Allergy-Friendly Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches


It wouldn’t be fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard and these favorite fall activities are even sweeter when you can safely enjoy cider donuts, apple cider, and more! Our Allergy-Friendly Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard Guide features 26 hand-picked reviews. If you’ve found a safe pumpkin patch or apple picking spot, please share a review on the Spokin App!

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Schnepf Farms

Location: Queen Creek, Arizona

“We love to go to their year round activities. They have everything from seasonal peach picking to apple picking and pumpkin patches. They have had kettle corn in the past that was safe for us. You can also eat what you pick, which is allergy-friendly from the top 9. They also have a gift shop with some jarred honey and canned jams that have been safe for peanut and shellfish.”

@foodallergypi, who manages peanut and shellfish allergies

Willis Farm

Location: Snowflake, Arizona

“A HUGE selection of pumpkins. They have a snack stand with bottled water and pre-packaged “Lays” and other chips and even some candies that were allergy-friendly. They also have a really fun corn maze at night, plus train rides for kids and families through the pumpkin patch.”

@foodallergypi, who manages peanut and shellfish allergies


Los Rios Rancho

Location: Yucaipa, California

“The best apple picking in Southern California! About 2 hours outside of Los Angeles, this family-run farm has the best apple picking orchard and allergy-safe activities! After you pick your apples, there are corn mazes, you-press cider stations, and a tiny kitchen to order a delicious BBQ sandwich that’s safe for peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies!”

@kqwright5 who manages peanut, tree nut, sesame and plantain allergies


Eckert’s Country Restaurant

Location: Belleville, Illinois

“This is a really cute farm and store just 30 minutes outside of St. Louis! They have apple picking and a pumpkin patch in the fall, but are open year-round. The apples are pretty allergy-friendly on their own, and the store had a gluten-free section of non-perishable goods (i.e., baking mixes) and signs that their cookies were made in a nut-free facility.”

@amandayoung03who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies

Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-Up

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Take a step into Jack’s Pumpkin Pop Up for a magical night in Halloweentown! Safe food options + non food related activities.”

@alyssabauder, who manages a peanut allergy


Iowa Orchard

Location: Urbandale, Iowa

“This is a no frills apple orchard. If you go to their u pick location, that’s literally all you can do is pick apples by the bushel. They do sell their cider, and I swear we drink more than apple cider in the fall, but we’ve had their cider safely. Perfect for quick fun fall activity. They have pink lady apples here, which are a favorite in our family so we visit pretty much exclusively for those.”

@vkotz who manages peanut, tree nut, and wheat allergies

Wills Family Orchard

Location: Adel, Iowa

“This is an adorable farm with you pick organic apples. They have a variety of fruit spreads and fruit butters, ciders, applesauce, honey, and other things. If you’re ever in Des Moines looking for a friendly family farm feel, this farm is it. Highly recommend during their fall festival!”

@vkotz who manages peanut, tree nut, and wheat allergies

Center Grove Orchard

Location: Cambridge, Iowa

“This orchard is huge and could be an all day affair. There are a ton of activities, sunflower fields, pumpkin patches AND apple picking. We’ve safely had their apple cider here but they’ve added a ton of new food stands since we last visited and will update once we go again this season.”

@vkotz who manages peanut, tree nut, and wheat allergies


Ditmars Orchard + Vineyard

Location: Council Bluffs, Iowa

“We haven’t been here in a few years but when we lived in Omaha this was the apple orchard we would visit to pick our own apples. They have donuts that are nut-free but do contain gluten. We’ve safely had their apple cider though! They also hold an annual balloon glow which is fun to attend.”

@vkotz who manages peanut, tree nut, and wheat allergies


Howells Greenhouse and Pumpkin Patch

Location: Cumming, Iowa

“We’ve visited Howells a few times now during their fall season. They have a safe gluten, dairy, and nut-free kettle corn that can be bought to munch on while enjoying the fall festivities. They have a cute pick your own pumpkin patch, corn maze, and you can even feed goats! Lots of fun things to do with small kids and scenic spots as well for a fun weekend outing. We love visiting this farm. You can also bring your own food and do a picnic out here.”

@vkotz who manages peanut, tree nut, and wheat allergies


rock hill.png

Rock Hill Orchard

Location: Mount Airy, Maryland

“We LOVE getting our ice cream at this small farm. We often buy pints to go too! Staff is very knowledgeable about allergens. I’ve emailed with the owners. They run plain flavors first and then any containing gluten or mix-ins (the malted flavor does have a possible cross contamination warning on it from the factory that produces the malted milk balls). They then take all equipment apart for full cleaning and reassembly. We have been eating ice cream here for years and fully feel confident in their operation.”

@jennthoman, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Red Apple Farm @ Boston Public Market

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

“Love their cider donuts and apple cider! Nut-free and delicious. Their farm is also great to visit.”

@nutfreefun, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Cider Hill Farm

Location: Amesbury, Massachusetts

“They have an extensive farm store with lots of gluten-free items, gluten-free hard cider tastings, and some food. Items on the menu are clearly labeled. Had a nice afternoon here picking flowers and peaches!”

@thenomadicfitz, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy


Russell Orchards

Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts

“This is a farm stand, working farm, and apple orchard. They have fruit you can pick, and they also carry Something Sweet Without the Wheat gluten-free apple cider donuts, and other snacks and treats in their farm store. They have a bakery with an allergy policy. They also sell Richardson’s ice cream.”

@thenomadicfitz, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy



Dexter Cider Mill

Location: Dexter, Michigan

“This cider mill has fantastic vegan and top 8 free doughnuts from Gr8 Bakes so that everyone can enjoy a fall treat.”

@dextermom24, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, sesame, mustard, peach, and legume allergies


Long Family Orchard Farm + Cider Mill

Location: Commerce Charter Township, Michigan

“This apple orchard and cider mill has safe donuts! They have the ingredients clearly posted and are so helpful in answering all questions. There are no nuts in the facility except for a few pre-packaged items but they are not made at the cider mill, they are from outside bakeries. Yummy donuts and yummy cider.”

@greenhouse33, who manages peanut, tree nut, chickpea, and watermelon allergies


Three Cedars Farm

Location: Northville, Michigan

“Three Cedars Farm makes nut-free cider mill donuts each and every fall. I travel back home to Michigan every year just for these! There are peanuts on the premises for caramel apples, but we have never had an issue with the donuts.”

@alyssabauder, who manages a peanut allergy


Plymouth Orchards + Cider Mill

Location: Plymouth, Michigan

“The nut-free cider mill cinnamon sugar donuts I have been enjoying since I was a kid. I travel home each fall just for these. They hold such a special place in my heart!”

@alyssabauder, who manages a peanut allergy



Vala’s Pumpkin Patch + Apple Orchard

Location: Gretna, Nebraska

“If fall could be an amusement park, it would be Vala’s. There are so many food stands, tractor rides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, games, even carnival-esque rides here. We visited every year when we lived in Omaha. We’ve safely had fries, turkey legs, and apple cider. I always spoke to a manager or someone who worked there outside of the lines before getting in line to order anything and have had good experiences with finding out ingredients.”

@vkotz who manages peanut, tree nut, and wheat allergies


Applecrest Farms

Location: Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

“Apple orchard with a large farm stand that has gluten-free options such as frozen pies, pasta, crackers, cheese and more!”

@gfgirlboss, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy


Beak and Skiff

Location: Lafayette, New York

“One of my FAVORITE things to do near Syracuse! There is something for everyone, truly. For kids, obviously, there’s apple picking, and you can take a hay ride out to where you pick the apples. They also have a little playground and some sort of a petting zoo. For adults, there is a taproom on site. They brew their own hard cider and have their own distillery. Their drinks are so so good! They also have all the classic apple orchard food, such as cider, cider donuts, and apple pie, as well as other things like fries, burgers, and sandwiches. Their fries are not fried in peanut oil, so they were safe for me to eat! Highly recommend checking it out!!”

@carlinhanley who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, shrimp and sesame allergies

Salinger’s Orchard

Location: Brewster, New York

“Salinger’s is a great traditional New England farm stand. Open-air, low-key, awesome apples and pumpkins, and tons of homemade goodies! The best part is that their cider donuts are safe for peanut and tree nut allergies! They are made in a completely separate area!”

@slasky, who manages tree nut, lentil, and fruit allergies

Stuarts Farm

Location: Granite Springs, New York

“The Apple cider donuts are safe for my peanut, tree nut and shellfish allergic children. The only orchard in the area where they can have the donuts. Thankful!”

@kimdny, who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies


Branstool Orchards

Location: Utica, Ohio

“We did pick-your-own apples and they were delicious. The shop had fresh peaches as well. I asked if the cider apple and pumpkin donuts had any risk of containing peanuts and they reassured us there were no peanuts in any of the donuts.”

@lattelauren, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Highland Orchards

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

“Amazing GF apple cider and GF baked goods.”

@mollysgfplate, who manages celiac


Hall Family Farm

Location: Lancaster, South Carolina

“I went to Hall Family Farm’s fall festival with my family, and when we arrived, we went to eat. They did have pecans in their salad, but it was made away from the rest of the food. I was able to eat a hot dog, fries, and some of their apple cider donuts. Although I did not eat one, they had the first funnel cake I have seen without nut toppings. I highly recommend coming here to eat and enjoy the activities, and the staff was very nice and understanding about my allergy.”

@bookwyrm46 who manages tree nut allergies


Sweet Eats Adventure Farm & Petting Zoo

Location: Georgetown, Texas

“This was a fun place for the whole family. There weren’t a ton of allergy safe food options for people with a milk allergy, but if nuts are all you’re worried about you’d be in great shape. We brought snacks which was allowed, no problem !”

@sarahfry, who manages peanut, milk, egg, and sunflower allergies


Rowley’s Red Barn

Location: Santaquin, Utah

“We went apple picking at this cute orchard. We also picked up some fresh peaches, corn, and tomatoes. Also the fresh pressed apple juice is safe for many food allergies and so yummy!”

@elledairyfree, who manages a milk allergy



Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Location: Waterbury Center, Vermont

“We spoke to the staff and they told us the fresh pressed cider and the cider donuts were safe and free from a risk of cross contamination. They do carry pre-made products containing nuts around the store but we were comfortable here and it was awesome our daughter was able to taste the cider right where it was made! Very cute country store as well where we loaded up on maple candy.”

@lattelauren, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies



Appleland Farm Market

Location: Fredonia, Wisconsin

“We went apple picking here and safely ate the apple cider donuts! They were prepackaged and had ingredients listed—no nuts, it said baked on the package. We asked them to double check if they were fried in oil but they did not know for sure. We did let our daughter have them since they said baked. They also had prepackaged caramel apples (some with nuts but from a different company). The bakery is called Miriam and local.”

@susie, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

The Barn at Buechler Farms

Location: Belgium, Wisconsin

“This is hidden gem! We came here to get pumpkins and they had a barn with snacks and shopping. They sell caramel apples that they slice in front of you and then add the toppings—like caramel, chocolate sauce, whipped cream (all with labels) and then toppings (there was 1 with nuts but also sprinkles, Oreos, etc.) are each in the own cup with their own spoon. It’s the safest caramel apple we’ve ever found, and so fun!”

@susie, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

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