Allergy-Friendly George Mason University Guide

I’ve had an amazing experience with George Mason University’s dining staff! Upon first entering as a freshman, there were no options for me that were made safely in separate areas without my allergens, so every week the dietician would create a menu based off of my preferences & email me the menu. Each day and each meal, I would go into the dining hall, talk to the designated person and they would remove my meal that was wrapped in plastic wrap safely from the heater. It was always prepared safely for me in a separate area without my allergens. They went as far as providing me with their cell numbers to text them the times I was coming to eat so my food wouldn’t be cold. I was able to safely dine in the dining hall with all the other students for the first 2 years of college, then my junior year, they created a station called simple servings. Simple servings serves top 8 allergy free food items daily, 3x a day in a dedicated allergy free section/ station. I was able to help with the development of that safe section! They have their own simple serving specific pans, pots, utensils, and ingredients. They also have allergen free baked goods, sunbutter, rice milks, etc. They also do not allow students to get food at that station themselves, it is not self serve, all of the staff is aller trained, and food is given to students on a new plate every single time to eliminate cross contamination. I am so grateful for their attention and help with my allergies. I’ve never had a better experience at any other college Update on Aug 2023: I graduated 2 years ago but I went back on campus to serve as an assistant director for my professor’s STEM camp. I had to eat in the dining hall during the week and the staff was amazing at Ike’s! I had never really dined at Ike’s as a student – Southside always supported my allergies but they were just as amazing at Ike’s. Brooke T, the dietician, Deniz and Tytianna, the managers, Chef Sharmaine, Chef Jose, and Ms Gladis were all so kind and amazing as was everyone in the dining hall. They made sure I was safe and had enough to eat!

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

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Ashley Koranteng – Spokin User @ashleybga

Allergies: Peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, sesame, lima bean, and halibut allergies
Class: 2019
Major: BS –Community Health & MPH–Community Health Promotion
Post Graduation Plans: I’m currently a Health Engagement Senior Analyst.
Instagram: @ashleybga

Burton’s Grill

They did an amazing job with my allergies! I was able to easily order off the menu and they were able to tell me what they needed to change due to my allergies. The steak frites with chimichurri sauce was absolutely delicious!

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Chef Marlin and Brittany, our server, were absolutely amazing!! I was able to have the bread (which never happens), I had the spaghetti & meat sauce with Italian sausage–then Chef Marlin created a fresh fruit with strawberry sauce dessert for me because all of the desserts had milk in them. They were absolutely amazing and exceeded every expectation!! I will definitely be back.

Dolce Vita

I visited here about 1-2 years ago. I can’t remember what I had but I remember after emailing the location about my allergies, they were really accommodating & made sure I had a safe and delicious meal! They were super attentive to my allergy needs. This is not too far from George Mason University’s main Fairfax, VA campus.


This is GMU’s Campus Chipotle! I’ve never had a negative experience & it’s been just as safe as my experiences at any other Chipotle!

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