Allergy-Friendly Key West Guide

Key West is the perfect place to relax with its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and year-round tropical climate. See our Allergy-Friendly Key West Guide featuring restaurants that can accommodate shellfish allergies, the best key lime pie on the island that’s also nut and sesame-free, and a hotel room with a full kitchen.


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Outback Steakhouse

“Jose was wonderful with my peanut and tree nut-allergy. He made sure my food was going to be safe. He told us that they take allergies very seriously. My grilled chicken was delicious!”

@sophramo, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


“Separate frier for french fries. Gluten-free bread. Separate grill from beef for chicken. Staff very knowledgeable about allergens.”

@bethlangley1, who manages celiac and milk, egg, wheat, fruit, grain, beef and chocolate allergies

Conch Republic Seafood Company

“Great seafood spot with a scratch menu. Waiter was knowledgeable and said ‘we have a clear allergy protocol’ when I presented my allergy card. He promptly consulted with the kitchen and confirmed no peanuts and no peanut oil (vegetable oil). He came back a second time to confirm vegetable oil was more precisely soybean oil, which is safe for me. My meal was excellent and safe (garden salad topped with fresh grilled mahi mahi).”

@ericrosenkranz, who manages peanut, tree nut, kiwi, and legume allergies

First Flight Island Restaurant & Brewery

“First Flight has a great staff! Even the host assured me that they would take good care of my allergy. Our server was so nice and very knowledgeable about what I could have. Another place I can’t have anything fried because of cross-contamination, but that was fine. I had a great tuna dish and will be dining there again based on my entire experience! It’s also such a nice atmosphere, lots of trees, and across the way is Hank’s, so you get some live music!”

@ksalina, who manages a shellfish allergy


“Fogarty’s is under the same umbrella as several restaurants on Key West, and all of them have incredible allergy protocols! The staff is knowledgeable, even down to the ones bringing out the meals. My parents got their food first, and the girl that brought theirs said your allergy meal will be out soon. And then, soon after, the manager brought out my dish and reiterated that it was carefully prepared. I love how safe I felt the entire time! I had the three-cheese pasta, and wow, it was really good! Fogarty’s is attached to Flying Monkey, so you can get some awesome frozen drinks too while you have dinner. Such a great place, I definitely recommend!”

@ksalina, who manages a shellfish allergy

Hot Tin Roof Restaurant

“Before making a reservation, we got confirmation from the restaurant that they would be able to accommodate a severe shellfish allergy. Once we were there, I felt comfortable and safe, and once our server found out about my allergy, he promptly took the note to bring back to the kitchen. He also asked me what I was thinking of getting so that he could ensure it wasn’t a dish that would have the possibility of cross-contamination. We started with the roasted cauliflower and garlic bread (which has a garlic manchego butter—to die for!). And I had their salmon for my main dish. Our server even triple checked with the kitchen that the salmon would be okay for me to have. I would definitely come back here again. Allergens are taken seriously, the food and service are great, and the atmosphere is upscale but relaxed.”

@ksalina, who manages a shellfish allergy

Onlywood Pizzeria Trattoria

“I’m so glad I was able to eat safely here. The atmosphere is great, the staff is so friendly, and the food is delicious! We shared the burratina prosciutto di Parma e rucola, fettuccine alla bolognese, margherita pizza, and salsiccia pizza. All was so yummy!”

@ksalina, who manages a shellfish allergy


Key West Key Lime Pie Co.

“When you go to Key West, Florida, the number one thing you have to get is a key lime pie! Desserts can be tough with a nut allergy, especially when there are a TON of key lime pie storefronts in one area. Feeling overwhelmed? Luckily for you, I went to all of them so you don’t have to! Key Lime Pie Co. is the ONLY key lime pie store that made me feel confident in their allergen practices. While I didn’t try their chocolate-dipped key lime pie out of an abundance of caution, I was perfectly confident eating their fresh key lime pie with whipped cream! The rest of my family tried some other places that weren’t safe for me, but they all agreed that Key Lime Pie Co. was the tastiest! Feel confident eating this Key West specialty on your next vacation.”

@kqwright5, who manages peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies


Santa Maria Suites Resort

“Rooms are immaculate and well-appointed. The kitchen is full with high-end appliances (sub-zero fridge and freezer, etc), and pots and pans are in great condition and super clean. I’ve stayed in many places with kitchens and have never seen such a clean environment. Walking distance to most key west attractions on Duval Street.”

@ericrosenkranz, who manages peanut, tree nut, kiwi, and legume allergies

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