14 Allergy-Friendly German Restaurants

It’s Oktoberfest and if you can’t make it to Munich, celebrate at a local German restaurant! Our guide features the most allergy friendly German restaurant in 4 countries including the U.S, Switzerland, Austria and Germany (of course!). See where you can find vegan schnitzel, a 100% gluten-free restaurant, and more!


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Edelweiss Biergarten

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

“This was our first time dining at this very authentic German restaurant. They clearly have ‘please discuss any allergies with your server’ written at the bottom of the menu. The server was very familiar with allergies and said that none of the dishes off the main menu contained nuts. She even checked the oil used in the fryer, which was corn oil. They only have a couple of desserts containing nuts, otherwise the menu is nut free! A great way to escape safely in our own city!”

@lbedwell who manages tree nut allergies


Schmankerl Stube

Location: Hagerstown, Maryland

“Separate menu with multiple items to choose from. Delicious entrees. My sister is very sensitive and can eat here. Authentic German Food!”

@cindy2 who manages celiac and milk allergies



Location: Columbus, Ohio

“A historic restaurant in German Village! They use soybean oil, and their menu is labeled for nut allergens. Lindey’s speaks so much to the unique character of Columbus, Ohio.”

@alyssabauder who manages peanut allergies


Allergiker Café

Location: Vienna, Austria

“As the name suggests, Allergiker Cafe is a great place for people with allergies! A purely gluten-free restaurant with a beautiful interior and classical music events, Allergiker Cafe has traditional Viennese sweets for vegans and people with nut allergies. Two notes: the owner did, however, warn me that almonds are present in the kitchen. I also don’t remember seeing an English menu, but there are allergy icons, and the owner and waiters speak both German and English.”

@nutfreefun who manages tree nut allergies

Gaststätte Pistauer

Location: Vienna, Austria

“Schnitzel here is so good, and all soups are dairy-free!”

@toriwong who manages tree nut, peanut, and milk allergies


Alten Limpurg

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

“German restaurant with no nuts! Super easy and centrally located in old town Frankfurt.”

@lbedwell who manages tree nut allergies

Bohne & Malz am Stachus

Location: Munich, Germany

“I had the Viennese schnitzel here, and it was a great experience! The menu had additives like phosphate, sulphates, dyes, and other preservatives noted. The menu also was very clear about what specific items had allergens. For example, the Viennese schnitzel had gluten in the breaded meat itself, so the allergen notation was next to the meat description. I ordered the schnitzel without breading. The schnitzel came with fries and a side salad. I’m so grateful I was able to have a traditional German dish, modified to fit my dietary needs!”

@passportmemoirs who manages tree nut, sesame, fruit, and celiac allergies

Nuernberger Bratwurst Gloeckl am Dom

Location: Munich, Germany

“Some items on the English menu were marked with an allergen key. It was a little hard to decipher. I got ribs and stuck to something that was naturally gluten-free. It was great. We sat outside and had lunch here.”

@kaylacappiello who manages celiac and tree nut and milk allergies

Paulaner am Dom

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

“Limited to no nuts on the menu and plenty of safe options. Popular German restaurant in Old Town!”

@lbedwell who manages tree nut allergies

Reissdorf am Hahnentor

Location: Cologne, Germany

“I was a bit nervous to experience a restaurant without an English menu in a new cuisine. However, I got the schnitzel and the Himmel un Ad (black pudding with mashed potatoes, apple sauce, roasted onions) and it was delicious! Our server also spoke english. I felt really grateful for Google translate and really happy that I got to experience new cuisine.”

@hsafron who manages peanut, tree nut, chickpea, pea, and lentil allergies

Schiller Bräu

Location: Munich, Germany

“I had the pork schnitzel, and it was amazing! The staff made my schnitzel gluten-free by not breading it. The schnitzel came with cranberries and a side of crispy fries. This was a local brew house, but I enjoyed a glass of wine. This was my favorite restaurant in Munich because the food was delicious, they accommodated my allergies, and the ambiance was super cool. The aesthetic is very warm, cozy, and welcoming. Make reservations in advance!”

@passportmemoirs who manages tree nut, sesame, fruit, and celiac allergies


Location: Berlin, Germany

“Gluten-free, vegan schnitzel!!! So much fun and the best meal I had during my 3 weeks around Europe. The place was beautiful, and they were so accommodating. I couldn’t recommend more!”

@lira9497 who manages celiac allergies


Bergrestaurant Allmend

Location: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

“We stopped here mid-run while skiing from Klein Scheidegg to Wengen. Waitress was lovely and spoke perfect English. We also showed her our German allergy card. She confirmed that the rosti, bacon, cheese, onion and fried egg contained no other ingredients and would be safe for peanut and tree nut allergies. Our daughter loved getting to eat traditional food, and it was a beautiful place to grab lunch while skiing.”

@jennthoman who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Restaurant Franz

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

“We ate salads to start and omitted the seeds on top out of precaution. Weiner schnitzel meal was delicious and nut free. The server was very well-educated on allergies and informed the kitchen when we placed our order of our allergy concerns. Delicious food with a great view of the lake. Highly recommend! We found that restaurants within hotels tended to be better informed regarding allergy precautions.”

@deemulleder who manages tree nut, peanut, apple, pea, and lentil allergies

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