Allergy-Friendly Duke University Campus Guide

Duke is an almost completely nut free campus with everything labeled very clearly. Any questions can be directed to specifically designated people wearing hats that are trained to answer any questions about allergies. Staff will also change gloves for anyone with allergies.

Location: Durham, North Carolina

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Isabella – Spokin User @isabella711

Allergies: Peanut, Tree Nuts, Milk, and Shellfish
Class: 2023
Major: Biology and Global Health
Post Graduation Plans: Graduate school for a Masters of Science in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Instagram: @guacabella711
TikTok: @katniss56

Duke East Campus

Completely nut-free. Freshman year I was introduced to all of the chefs and they still know me by name and all my allergies (4 years later). All staff is so helpful and there are several stations that are free from different allergens.

Broadhead Center

Sazón and It’s Thyme are some of my favorite places here. At Sazón, the staff can change their gloves for anyone with allergies and there are specific staff members available to answer allergy specific questions. It’s Thyme is on the second floor during the week and doesn’t serve any of the top 8 major allergens.

Ginger and Soy

Very clear labels on everything, staff will change gloves if you inform them. I get the ramen and poke bowls but the build your own bowl is also safe.

Devil’s Krafthouse

 I always get the chicken wings or chicken tenders with fries or chips or sweet potato tots. At least a few years ago, there used to be a head chef that had a child with food allergies so there was very good protocol for orders with allergies. Never had a problem with cross contamination, despite significant dairy in the kitchen.

Il Forno Italian Kitchen

 I usually get pasta with olive oil and basil. Usually pretty safe if you inform the chef of allergies.

Pure Vegan Cafe

Great vegan food—very allergy-friendly except some nuts. Very clear menu.


Staff well informed about which popsicles are best for different allergies.

Sushi Love

I’ve ordered the duck noodle soup, beef pho, beef pho rolls, regular sushi rolls, and dumplings with no problems.

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