Allergy-Friendly American University Guide

I think the allergy support at
American University is great. Not only is the dining hall nut-free, but the other dining options on campus (not including the coffee shops—The Dav, The Bidge, and Starbucks) are also completely nut-free! The support for food allergies is great on campus and I feel comfortable with the Student Health Center, disability services, and dining services if I have any issues or concerns. The people here are understanding and there is nothing more reassuring than that I do not have to ask about nuts every single time I eat! They have sunflower butter as an option in the dining hall and some prepackaged sandwiches in the campus stores if that’s your jam! (no pun intended!) I’m happy here and have found some amazing people who are conscious of and thoughtful about my allergies.

Location: Washington, D.C.


Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Auburn University

In three of
Auburn University's dining halls there are allergy stations called True Balance which serve meals free from the top 8 food allergens—my go-to place to eat for dinner! There is also a Panera, Au Bon Pain, Starbucks, NYC gyro food truck, and Amsterdam taco truck on campus! I find I can eat at all these places with no worries about allergens! Location: Auburn, Alabama  

Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Brandeis University

The dining hall at
Brandeis University, worked hard with me to try to accommodate my allergies. They have a top eight free section in each dining hall that has hot meal options, gluten free breads, a dedicated microwave, toaster, allergy safe brownies, cookies, etc. With my long list of allergies they were not able to accommodate everything. I was able to easily get housing accommodations to have my own kitchen in a suite with three friends who all agreed to avoid my allergens. Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University has a Pure Eats section in each dining hall that is free from the top 8 allergens, and they serve it themselves to avoid cross contamination. There are gluten free sections as well, including a dedicated waffle machine! They have an app that lists every item on the menu and it’s ingredients! I will say that sometimes the ingredients have been vague (ex. “sugar cookie dough”) but for the most part I have a wide variety of safe eating options! Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: College of William and Mary

As a sophomore at
William and Mary, I have been pleased with the College’s allergy policy and protocol. Menus are clearly labeled and 2/3 of the dining halls on campus have allergy-friendly “Simple Servings” stations and are completely nut-free facilities. The school nutritionist is a fabulous resource and a wealth of information. There is always room to grow, but I feel safe eating on campus with a food allergy. Location: Williamsburg, Virginia  

Allergy-Friendly DePaul University Campus Guide

I am a current student at DePaul University and even though I have never eaten in the food hall, DePaul is very considerate when it comes to food safety. At all events they have clear signage on each ingredient. DePaul does a great job with being accommodating to any restriction or allergy. Don’t hesitate to ask someone! They have been a fantastic fit for me, socially, academically, and with everything from A to Z. DePaul does not have a student health insurance plan, which is disappointing.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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