Portland Celiac Travel Guide

There’s no better place to enjoy the great outdoors than Portland, and summer is the perfect time to visit! With beautiful places to hike, bike, and kayak everywhere you turn, Oregon’s largest city is a dream destination for outdoor lovers. It’s also a haven for gluten-free dining and our guide features the 15 best places to find safe eats including naan, pizza, and even a gluten-free cider house. For your sweet tooth, we’ve got reviews for gluten-free mochi donuts, a dedicated gluten-free bakery, and a gluten-free and vegan ice cream shop.

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1. Bang Bang

“This restaurant is amazing for Thai food! It is completely free of peanuts, dairy, and gluten. I believe the only nut they use is cashews. They are happy to make any other dietary accommodations you need. It was the first time I was able to have spring rolls!”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

2. Schilling Cider House Portland

“An overwhelming number of gluten-free ciders at this 100% gluten-free joint. So good. And OMG, the food?! Loaded tater tots, corn dogs, grilled cheese. And yes, it’s all celiac-safe.”

@gfreebasicb who manages celiac

3. Ground Breaker Brewing and Gastropub

“The first 100% gluten-free brewery! The most popular beer is the IPA No. 5 but they have tons of other beer on tap. All of the beers are vegan, too!”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

4. Slappy Cakes

“Great options. Make your own pancakes at your table! Beware of cross-contamination. Bring your own allergy-friendly chocolate.”

@booeat who manages celiac and milk, egg, wheat, and barley allergies

5. Tacovore

“A dedicated gluten-free taco spot in Portland. Tons of tacos, salads, and bowl options. My favorite was the carne asada taco! Most tacos can be made dairy-free with the cashew crema.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

6. Honey Butter Country Fare

“100% gluten-free food truck with tons of dairy-free and vegan options. One of the BEST places I have ever eaten. Gluten-free and vegan fried funnel cakes, gluten-free corn dogs with a vegan meat option, Frito pies, and frozen dipped bananas.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

7. Zilla Sake

“100% gluten-free sushi spots can be hit-or-miss because of the fish quality. But Zilla is INCREDIBLE. The fish is so fresh and high-quality, the sake is great, zero anxiety with cross-contamination. And obviously, they use tamari for everything.”

@gfreebasicb who manages celiac

8. Mutantis Brewery & Bottle Shop

“100% gluten-free brewery and bottle shop located in Portland. Tons of unique gluten-free beers on tap, as well as bottles/cans from the other local 100% gluten-free breweries such as Evasion, Bierly, Moonshrimp, and Ground Breaker.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

9. The Whole Bowl

“A solid lunch spot in Portland for a 100% gluten-free warm bowl of rice, beans, veggies, avocado, any sauce you want, and cheese. So good!”

@gfreebasicb who manages celiac

10. Flourish Plant-Based Kitchen

Location: Portland

“Everything is so yummy! The menu is 100% gluten-free and vegan! So nice to not have to be concerned about cross-contamination.”

@hnanner who manages celiac and milk, egg, soy, and wheat allergies

11. Blind Onion Pizza & Pub

“Safe nut-free and gluten-free pizza. The gluten-free crust is really good! They also have vegan pizza with Daiya cheese. Not sure about crust cross-contamination.”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

12. Maruti Indian Restaurant

“Y’all, they have gluten-free naan. And it is soft and delicious. Is it really Indian food if you don’t get naan? They do use a shared fried for the pakora, but the staff let me know it was not safe for celiac. The entire menu is vegetarian or vegan, so it’s a great spot if you have multiple food restrictions.”

@reavey who manages celiac

13. McCormick & Shmick’s Harborside at the Marina

“Excellent place to go with allergies. They are very cautious and conscientious about making sure food is safe. The steak we ordered accidentally had butter added (my son has a major dairy allergy) and the server noticed and had them remake it. She said sometimes they will scrape the allergen off if that happens and recook it, so it’s really important to tell your server about your allergens and they will take very good care of your food and you! We were late finding dinner and ended up getting a great view of the water and boats, in addition to having a really delicious and safe meal.”

@cstrickland who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and egg allergies

14. Mox Boarding House

“This was a magical treat of a find! If you enjoy games of any sort and an amazing atmosphere in a very allergen-friendly restaurant, this is a gem. I called ahead to check on whether they could accomodate our allergies and they said they had several gluten-free/vegan options and the only nuts I think they said they have are pine nuts (which my son isn’t allergic to). Amazing menu and service–so welcoming! My son ordered the tacos for lunch and we had gluten-free and vegan donut holes for dessert. There was at least one other apple crisp with an oat ice cream option (and I think others). We had a lovely, as close to worry-free experience as I have ever had eating out with allergies! All the stars and hats off to this team.”

@cstrickland who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and egg allergies

15. New Cascadia Traditional

“100% gluten-free bakery and BEST pizza crust of my life! The pizza crust is gluten-free and vegan with the option to add vegan cheese. They also have several baked goods. Some are available dairy-free or vegan. We tried the pizza, a cinnamon roll, a maple bar, and a strawberry vegan donut.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


1. Mikiko Mochi Donuts

“100% gluten-free mochi donuts? YES! They’re lighter than the typical yeast donut, so you can most definitely eat more than one at a time! 6 unique flavors of mochi donuts, and they’re all so good.”

@gfreebasicb who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

2. Kate’s Ice Cream

“100% plant based and gluten-free ice cream shop with some really fun flavors and they let you sample before deciding. I got the mint chocolate fudge and triple brownie, which was an excellent combo. You can also get an ice cream sandwich or warm brownie sundae, and they have ice cream cakes to-go.”

@reavey who manages celiac

3. Salt & Straw

“Salt & Straw makes a variety of flavors with nuts, but they are happy to scoop from a separate bin with a new scooper to prevent cross-contamination. The honey and lavender flavor is delicious!”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

4. Sinful Confections

“This is a very yummy bakery that is entirely gluten and dairy-free. Some recipes have eggs in them. Highly recommended!”

@vanalsty who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


1. Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront

“I heard a rumor that the head chef has celiac or a child with celiac. They’re so great about accommodating celiac-safe food and know all about cross-contamination.”

@gfreebasicb who manages celiac

2. The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Portland

“Awesome location in Portland. Their in-house restaurants can accommodate multiple food allergies. We tried both the steakhouse and the lounge. There’s tons of places to eat within walking distance, shopping and sightseeing. 5 stars!”

@allergyzealmom who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, egg, shellfish, and wheat allergies

3. Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Downtown/Pearl District

“I always love Residence Inn because of the kitchen in-room, but I was also very impressed by the breakfast at this hotel. Peanut butter was only provided in packets (no risk of cross-contact), gf bread was available in individual packaging, and they also had gluten-free waffle batter with a designated machine! I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the set up! I did notice some tree nuts out as oatmeal toppings. Staff were very accommodating and helpful.”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and tree nut allergies

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