Our Top 24 Food Allergy Products


Food allergies are about more than just food. There are resources to help you educate others, to help you carry your essentials and to give reminders to those around you.  We have scoured high and low to find our list of top must-haves from auto-injector carriers to medical IDs, from books for kids to movies for adults and everything in between. 


Bandolier Pouch

Why We Love Them: When your auto-injector carrier makes a fashion statement it's a win in our books! It is the perfect size for holding 2 Auvi-Qs. We want this even if it didn't have an auto-injector in it! 


Pink + Gray Bags

Why We Love Them: This all in one carrier is super functional and BEYOND cute! Carry, auto-injectors, antihistamine, inhalers and anything else you need while on the run.

Medical Spibelts

Why We Love Them: For those who self-carry, having a low profile carrier can make all the difference. The Spibelt can be hidden under your shirt and stays tight to your body if you want to wear it on a run.

My Medi-Bag Double (Insulated Carrier)

Why We Love Them: Extreme temperatures are unavoidable, keep your auto-injectors safe in this insulated carrier. Now you can head to the beach in the summer and hit the slopes in the winter with peace of mind.




Why We Love Them: A lunchbox that turns into an instant cross-contact free placemat! Yes, please. We love how genius this design is and how cool the color combos are. 

Allermates Food Allergy Lunchbox

Why We Love Them: Choose between "I have food allergies" and "I am Wheat/Gluten Free" for these cute lunchboxes that make a statement without having to say a word. 

Personalized Allergy Alert Lunchbox

Why We Love Them: We love how customizable these are! Design your own with your name, specific allergens and an alert of where to find epinephrine as an option. 


Super Sticky Disposable Placemats

Why We Love Them: When you want to make sure the surface your little one is eating off of is allergen free, these will do the trick. We love how you can toss them in your bag to use at a restaurant, on an airplane or even on a picnic table.  

name bubbles sticker.png

Allergy Alert Stickers

Why We Love Them: A visual reminder of an allergy, that can be stuck on something quickly is a huge bonus. Throw it on a water bottle, paper bag lunch or anything else that you need to send a reminder warning.


Custom Allergy Alert Labels

Why We Love Them: When you need to share more than just allergens to avoid, these stickers let you share whatever critical information you need to communicate!  


Custom Medical Alert Necklace

Why We Love Them: The gorgeous piece of jewelry can be customized on both the front and back with details you need to share to keep you safe.

sticky j band.png

StickyJ's Kids Allergy Bracelet

Why We Love Them: Medic alert made cool. This bracelet is something kids will love wearing in sizes made just for them. Important emergency information is right on the plate. Also available in adult sizes!

Custom Allergy Bracelet

Why We Love Them: This fun and informative band reminds those around your child what they can and can not eat. Its easy for kids to wear and the recognizable images are clear even if there are language barriers.

Sticky J's Drawstring Macrame Medical Alert Bracelet

Why We Love Them: When you want your medic alert to look more like a friendship bracelet, Sticky J has you covered. We love all the cool colors you can choose from.  

Kari Beaded Bracelet & Pink Medical ID Tag

Why We Love Them: Fashion and function all in one piece of jewelry. Engraving on the back can be customized with 5 lines of detail!   

tiffany bracelet.png

Charming Medical ID Bracelet

Why We Love Them: Hello Tiffany's bracelet that also carries your most critical information. We think we're in love. 


Custom Medic Alert Tattoos

Why We Love Them: For kids or adults who play sports, temporary tattoos are the answer. These medic alert tattoos are customizable and can comfortably fit 4-5 allergens.

safety tat.png


Why We Love Them: We love that these tattoos leave room for a contact number or other essential instructions.


Teal Earrings

Why We Love Them: For those who go the extra mile to keep us safe, this is the perfect thank you. They are our heroes and they hold a special place in our hearts.



Daniel Tiger.png

Daniel's Allergies - Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Why We Love It: The message "we take care of each other" is so important to share with friends. The episode is a great intro to food allergies for young kids.


Netflix Documentary Rotten: The Peanut Problem

Why We Love It: We may be biased since our founder, Susie, and her daughter are in this documentary. But it is a great look at our food supply and bringing food allergy awareness main stream. It is the beginning of a great conversation. May not be suitable for young kids.


Nutley the Nut-Free Squirrel

Why We Love It: A children's book about a squirrel with nut allergies who learns how to be healthy and discovers that his friends have allergies too. They decide to work together to take care of each other. Our heart might explode. 

See You Later Allergygator

Why We Love It: This book explores cross contact and explains how we can be allergic to things we can't see. Aimed at older kids in a playful rhyme it is a great educational tool for adults as well. The "unexpected" way they explain cross contact truly sparks a lightbulb moment for those who don't live with food allergies.

show and tell scout.png

Show-and-Tell Scout

Why We Love It: Scout teaches his friends about his food allergies and what they can do to help him if he has a reaction and more importantly how to prevent a reaction in the first place! We love how Scout takes command of his allergies and his friends rally around him for support! 

The Land of Not

Why We Love It: J.J. is on a mission, inspiring kids to advocate for themselves through his book. As his characters learn to focus on what they CAN do, the book teaches a lesson we could all learn — you are who you are, not who you’re not.

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