Portland Allergy-Friendly Travel Guide

Summer is the perfect time to visit Portland, an outdoor lover’s dream destination. There are endless ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Oregon’s largest city—the iconic Mount Hood, 275 public parks and gardens, nearly 400 miles of bikeways, hiking, and kayaking down the Willamette River. Portland is also a foodie destination and our guide highlights 42 of the best places for safe eats including peanut, dairy, and gluten-free Thai food, vegan Italian food, and more. For your sweet tooth, we have 14 places to get your fix at bakeries, donut shops, and ice cream shops.


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1. Bang Bang

“This restaurant is amazing for Thai food! It is completely free of peanuts, dairy, and gluten. I believe the only nut they use is cashew. They are happy to make any other dietary accommodations you need. It was the first time I was able to have spring rolls!”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

2. Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub

“The first 100% gluten-free brewery! The most popular beer is the IPA No. 5 but they have tons of other beer on tap. All of the beers are vegan, too!”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

3. Slappy Cakes

“Great options. Make your own pancakes at your table! Beware of cross-contamination. Bring your own allergy-friendly chocolate.”

@booeat who manages celiac and milk, egg, wheat, and barley allergies

4. OX Restaurant

“The waitstaff was incredible at making sure I was safe. My food was served separately and handled with care. My food was cooked on a dedicated nut-free grill and it was the most amazing food!”

@bryantjk who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish and nutmeg allergies

5. Honey Butter Country Fare

“100% gluten-free food truck with tons of dairy-free and vegan options. One of the BEST places I have ever eaten. Gluten-free and vegan fried funnel cakes, gluten-free corn dogs with a vegan meat option, Frito pies, and frozen dipped bananas.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

6. Tacovore

“A dedicated gluten-free taco spot in Portland. Tons of tacos, salads, and bowl options. My favorite was the carne asada taco! Most tacos can be made dairy-free with the cashew crema.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

7. Burgerville

“Dairy-free milkshakes and gluten-free buns are both available. Food is very consistent. Tell them you have a gluten allergy and they will prepare the hamburger bun by steaming it inside a bag, and you can assemble it yourself to avoid cross-contamination. Dedicated fryer for French fries.”

@ladysouza who manages milk and wheat allergies

8. Bocci’s on 7th

“This Italian restaurant has transitioned to a nut-free kitchen. They even have an “Amaretto” chocolate cake that uses a non-nut-sourced Amaretto. It was so nice to be able to tell my son he could order anything on the menu.”

@nvrsummergirl who manages peanut, tree nut, and mango allergies

9. Bamboo Sushi

“This place rocks. Such a good menu with awesome options and a super friendly staff. The staff was very proactive when I informed them of my allergies and specifically pointed out the items I could have! The rainbow roll was so yummy and my dad loved the miso cod and the sunset roll with spicy tuna and tempura.”

@treatpeoplewithkindness who manages tree nut, milk, soy, sesame, vegetable, fruit, meat, chickpea, and chocolate allergies 

10. Mutantis Brewery & Bottle Shop

“100% gluten-free brewery and bottle shop located in Portland. Tons of unique gluten-free beers on tap, as well as bottles/cans from the other local 100% gluten-free breweries such as Evasion, Bierly, Moonshrimp, and Ground Breaker.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

11. Frank’s Noodle House

“My son has egg, nut, and poultry allergies. My 7-year-old was able to have baby bok choy, pork belly, and rice. The staff assured our food would be cooked safely.”

@lucy01r who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, and chicken allergies


“FRY BAR is good, my family would rate for the whole place a 4 out of 5. We loved that you could customize your pizza.”

@wavvpv who manages tree nut allergies

13. Flourish Plant-Based Kitchen

“Everything is so yummy! The menu is 100% gluten-free and vegan! So nice to not have to be concerned about cross-contamination.”

@hnanner who manages celiac and milk, egg, soy, and wheat allergies

14. Blind Onion Pizza & Pub

“Safe nut-free and gluten-free pizza. Gluten-free crust is really good! Also have vegan pizza with Daiya cheese. Not sure about crust cross-contamination.”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

15. Lilla

“Lilla is a vegan Italian restaurant! I had the margarita pizza. The cheese was homemade made from sunflower seeds! It was delicious! I have a severe peanut allergy. They said they don’t have any peanuts or peanut products. (It didn’t seem like that they were a dedicated peanut-free place, but just so happened to not use any there). I would definitely recommend checking it out. They were very friendly and helpful!”

@wolfkale who manages peanut, milk, soy, and legume allergies

16. Mother’s Bistro & Bar

“I informed the server of the tree nut allergy while ordering and she notified the kitchen. When my daughter’s pancake was brought out, the server said that she had them put the chocolate chips (that weren’t listed on the menu) in a little dish on the side because she wasn’t sure if they were from a nut-free facility. I should note that while I did ask for all tree nuts to be avoided, my child is only confirmed allergic to cashew and pistachio and I did not see those on the menu. They do have other tree nuts on the menu and as an add-on to pancakes. I also did not ask about protocol for the prep area. I was very happy to have a server who seemed prepared and knowledgeable when I informed her of the allergy.”

@scottss who manages tree nut and pink peppercorn allergies

17. Next Level Burger Hawthorne

“Entirely vegan burger and fries kind of place. Staff was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, despite being very busy. Menu is clearly labeled that shakes were available in coconut or soy and may contain traces of peanuts, but the shake area is completely separate from the kitchen. She let us know there are other nuts in the kitchen, so be sure to check for your allergens. Food was delicious, non-GMO, and organic.”

@skyarrish who manages a peanut allergy

18. ¿Por Qué No?

“Very prompt and helpful email response! They seem informed and accommodating. Will share information I received: they do not use pistachios or cashews at all and there is no threat of contamination from these items. Peanuts are only used for the mole, which is a rare special. There is a small possibility of cross-contamination with dairy, as it’s a common topping on most items. Eggs are only used Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-3pm with their brunch menu.”

@kthat who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, and egg allergies

19. Sizzle Pie Beaverton

“I was able to get a fully gluten and dairy-free pizza. The food was fantastic and the gluten-free dough was very good. There are several vegan and dairy-free options. When preparing, they make the pizza on a rack that slides on top of the regular prep area to help prevent cross-contamination. There is not a dedicated pizza stone for gluten-free dough, but they do scrape the pizza stone between every pizza. Overall a very positive experience, but there is some risk of cross-contamination.”

@ladysouza who manages milk and wheat allergies

20. Pizza Schmizza

“So we went to Pizza Schmizza and we asked if they used any nuts. They went into the back to check the ingredients. Not just for the toppings, but the dough, cheese, and sauce! They do use a peanut sauce, but it’s a tree nut-free place!”

@wavvpv who manages tree nut allergies

21. Pizzaforte

“They have no nuts at all! We got cheese pizza and mozzarella sticks. We felt very safe.”

@wavvpv who manages tree nut allergies

22. Maruti Indian Restaurant

“This vegetarian restaurant, with many vegan options, was able to accommodate my child’s allergies to milk, egg, peanut, sesame, cashew, and pistachio. We emailed the restaurant before and they were able to clearly describe their menu and what dishes do and don’t contain our allergens. Specifically, the restaurant was egg-free! And at the time, the only use of nuts was in dessert. We enjoyed the creamy vegan tikka masala and the garlic naan.”

@whirligig who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, seed, and meat allergies

23. Escape from New York Pizza

“Completely peanut, tree nut and shellfish-free! One of the first pizza places I was able to go to. It was delicious! And extremely sweet/helpful staff.”

@delaneyhall who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies

24. Butterfly Belly Asian Cuisine

“Butterfly Belly smoothly handled 9 different food allergies and served up some amazing pho at our latest house dinner. Much of their menu is made in-house, and the waitstaff are knowledgeable and communicative. If you can have citrus, be sure to try the hand-squeezed limeade, and don’t forget the world-famous hoisin sauce while you’re at it.”

@hawkeye who manages peanut, milk, egg, and legume allergies

25. New Cascadia Traditional

Location: Portland

“100% gluten-free bakery and BEST pizza crust of my life! The pizza crust is gluten-free and vegan with the option to add vegan cheese. They also have several baked goods. Some are available dairy-free/vegan. We tried the pizza, a cinnamon roll, a maple bar, and a strawberry vegan donut.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


1. Petunia’s Pies & Pastries

“Delicious vegan baked goods! My son has egg and nut allergies and he was able to have a cupcake and snickerdoodle cookie. He was so happy! They packed his baked goods separately from the rest of our items.”

@lucy01r who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, and chicken allergies

2. Fifty Licks Ice Cream

“They make all their own ice cream. Never any nuts. Gluten-free options and vegan options. Staff was very knowledgeable. They had traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but also really unique interesting flavors like vegan golden milk. My kids picked horchata flavor. Everything we tasted was so delicious! They have biodegradable bowls and wooden spoons, or choose between a sugar cone or waffle cone. One of those was gluten-free, but I can’t remember which because I was too busy deciding which creamy vegan flavor I was going to choose! Definitely stop by if you’re in Portland.”

@skyarrish who manages a peanut allergy

3. Kyra’s Bake Shop

“Clearly labeled. Dedicated gluten-free. Nut and dairy-free options, too.”

@lvanvleet who manages who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, and shellfish allergies

4. Donut Palace

“My mom found Donut Palace through a local Facebook page and we were not disappointed. Safou, the owner, was amazing, sending us ingredient labels over emails and taking an advanced order so they wouldn’t sell out before we got there (which they usually do!). After my mom had the usual teary-eyed moment and told him this was my first real donut, he threw in a half dozen more of my choice for free! Safou was so sweet, he even ran out after us with a few more apple fritters, but our suitcases were already stuffed full. The donuts themselves were incredible and my favorites were the jelly and Boston Cream.”

@sarahmufson who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, shellfish, seed, garlic, and legume allergies

5. Salt & Straw

“Salt & Straw makes a variety of flavors with nuts, but they are happy to scoop from a separate bin and with a new scooper to prevent cross-contamination. The honey and lavender flavor is delicious!”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

6. Sesame Donuts

“We love love love this place! They have no nuts in their doughnuts! Of course, ask! But if you are coming to visit, definitely stop by the one in Beaverton!”

@wavvpv who manages tree nut allergies

7. Mikiko Mochi Donuts

“These donuts are absolutely delicious! All donuts are gluten-free, and all donuts except the breakfast sandwich are dairy-free (although that can be ordered without cheese to solve this problem). The flavors rotate regularly and I have enjoyed every donut I’ve tried. I highly recommend the Sesame & J donut!”

@ladysouza who manages milk and wheat allergies

8. Oyatsupan Bakers

“This is an amazing bakery! They have a lot of donuts with no frosting, but a lot of sugar. My youngest daughter loves their long sugar donut. It is a great place to go for a nut-free family.”

@wavvpv who manages tree nut allergies

9. Sinful Confections

“This is a very yummy bakery that is entirely gluten and dairy-free. Some recipes have eggs in them. Highly recommended!”

@vanalsty who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

10. Sarah Bellum’s Bakery & Workshop

“Dedicated peanut-free kitchen. Gluten-free and vegan options. Cupcakes with a wonderful mission. It’s founded by a local professor of psychology to help people with traumatic brain injury find purpose and jobs. Fun, safe flavors for my peanut-allergic son and the bakery is located in a cute, walkable neighborhood with other shops to explore.”

@skyarrish who manages a peanut allergy

11. Carina’s Bakery

“Allergens are clearly labeled in the pastry case. Everything is vegan, and there are many gluten-free options. The pastries rotate but the brownies are our consistent favorite.”

@whirligig who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, sesame, and beef allergies

12. Gluten Free Gem

“Everything I’ve eaten here is fantastic! The menu is 100% gluten-free, and a large portion of the menu is also either vegan or dairy-free.”

@ladysouza who manages milk and wheat allergies

13. Sweetpea Baking Co.

“Dedicated vegan bakery. They have a nut-free prep area and told me they are comfortable with nut-free and can accommodate anything except gluten/wheat-free. They did an excellent job on a birthday cake and cupcakes for a toddler. The decoration was perfect.”

@beckyf who manages tree nut, milk, and egg allergies

14. Hail Snail

“Get ready for the cutest vegan cinnamon rolls you’ll ever eat! I tried Hail Snail’s “mini-snails” and oat milk latte. Hail Snail specializes in customizable cinnamon rolls with toppings including gummy worms and apples. This shop is free of dairy, egg, and all meat products, and has several gluten-free options (however they are not a dedicated facility). Staff was knowledgeable about ingredients and cross-contamination, as peanut butter is a topping option. Toppings were individually contained in separate jars with lids on the counter. Some items do contain almond milk.”

@hawkeye who manages peanut, milk, egg, and legume allergies


1. The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Portland

“Awesome location in Portland. Their in-house restaurants can accommodate multiple food allergies. We tried both the steakhouse and the lounge. There’s tons of places to eat within walking distance, shopping and sightseeing. 5 stars!”

@allergyzealmom who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, egg, shellfish, and wheat allergies

2. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Portland

“Right next door to Baker Allergy and Asthma office. I know many people travel to see Dr. Baker and it doesn’t get more convenient than this location. We had a microwave and small refrigerator. One time, we had a corner room with a whole countertop and small kitchen sink! Ask for it! I didn’t think the staff was trained and there were not many safe options for breakfast, but we came prepared. Red Robin is safe for us and a very short distance away.”

@skyarrish who manages a peanut allergy

3. Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Downtown/RiverPlace

“Nice to have an in-room kitchen. Front desk and kitchen staff were compassionate and helpful. Almonds and walnuts are used in kitchen and breakfast buffet area, but no peanuts. Cereal was mainstream brand and labeled as such. Individual yogurts and fresh fruit. Convenient location and quiet rooms. Kids enjoyed the indoor pool and spa.”

@skyarrish who manages a peanut allergy

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