14 Allergy-Friendly Football Stadiums

She’s cheer captain and we’re on the bleachers… the start of fall and Taylor Swift’s appearance at last week’s Chiefs vs. Bears game has us thinking of safe stadium eats! See our guide to 14 allergy-friendly stadiums to find safe hot dogs, gluten-free french fries, safe frozen lemonade, and more! Whether you’re there for the football or for a concert (Taylor Swift’s ofc), these stadiums are our winners!

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SoFi Stadium

Location: Inglewood, California

“I attended the Taylor Swift Eras Tour here, and there were clearly marked menus. They had a gluten-free bun for hot dogs, and they had gluten-free fries. Despite being busy, the workers changed gloves to unwrap the hot dog bun and packed it separately from the rest of the food. It was tasty, satisfying, and comfortable!”

@gluttenous, who manages celiac and an egg allergy


Hard Rock Stadium

Location: Miami, Florida

“Very impressed with the cleanliness of this stadium! No peanut shells on the ground or sold at concessions.”

@alyssabauder, who manages peanut allergies


Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

“Mercedes-Benz Stadium is excellent! I have seen multiple shows here (except the most recent Taylor show). They have a multitude of safe foods at great prices for a venue of such size. The bathrooms are very clean, and the staff is there to help you at any given moment!”

@annaelisa098 who manages tree nut and peanut allergies


Soldier Field

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“We saw Taylor Swift five years after her last time in Chicago and all was fine, but very surprised to see them selling peanuts. There were a few spots where there were a lot of shells that we had to walk by. It wasn’t close to our seats, and no one was in front of us, but really surprised us. My daughter safely had a hot dog, part of a pretzel, and popcorn. We attended the Taylor Swift concert here and there were a lot of options that were safe for our daughter. We were very pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable, patient, and kind the staff was—and it was crazy busy!”

@susiewho manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Ford Field

Location: Detroit, Michigan

“My peanut allergic son was able to buy a safe dinner and a snack at a football game at Ford Field.”

@leslieevans who manages peanut allergies

Spartan Stadium

Location: East Lansing, Michigan

“No peanuts sold at Spartan Stadium. They offer peanut M&Ms, but that’s the only nut product we saw!”

@alyssabauder, who manages peanut allergies


MetLife Stadium

Location: East Rutherford, New Jersey

“My son that is allergic to peanuts was able to enjoy food at MetLife Stafium while watching a Jets Game. He ate a hot dog, enjoyed a bag of sour patch, and drank a water.”

@leslieevans, who manages peanut allergies


Ohio Stadium

Location: Columbus, Ohio

“Despite being the home of the Buckeyes, Ohio Stadium does not actually sell peanut products in general concessions! I hate going to crowded stadiums with peanut shells all over the ground, so this made my four years at Ohio State that much better!”

@alyssabauder, who manages peanut allergies


Acrisure Stadium

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“I have attended a few football games here and there are plenty of gluten-free ciders and seltzers, along with chips, peanuts, and popcorn that are gluten-free. The crab fries are also in a dedicated fryer, and they claim them as gluten-free, but I haven’t tried them yet. They also allow outside food as long as it is in a clear gallon-sized Ziploc, so it is very easy to accommodate. Love going here!”

@gluttenous, who manages celiac and an egg allergy

Beaver Stadium

Location: University Park, Pennsylvania

“Watched my first Penn State football game and had a wonderful time! There were so many allergy-friendly snacks available, like Utz chips and Minute Maid Frozen lemonade—all prepackaged, so no cross-contact! I didn’t take the risk with any fried foods, but I was really happy I had some options. Thanks, PSU!”

@livwong, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and soy allergies

Lincoln Financial Field

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“My hubby was able to bring in safe foods and snacks for our child here, as long as it was in a transparent small-sized bag. Check their website for more information regarding food options available at the stadium. Go Eagles!!”

@safemom, who manages peanut, tree nut, chickpea, egg, mustard, and sesame allergies


Nissan Stadium

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

“Although Nissan Stadium does sell peanuts, they offered so many dining options that few people were purchasing them. The game we attended was the home opener, so that could have played a role, but I was still impressed with how clean the stadium was. Outdoor stadiums generally are as the rain washes things away. Would go again!”

@alyssabauder, who manages peanut allergies


Location: Seattle, Washington

“During sports events, vendors at Lumen serve peanuts. There have been improvements in the vendors being able to accommodate allergies. For example, there is a new food stand called “Cantina,” which serves bowls and nachos, and everything is gluten-free. I believe there is also a vegetarian option. They use no nuts. Buying the nacho bowl is probably one of the best deals on food in the stadium. They also serve Ghostfish brewing beer.”

@elise, who manages peanut, tree nut, and celiac allergies


Camp Randall Stadium

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

“We went to watch a University of Madison game and they had several safe options for nut allergies, including their hot pretzels! We did notice someone sitting next to us eating peanuts but not 100% sure if they bought them or brought them in. Overall, the stadium is clean and hardly anyone was eating around us!”

@susiewho manages peanut and tree nut allergies

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