5 Steps to Find a Food Allergy-Friendly College

College is a pivotal time in every young adult’s life, but for those living with food allergies, this milestone is the ultimate catalyst for self-advocacy. By this time, most parents of the food allergic deserve Ph.Ds in label reading, but this is when our children must take the reins. Spokin has pulled together the resources you need to make the transition easier for everyone. Spokin has 5 tips every parent and food allergic student needs to know.  

Top 100 Food Allergy-Friendly Colleges

May 1st is National College Decision Day and while many high school seniors are still deciding which school to commit to, students managing food allergies have an extra consideration. While we look forward to a day when every college is equally accommodating of food allergies, until then, there’s Spokin’s guide of the 100 Top Rated Allergy-Friendly Colleges. Out of the hundreds of colleges reviewed on the Spokin app, these schools are the top of the class with dedicated allergen-free dining halls and stations, allergen menus, knowledgeable staff, and willingness to make accommodations.

Image credit: Washington University in St. Louis

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