Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Elon University


Elon University had been my dream school for a few years, but when I was finally accepted into one of their BFA Programs, we realized that getting to attend this might actually become a real possibility. All that was left was to work out accommodations for my food allergies. It turns out that there were hardly any preparations necessary because this school has SO many established food allergy resources. First of all, the school has a dining hall section that is COMPLETELY allergy friendly. Yes, that’s right. It is free of the top 8 allergens with no cross contamination. They also have my favorite allergy friendly brands as “grab and go” snack items in the different dining halls. They also have extensive amounts of allergy friendly food items in each of the stores on campus. All of these things have made my first year and a half at Elon go as smoothly as possible and have kept my family, who lives 12 hours away, at ease. I am forever grateful for all of their efforts, and hope that others will be encouraged by this information because attending a university far from home with multiple life threatening food allergies IS possible!

Location: Elon, North Carolina


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Payton Robinson – Spokin App User @allergystrategy

Allergies: Peanuts, Dairy, Egg, Shellfish, Fish
Class: 2023
Major: Double Major earning my BFA in Acting and BS in Nutrition
Post Graduation Plans: I plan to audition while earning my Masters in Nutrition online to become a Registered Dietitian. I aspire to specialize in helping those with severe food allergies, while continuing to educate and advocate through “The Allergy Strategy.”
Instagram: @theallergystrategy

Payton’s Elon Campus Guide


Lakeside Dining Hall

While the Top 8 Free Allergy Station at Elon often rotates depending on the year, it is currently, and has been for the past year, located in Lakeside Dining Hall and is called “True Balance”. True Balance in Lakeside always has a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner options ranging from top 8 free waffles, bacon, and breakfast hash in the morning to an allergy-friendly protein, a delicious vegetable selection, and starch option for dinner!

Pandora’s Pies

Pandora’s Pies has been so wonderful with accommodating my food allergies time and time again! They have vegan cheese and their regular crust is dairy and egg free as well. I was delighted to have the option of different calzones there as well since the dough is safe for me to eat, you can essentially “build your own”. They have gluten free pizzas too!

Red Bowl Asian Bistro

Recently visited Red Bowl twice with friends and had wonderful experiences both times! I ordered plain grilled chicken and vegetables without sauce and they were delicious! When I told the waiters about the severity of my allergies, they never made a huge deal of it, but were diligent to be very cautious with my allergens and order, and notified the kitchen. Definitely will visit again when back in North Carolina!

Mediterranean Deli

I have had many great experiences with Med Deli! While their menu items are pre-made at the beginning of each day and displayed in cases for you to choose from, I still have felt safe because they have many items that are marked as dairy, egg, and nut free! Usually, these are placed next to each other to avoid cross-contamination.

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones absolutely rocks! I went with a group of friends, with multiple allergies in the group including shellfish, fish, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and gluten, (so we almost covered them all as a group!) and they did an excellent job accommodating everyone. They have vegan cheese as well as gluten-free crust which is great.

Ben + Jerry’s

While I have been able to enjoy store bought Ben & Jerry’s ever since they started making dairy-free flavors, it wasn’t until a year or so ago until I actually ventured out to trying the actually ice cream stores! We have now been to the Greensboro, NC location and Gatlinburg, TN location, and both provided great safe treats!

Crafted the Art of the Taco

This restaurant is such a gem! Their chef was kind enough to come out and talk to us after we placed our order and assured us of the caution and protocols they take regarding food allergies! They have some awesome vegan options! I had a vegan burger with their homemade chips and sauce! It was fantastic!


Tangent is without a doubt an Elon fan favorite! You pretty much can’t take a walk through campus without hearing some thing or another about their tacos. They’re just that good! I was so excited to call and talk to the restaurant’s manager to find something that would be safe for me to eat.

The Oak House

The Oak House is an Oak “Home” to many Elon University students. With delicious coffee and a cozy atmosphere it’s a great place to spend an afternoon studying or to meet up with friends. Oak House has lots of non-dairy milk alternatives, and I typically get a cold brew with almond milk. They also take Phoenix Cash which is super convenient!

Clohan Hall

Clohan is one of Elon University’s 3 dining halls and features a variety of food options for students to enjoy! Located in the Colonnades Neighborhood on campus, this dining hall used to feature the school’s Top 8 Free Allergy Kitchen which is now located in Lakeside, but now features multiple different stations at least one of which is completely vegan!

Sonder Mind and Body

Soo excited to have recently found Sonder Mind and Body’s Wellness Cafe. Located in the heart of Greensboro, this awesome little treasure holds all kinds of allergy-friendly snacks and brands as well as a full menu of top 8 free drink items such as smoothies, juices, and more!

Pelican’s SnoBalls Burlington

Pelican’s Snoballs are a great dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, and gluten free dessert option! I’ve been so thankful to have this sweet treat as an option at many Elon events like football games and festivals!

Pure Juicery + Vegan Food Bar

It was so nice to get to visit an AMAZING little gem in Cary, North Carolina! Pure Vegan Cafe is a completely plant based Juice Bar serving food ranging from the Chick’n Bacon Ranch sandwich and sweet potato fries that I got, to burgers, salads, smoothie bowls and breakfast faves like waffles and more!

Village Juice Co – McEwen Dining Hall

The upstairs portion of Mcewen Dining Hall holds an allergy-friendly gem on campus. Village Juice Co. is an awesome restaurant vendor that takes both Phoenix Cash and Meal Dollars! They have everything from smoothie bowls, to avocado toast, juices, and grain bowls. The have lots of gluten-free and vegan menu items and do not use peanuts, though it should be noted that they do use tree nuts in some items.

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