Allergy-Friendly Elon University Guide

As freshman at Elon University, my mom and I went through extensive research on which school would be the best to accommodate my allergies. After many meetings with the chefs and nutritionists at Elon, we figured out a plan to keep me safe. Then during the first day of orientation, the day after my mom left me at school, I had an allergic reaction. Following this reaction, the school put in place a plan for me that I would only get my meals from 3 chefs that I had a group chat with. I requested what I wanted, whenever I wanted. This was not something normal Elon does for students, but after they nearly killed me, that’s what they saw as best fit.

The next school year, there was a completely vegan cafe in one of the dining halls. Whenever I ate there, I always had to make sure all the stuff was prepped in its own space. I did not have a reaction once! Now that I am a junior, I don’t have a meal plan but ironically, they got rid of the completely vegan cafe. They do, however, have a top allergen free cafe in one of the dining halls. In my past years, the chefs advised me not to eat there because of possible cross contamination. This year whenever I go with my friends, I either make sure it was prepped individually, or ask them if they can go prep me something individually in a safe dairy-free zone.

Location: Elon, North Carolina

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Caitlin Aronson – Spokin User @caitlinaronson

Allergies: Milk and Beef
Class: 2024
Major: Strategic Communications
Post Graduation Plans: I plan on working in NYC or LA post grad in Entertainment PR!
Instagram: @caitlinaronson or @caits.cuisine
TikTok: @donkeykong.com4

Village Juice

I have my own blender at my on-campus Village Juice but they are very well educated, will clean anything you ask, and will prepare your meals in the back from unopened prep bins. The menu also has limited dairy to begin with.

Mike’s Vegan Grill

Although it is an amazing food truck, the buns and the bread they use have a label that says “May Contain Dairy,” even though it is a fully vegan food truck.

Lakeside Dining Hall

Lakeside Dining Hall has a top 9 allergen free section; still let them know you have allergies if you eat there. The staff is trained but sometimes you read to remind them about the precautions they need to take and they will go above and beyond to ensure you’re safe.

Romeos Vegan Burgers

Entire kitchen is VEGAN! With amazing menu options!


Chick-Fil-A takes the award for best allergen protocol at a restaurant. Best I’ve ever experienced!

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