Las Vegas Allergy-Friendly Travel Itinerary


Hi there! Alyssa from All Things Allergies here. I am a 23-year-old doctoral student in psychology living in Chicago. I recently packed up for a girls weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate a twenty first birthday (and our fresh new COVID-19 vaccinations, of course). Whenever traveling out West, the nut and fish free kitchen at In N’ Out Burger is always my first stop, but the city pleasantly surprised me with all of its allergy-friendly options. And sure, the desert heat put my auto injectors to the test, but it was no match for my Essential Pal cooling travel case. Check out the play-by-play details and honest reviews of my trip on Spokin at @alyssabauder and on Instagram at @allthingsallergies. Viva Las Vegas!


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Travel: Southwest Airlines + Chicago Midway Airport

I started flying Southwest about a year ago and I’ll never fly a different airline again. Their decision to stop serving peanuts on board was so progressive and meaningful to me. I have successfully pre-boarded every flight, and with an open seating policy, that means I can pick the cleanest seat on the plane. Chicago’s Midway Airport houses the majority of Southwest flights, which is my favorite airline to fly. The smaller terminals are also much easier to navigate than O’Hare. Plus safe snacks like Thinsters Cookies and Made Good Granola can be found at the grab-and-go shops!

Hotel: Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Location: Las Vegas

Centrally located on the Strip and lots of safe dining options within walking distance of the hotel! The staff kept all facilities clean and were accommodating of our needs. The CVS located directly across the street was great for picking up safe snacks and drinks. However, our room (2 Queen Beds) did not have a kitchen and/or fridge.

Bronzed Indulgence Spray Tans

Customizable spray tans advertised as nut free, gluten free, and vegan! Beautiful results in a safe and comfortable environment. Love coming here before a vacation or event!

In N’ Out Burger

Location: Las Vegas

The very first place I want to be when I step off the plane in Las Vegas! I love having somewhere to safely enjoy milkshakes and fries when traveling.

CVS Pharmacy

Location: Las Vegas

Great Option for stocking up on allergy-friendly snacks, drinks, and products! We picked up Nice N’ Clean Wipes, Goldfish, Enjoy Life, and more!


Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Location: Las Vegas

Hattie B’s uses sunflower oil, not peanut oil… and no nuts on the menu! It can get super busy, but definitely worth the wait.

Essential Pal Insulin Cooler Bag

Location: Las Vegas

Great cooling case to carry my auto-injectors to the pool on a hot summer day!


Location: Las Vegas

Great allergen statement on their website about peanuts! They fry with canola oil and take great caution to avoid cross-contamination with their desserts.

Secret Pizza

Location: Las Vegas

A delicious New York style pizza by the slice shop in the Cosmopolitan! No apparent nuts on the menu, but likely unable to accommodate dairy or gluten allergies. Find this “secret” pizza shop on the 3rd floor down the hallway covered in records!



Location: Las Vegas

Safely enjoyed brunch at both Sadelle’s locations (New York City and Las Vegas)! Limited nuts on the menu and the proactive waitstaff helped find a safe option for my friend with sesame allergies.

Vanderpump Cocktail Longue

Location: Las Vegas

Safely enjoyed the Goat Cheese Balls (A staple from the hit Bravo TV show)! Limited to no nuts on their seasonal food menu when I visited in June.

Mon Ami Gabi

Location: Las Vegas

Delicious French cuisine on the Las Vegas strip. Safely accommodated my nut and seafood allergies. I enjoyed the french baguette and roast chicken, and my meal arrived with an allergy indicator tab. Yum!



GlutenZero Bakery

Location: Las Vegas

This gluten-free bakery outside of Las Vegas was great for those in my group with celiacs!

Nice N’ Clean Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Location: Las Vegas

These wipes are a life-saver. I feel so safe using them, especially for air travel!

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