Tampa Food Allergy Guide

Our food allergy-friendly Tampa guide features the best to eat in one of Florida’s most popular vacation spots! See all of our Tampa reviews on the Spokin app!

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Besito Mexican Restaurant

“We had such a wonderful experience at this restaurant. The server was very knowledgeable and made sure my children had a great meal!!”

@dsarsour, who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

Fresh Kitchen

“Healthy fast food option!! They use olive oil to cook and their meats are free of antibiotics. Menu is super helpful – lists which items are gluten free, dairy free, no processed added sugar, and vegan friendly. There are almonds on the menu (and they list out which items contain nuts). I will say i was nervous about cross contact but when i alerted the staff of my allergy they had one member clean their hands, change their gloves, and walk me down the line themselves. Their setup is similar to how chipotle is set up but they had all of the items containing nuts near the front. (I will also add the only nuts on the menu were almonds and my latest allergy panel said I was no longer allergic to almonds, so I felt comfortable dining here). Depending on your comfort level, I would recommend!!”

@lfrost5, who manages tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

“They offer everything from gluten-free pasta, burgers (gluten-free buns included), chicken, seafood, beef, salads and some amazing desserts. The S’more Budino (without the graham crumbs) is a great reason alone to make a visit there. Imagine this—caramel custard layered with Valhona chocolate mousse and toasted marshmallow. The last time I was there, I had their Thai Lettuce Wraps and Ellie’s Chicken Piccata which were also fantastic. I’ve had salads and other offerings on previous visits and have never been disappointed (or gotten sick). They also have wine pairings suggested with each menu item… I love the way they think. With many locations across the east coast and midwest, they are probably considered a franchise, but I can only speak for the location in Tampa. It has a great bar scene in addition to a large restaurant and an extensive gluten-free menu. They also indicate which items are vegan and vegetarian on the menu. The servers have always been knowledgeable and careful to check with the chef each time I’ve been in. They seem to take food allergies seriously from my experience.”

@athomewithshay, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, and egg allergies


“Most of their menu is gluten-free (except for the kids menu) and all of the chips and tortillas are made of corn. The menu is a QR code that you order directly from on your phone. There’s a spot on the menu that allows you to fill out any allergies they should be aware of. Food is always great and love being able to have a safe meal. I would recommend sitting at the bar if you’re not with a large party – you can fill out your order on the menu and the menu indicates allergens. You also talk to the bartender to hand him your order. If you sit at a table the orders are completely virtual without a server (on your phone/ allergens not spelled out online). I’ve felt comfortable doing both because I always flag down a staff member but the bar seating feels extra safe!”

@lfrost5, who manages tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance

Sarione Korean Restaurant

”Korean food generally doesn’t have dairy or nuts. Some of the soups have egg, but many allergens are easy to avoid. The bulgogi beef is particularly good!”

@frances, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and grain allergies


“Love this place and highly recommend this restaurant if you live in Tampa or visiting. The server was aware of all the allergies and was accommodating to my kids and husband. The gluten-free pizza was delicious, and everything we had was amazing!!”

@dsarsour, who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

3 Dot Dash Vegan Kitchen

“Fully vegan and limited nuts. No peanuts but some tree nuts. Specifically, some of their cheeses were made with cashews.”

@The1bre, who manages a peanut allergy

Bern’s Steak House

“Their steak is grilled on a dedicated grill, and the chef is extremely accommodating and experienced with allergies. They’re super friendly and professional about it, and you can talk to the chef if desired. Awesome experience all around.”

@frances, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and grain allergies

Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse Tampa

“Waitstaff are very professional, and they have a special menu that lists all their items along with the allergens they contain. The meats are just lightly seasoned and grilled, so they have very few allergens. Everything is clearly labeled and delicious! Definitely coming back.”

@frances, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and grain allergies

Doc B’s Restaurant + Bar

“Amazing service and amazing food!! They have a dedicated prep area for those who have allergies.”

@dsarsour, who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

Whiskey Cake Tampa

“When I first saw the menu I was hesitant to have the boys eat there due to all the nuts and sesame. I spoke to a manager and they let us know that they have a dedicated area for allergies. Boys had a burger and fries safely! The food is good too.”

@dsarsour, who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

Wright’s Gourmet House

”I’ve always been there and their kitchen is always clean and very good about not using the same pan as the last time and every time they make my food it’s made right in front of you.”

@cokiwang, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


“Joe, the manager, was wonderful in answering all our questions. Our server, Samantha, was also wonderful. My son with all the allergies was able to enjoy a fried chicken sandwich with fries! The food is delicious and the atmosphere was nice!!”

@dsarsour, who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

Babushka’s – Hyde Park

“Authentic Eastern European plates! The menu has called out which items are gluten-free and vegan. When I informed the staff of my tree nut allergy, he went to the kitchen to talk to the chef and then came back to tell me my food would be safe. I had the potato salad as an app and the stuffed cabbage as my main dish. Easily one of the best meals I’ve had in Tampa so far!!!”

@lfrost5, who manages tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance


“I’ve dined both at the restaurant and ordered take out—the restaurant is very consistent and their staff is extremely knowledgeable. Their menu lists what items are gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based. While dining at the restaurant, the wait staff always asks what allergies they should be aware of, and I love how proactive they are. The food is delicious—I’ve always gotten the ‘Hot and Crunchy’, and the onions are tempura crunchy onions that are gluten-free!! Love this place and knowing my meal is always safe.“

@lfrost5, who manages tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance

Columbia Restaurant

“I called ahead, and the chef told me they do not have peanuts in the kitchen. They also have an allergy menu for gluten and tree nuts. What I liked most is that the allergy meal came out on a different-colored plate.”

@jodifrodi, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Fat Beet Farm Kitchen and Bakery

“No nuts or sesame in the salad prep area, so building a salad was safe. Croutons were kept separately in their own container. They do have sesame and nuts present in the kitchen, but staff was very knowledgeable about their whereabouts/cross-contamination!“

@schmandz, who manages tree nut and seed allergies

The Asian Kitchen

“Delicious food and clear labeling. Their dishes can be easily customized and substitutions are easy.”

@frances, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and grain allergies

Fly Chix

“What an amazing addition to International Plaza in Tampa. The owner, and head chef was able to answer every question and accommodate both gluten allergies and my son’s tree nut, sesame and mustard allergy. They make everything from scratch, and everything is delicious. All the sauces are gluten-free, but for mustard, avoid the sauces. He was able to make him a spicy sauce to enjoy.”

@dsarsour, who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

Green Lemon

“Great food— menu listed gluten-free options. Waitress said the only thing on the menu with gluten was the flour tortillas and there were limited nuts. Great spot for happy hour!”

@lfrost5, who manages tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance

Meat Market Steakhouse Tampa

“We made a reservation and when they called to confirm our reservation they noted my allergies and informed us that they would alert the chef before our arrival. Once we sat down our server asked who had the gluten and tree nut allergy—was very impressed! Server was super knowledgeable of entire menu and would double check specials (since those are on rotation), which made me feel really comfortable. Just be aware there is a dress code for this restaurant! Food was amazing!!”

@lfrost5, who manages tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance

Tony Roma’s Bones & Burgers

“I was SO excited to see they had dairy-free soft serve and dairy-free milkshakes! I had the soft serve, and it was delicious. This is located in the food court of International Mall.”

@jodifrodi, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Oak & Ola

“Managers will go above and beyond to make sure they can accommodate. There’s a lot of nuts on the menu, but my son ate there with no problems.”

@dsarsour, who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

SoHo Sushi

“Although they don’t have a dedicated gluten-free menu, the staff is very knowledgeable of the menu. They said they would be able to customize any roll to my allergies (i.e. If i wanted something “fried” like tempura they would even steam it!). Even the seaweed salad was gluten-free, which was the first restaurant I could find with gluten-free seaweed salad (usually always has soy sauce in it!). When we picked up our order (we placed an order to go) they even had labeled gluten-free sauce for us. Amazing!!”

@lfrost5, who manages tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance

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