Charleston Allergy-Friendly Travel Guide

Miles of sandy beaches, cobblestone streets lined with colorful historic homes, and delicious Southern food—you’ll find it all in Charleston. The city’s allergy-friendly dining scene is as rich as its history, making it the perfect destination for an end-of-summer getaway or Labor Day weekend trip. Our Charleston Travel Guide features the 38 best places to find safe BBQ, biscuits made from scratch, nut-free cinnamon rolls, and that world famous Southern hospitality, of course!


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1. Magnolias

“Such a gem of a restaurant! They have a huge and delicious gluten-free menu upon request that had most of the main entrees. The waiter was very knowledgeable and the food was wonderful. Highly recommend.”

@passthetreats who manages a wheat allergy


“Basic Kitchen is amazing! Their ingredients are super clean and locally sourced and the staff is well educated on dietary restrictions and allergies. They also can do modifications! The sweet potato fries are the best and I love the Basic Bowl with chicken!”

@ashgrove27 who manages celiac and milk, egg, wheat, and meat allergies

3. Slightly North of Broad Restaurant

“The waiter was very accommodating regarding our soy and dairy allergies. They helped guide me through the menu and gave advice on what I could and could not eat.”

@cmccue who manages milk, soy, and legume allergies

4. Tavern & Table

“This is my second time coming here and the food is always amazing! I always mention my allergy to our server and they make sure the kitchen is aware! Highly recommend! We got the pizza, burger and fries, crab and artichoke dip, ahi tuna bowl, and pretzel!”

@liarw who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

5. Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

“While the menu doesn’t specify allergens, the staff here is fantastic with dealing with allergies! You can’t go wrong with any of the grilled fish options, and you have to get the oysters here!”

@jtchambers222 who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, and pea allergies

6. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

“I alerted the staff of my nut allergies and they made sure to call it out on my order! Great biscuits.”

@mjflip19 who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

7. Rodney Scott’s BBQ

“They had an allergy menu to reference all items. Almost everything was dairy-free and absolutely delicious BBQ.”

@rubyred07 who manages milk and fish allergies

8. 5Church Charleston

“They were super helpful and the food was delicious!”

@esme28 who manages peanut, tree nut, and seed allergies

9. 82 Queen

“This restaurant is a quintessential Charleston spot, and they have a good number of gluten-free options (that are marked on the menu), which doesn’t normally happen! If you are gluten-free, you have to get the jambalaya. There were very few nuts on the menu, which is also great!”

@jtchambers222 who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, and pea allergies

10. Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar

“We called in advance to ask about food allergies and were told they do not have any peanuts or products unsafe for peanut allergies on site. Waitress was also really nice and helpful when informing her of our preschooler’s food allergy. He enjoyed his usual chicken tenders and French fries.”

@heidi who manages a peanut allergy

11. Millers All Day

“The food is amazing and they make all the food from scratch! The cinnamon roll was amazing and nut-free, and so were the biscuits!”

@izzytri12 who manages tree nut, salmon, and sesame allergies

12. Husk

“Definitely some allergy roadblocks here but the staff is super nice and can help you navigate the menu. When in doubt, ask if something can be substituted. Now into the food…there is a reason this place is so highly regarded. Absolutely amazing. A must-try!”

@edenc4 who manages soy, carrot, and fruit allergies

13. MESU

“Mexican food AND sushi?! Say no more! MESU had delicious food and a great atmosphere. Everything that can be made gluten-free is marked on the menu. Tell the waitress you have a “gluten allergy” and they will follow a safe protocol to avoid cross-contact! They even have a fun gong to hit if you are celebrating a birthday or bachelorette.”

@gflongisland who manages celiac

14. Lewis Barbecue

“Another fantastic barbecue place in the area. A must-visit. I highly recommend. The staff is super knowledgeable and more than happy to answer allergy questions.”

@edenc4 who manages soy, carrot, and fruit allergies

15. The Darling Oyster Bar

“Fun place with an awesome menu! We sat at the oyster bar, which was a great experience! The staff was awesome with my allergens and alerted the kitchen once I told them!”

@mjflip19 who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

16. Charleston Beer Works

“One of the few breweries I’ve been to that does not use peanut oil for some of their fried foods! Like any brewery, I would make sure to ask about cross-contamination. Because we were just dealing with a gluten allergy, we didn’t ask a ton about this.”

@shelt1ol who manages celiac

17. Clerks Coffee Company

“Sun-filled coffee shop in the lobby of the Emeline hotel, but also known to be one the best coffee shops in Charleston. Easy to order a safe drink and lots of breakfast and lunch options without nuts—the only thing I saw that could have nuts was their granola. Some baked goods, FYI, but I didn’t see any nuts in them when we were there. I’d feel comfortable recommending and would definitely go back!”

@susie who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

18. Indaco

“Great Italian food! There are peanuts/tree nuts on the menu, but our waitress made sure our food would not be in contact with any of our allergens. We ordered Margherita pizzas, focaccia bread, and the burrata (without the pistachio!).”

@liarw who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

19. Caviar & Bananas – Gourmet Market & Cafe

“This is the cutest spot to grab a salad, sandwich, bagel, coffee, etc. They are peanut-free and only have almonds and walnuts as toppings. I saw they also have another location at the airport!”

@susie who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

20. Jackrabbit Filly

“We went for Sunday brunch. They were very accommodating with my son’s dairy, peanut, and tree nut allergies. He was able to eat multiple dishes.”

@mreyes21 who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies

21. Blind Tiger Pub

“Amazing waitress who took precautions without me even asking for certain things. The food was so good! They got me different bread so there was no cross-contamination with sesame.”

@izzytri12 who manages tree nut, salmon, and sesame allergies

22. Bodega Todo

“AMAZING! The menu is 99% gluten-free (they just also serve regular buns as well as gluten-free buns for the sandwiches). The fried chicken is so flavorful and delicious and the fries are like the McDonald’s kind. They also have a wide range of options like tacos, brussels sprouts, etc. Very casual, but super wonderful place.”

@passthetreats who manages a wheat allergy

23. FIG

“I have eaten at a lot of places but the Bouillabaisse (not safe for people with shellfish allergy!) has been the best dish I have ever had. There is a reason why you need to make a reservation a month out. The staff asks you before you even order if you have any allergies. Never had a problem eating here. HIGHLY recommend.”

@edenc4 who manages soy, carrot, and fruit allergies

24. Halls Chophouse

“We ate here once for a steak dinner and once for a gospel Sunday brunch. Both times I spoke to the chef via phone ahead of time and was impressed with their knowledge and dedication to my daughter eating there safely. They ensured her meals were safe and she enjoyed feeling fancy! It’s a very nice restaurant and I was nervous bringing small children but they welcomed them warmly and luckily, the kids were angels! The food is delicious and we will definitely return the next time we are in Charleston.”

@lattelauren who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

25. Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q

“This place had a DEDICATED ALLERGY MENU. They are very well-educated and my daughter loves the children’s grilled cheese and the cheddar muffins they put out before the meal. This entire chain is fantastic and also just delicious.”

@lattelauren who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

26. Saltwater Cowboys

“Such helpful staff that even gave me plastic silverware to be extra cautious! Nachos were amazing!”

@izzytri12 who manages tree nut, salmon, and sesame allergies

27. Verde

“I had an amazing experience at Verde! The staff was very educated and accommodating. They had all of the ingredients in an additional separate area for those who are worried about cross-contamination. Most additives were allergen-friendly and their falafel was gluten-free and vegan! So so good! 10/10.”

@sarahwoods who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

28. Queology Barbecue

“The waiter was very knowledgeable. I gave him my allergy card and he took it straight to the chef and said they don’t use any of my allergies. I felt safe.”

@amorsy who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, seed and grain allergies

30. Bricks on Boundary

“Another nut-free kitchen in Beaufort with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I ordered the burger and they were very adamant about being a nut-free kitchen, which made me feel comfortable ordering.”

@theallergictab who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, legume allergies


1. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

“Some of the best ice cream I’ve had. SO many of their flavors are gluten-free and they have a decent amount of vegan flavors as well. I’ve been to this location twice and I love how I can order it online or get it at Whole Foods.”

@edenc4 who manages soy, carrot, and fruit allergies

2. Off Track Ice Cream

“Had multiple vegan ice cream flavors. Changed gloves and got a new scoop to avoid cross-contamination. I enjoyed the peanut butter fudge ice cream without getting sick!”

@rubyred07 who manages milk and fish allergies

3. OMG Candy Store

“This is a super cute candy story with typical bins, but also a whole wall of packaged candy with a lot of mainstream brands like Dots, Mike and Ike’s, Haribo, etc. A lot of the bins have wrapped items like Starbursts—a great find!”

@susie who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

4. The Pineapple Hut

“My new favorite stop in Folly Beach! They use the vegan pineapple Dole Whip and it’s so refreshing. You can order the whip in a pineapple, which is so unique! They had a sign saying they are nut-free, gluten-free, and vegan! Highly recommend after a long beach day!”

@avawisniewski who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


1. The Restoration

“Been to Charleston twice and this is the only hotel I will stay at. Expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for. A super friendly and helpful staff, and great rooms (ours had a kitchen). They send up a breakfast basket in the morning, which for me, I had no problem eating what was inside (a few pastries, some fruit, etc.) The location is in the center of everything. Highly recommend checking them out.”

@edenc4 who manages soy, carrot, and fruit allergies

2. Belmond Charleston Place

“The Charleston Grill in the hotel did an excellent job cooking for my son with a tree nut and milk allergy. The chef came to our table and made us feel right at home. 5 star dining and service!! Beautiful hotel!!”

@rchanen70 who manages tree nut and milk allergies

3. Courtyard by Marriott Charleston Mt. Pleasant

“Very very clean hotel with a mini fridge in room. Located close to allergy-friendly restaurant, Jim N Nick.”

@lattelauren who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

4. Courtyard by Marriott Charleston Historic District

“This hotel is in a great location and there are a few suites with a mini fridge and microwave in the room, as well as a full-sized dining table.”

@lattelauren who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

5. Emeline

“Loved this hotel! Absolutely stunning and they have one of the best coffee shops and restaurants—super allergy-aware. Although we did not stay with our daughter with food allergies, I would 100% stay here with her and recommend as a hotel with options to safely eat at. Great vibe and location too.”

@susie who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

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