Meet the Maker: Hungry Harry’s


When your food allergic son comes home with an empty lunchbox because his classmates ate his food, you know you have something truly unique. Meet Hungry Harry’s, the newest kid on the food allergy block.

Harry’s parents, Sarah and Rob, not only manage his multiple food allergies and intolerances but they’ve had to learn to do it twice, having lived in 2 countries. Officially launching with 5 baking mixes that are Top 14 allergen and casein free, Harry is ready to share his food with us all!

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It’s always the cookie

We initially found out that Harry had food allergies when he was three while we were vacationing in Thailand. He ate a chocolate chip cookie at the hotel that had cashews. Soon after, we learned that Harry was allergic to tree nuts and intolerant of soy, raw egg, dairy, shellfish, and gluten.


We’re not trying to put our kids on the moon, we’re just trying to give them some good chocolate cake. We wanted to make something that was just as good as everyone else’s food.

How did a diagnosis become a company?

We immediately started researching what Harry could safely eat, but we also wanted to give him food he would love, crave, and be excited about. This hunt led us to the recipes for the mixes. 


It all started with a pancake

At age 7, Harry had never eaten a pancake, so first up was a pancake mix. He loved them and we were so excited that we did a “pancake shuffle” in our kitchen! 

Food fight

Next up was muffins. We added protein powder to them because his diet was so limited, and they soon became the cornerstone of his lunch. Harry would take 9 mini-muffins but usually only get to eat one or two because the other kids would eat them! That was our ah-ha moment.


What, Where, and How

We are launching with 5 mixes including pancakes/waffles, muffins, yellow cake, chocolate cake, and all-purpose flour. You can buy them all on, and they will be available on Amazon in the near future!

The frosting on top

We didn’t just want to make the best tasting and allergy-friendly products, we wanted a facility like none other. The facility is free of the Top 14 allergens – the traditional top 8, plus gluten, sesame, mustard, lupin, mollusks, celery, sulfites, and casein – and has been that way for decades. 

Calling all bakers

We are a family of foodies and we love to bake. We’ve added a lot of recipes to our website, and our flour blend is featured in our kitchen sink cookies and chocolate zucchini bread.

You had to learn to navigate labels not once, but twice.

While most people have one steep learning curve, we actually ended up having to tackle it twice after we relocated from Australia to the United States. We were surprised to find virtually no overlap in brands and had to re-navigate all the food products again to find what was safe.



We are, all three of us, building this business from scratch. We think that is something we will look back on and treasure. We develop our own recipes, photograph the food, and attend events. While Hungry Harry’s was born out of solving our need, we never expected it to be this fun!


Favorite Hungry Harry Mixes: 

Harry: Pancakes 

Rob: Yellow cake 

Sarah: Chocolate cake

Favorite New Restaurant Find:

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ. They have gluten-free marinades now, and while they have allergens, the staff is fabulous.

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