shack

This restaurant was great, and the ambiance was very eye-pleasing. I ordered the chicken tacos, and did not have any problem with nuts. They also ensured that their sauce was peanut-free!

Day 4

Lunch: The Palms Turks and Caicos

I ordered the pizza here, as well as the chicken tenders. They were very considerate with my allergies. Although I only ate near the pool side, I definitely enjoyed it!

Dinner: Bay Bistro

Bay Bistro was located on the beach near my hotel. They were very safe with my food allergies, and I double checked with them multiple times. I ordered the chicken, and the staff made sure that nothing was contaminated!

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