Kimberley Yates

Kim Yates

Kimberley Yates is a food allergy mom ahead of her time. Her daughter was the first multi-allergen oral immunotherapy patient at Stanford University under the care of Dr. Kari Nadeau. But Kimberley didn’t stop with her child – she made it her mission to make treatments accessible and to support families across the country. Through her fundraising and community building efforts, Kimberley was instrumental in creating the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford. She works tirelessly to make the Center’s vision a reality by bringing their research, therapies, and diagnostics to the community. And she doesn’t stop there – she also works with co-founders Dr. Ashley Dombkowski and Dr. Kari Nadeau of Before Brands, a company that hopes to put a stop to food allergies before they start. She lives in California with her three girls, Tessa, Reese and Alyssa.


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1. Silver lining of having a child with food allergies?

All of the amazing friends (now extended family) that have come into our lives from all over the country. The allergy community is like none other. You meet another family with food allergies, and you become like one big family instantly. 

2. Your go-to favorites for food allergies?

We only had one restaurant that we could go to — a Mexican restaurant in Menlo Park called Café Del Sol. Tessa would order the exact same thing every time, sit in the same exact seat where the chef could see her. Other than that, I made everything she put in her mouth. 

3. Mothering style in three words

Complete and total devotion — and FUN 🙂

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