Sharon Wong

sharon wong

Sharon Wong is the food allergy advocate and blogger behind Nut Free Wok, a food allergy blog specializing in “Allergy Aware Asian Fare.” When her two sons were diagnosed with food allergies, Sharon took action by channeling her love of cooking into adapting classic Asian recipes for people with nut allergies. Her blog and personal advocacy is all about making food allergy-friendly Asian food possible and delicious with recipes like Peanut-Free Pad Thai and a Better for You Butter Mochi.


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1. Silver lining of having children with food allergies?

We read food labels, know what’s in our food and appreciate great food. 

2. Your go-to favorites for food allergies?

We never leave home without our Auvi-Q — the compact epinephrine auto-injectors are literally life-savers and they are always with my children.

We just made summer vacation reservations with Virgin Airlines and a Marriott hotel because the quality of their brands and customer service are very consistent. 

3. Mothering style in three words

Loving, practical, mentor.

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