Allergy-Friendly Ireland Travel Guide


St. Patrick’s day has us dreaming of Ireland with its stunning cliffs, green landscapes and lively pubs. Ireland makes for a great allergy-friendly travel destination as an English-speaking country that requires restaurants to note top 14 allergens on their menus. You’ll feel like you found the pot of gold with our Allergy-Friendly Ireland Travel Guide, featuring reviews of restaurants and hotels from Dublin to Galway highlighting safe fish + chips, vegan potato skins, and fun pubs to grab a pint. You’ll be feeling the luck of the Irish with reviews from Spokin users managing celiac and allergies to peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, sesame, and more.


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1. Avoca Suffolk Street

Location: Dublin

“Ate here with my mom and sister and had a fantastic lunch! Food is fresh and could easily find gluten-free and dairy-free options! Love the cute atmosphere, it is located above the Avoca retail shop which is also fun to check out!”

@paigeflory, who manages milk, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies

2. The Front Door

Location: Galway

“The Front Door is a fun pub in Galway! Pretty young crowd and often has live Irish music. There are several bars throughout the pub so usually easy to get a drink. I ate here one time and had the nicest waiter!”

@reganh, who manages milk, egg, and mushroom allergies

3. Beshoff Bros

Location: Multiple locations in Dublin

“Excellent fried fish and chips with Nima tested garlic mayo and tartar sauce on two separate occasions!”

@trish99, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

4. McSwiggans Restaurant & Café Bar

Location: Galway

“Went here with a big group with several food-allergic people. All of our food came out great and everyone loved their meals! Very cool restaurant with knowledgeable waitstaff!”

@reganh, who manages milk, egg, and mushroom allergies

5. Blake’s Bar

Location: Galway

“Blake’s Bar is delicious and allergy friendly! It’s a great dinner option in Galway. They had gluten-free options. The wait staff ensured my meal was free from my allergens. I had a great experience at Blake’s Bar and cant wait to go back!”

@passportmemoirs, who manages tree nut, sesame, avocado, fruit, and celiac-gluten allergies

6. The Bloody Stream

Location: Howth

“This is such a great spot for my family when we go to Ireland! The staff is so helpful, and there is always something we can eat. They are very understanding.”

@lanielou18, who manages a milk allergy

7. Busker Brownes

Location: Galway

“Great food and a fun bar for college aged kids later at night! I’ve eaten several meals here and the menu is clearly marked. They have some good vegan options for dairy/egg-allergic people!”

@reganh, who manages milk, egg, and mushroom allergies

8. Cronin’s Restaurant

Location: Killarney

“Nima tested gluten-free for a plain trout with steamed vegetable lunch. Ordered without the sauce just to be safe.”

@trish99, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

9. The King’s Head Bistro

Location: Galway

“Great pub with a fun atmosphere in downtown Galway! My friends and I mostly go here just for drinks which is super safe but I have eaten here before with my food-allergic friend and we had no problems!”

@reganh, who manages milk, egg, and mushroom allergies

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10. Danny Mac’s

Location: Lahinch

“Allergen legend on menu! Perfect spot to warm up and enjoy some great fish and chips after nearly blowing off the Cliffs of Moher.”

@leah, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

11. Elephant & Castle

Location: Dublin

“Great brunch with limited peanuts and nuts.”

@jbass12, who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies

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12. Fishermans Chip Shop

Location: Clogher

“Had some really good fish and chips!”

@danielles, who manages peanut, tree nut, soy, legume, and lupin allergies


13. Knox’s Pub

Location: Ennis

“The menu had an allergen legend that corresponded with every dish—super cool and helpful!”

@leah, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


14. Nando’s St. Andrew’s Street

Location: Dublin

“Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. There are nuts at the counter, where you order. But they have a cover over the bowl. There are no nuts in the kitchen. They have an extensive allergen menu. Food is spicy, from mild to hot. Grilled chicken, wings, salad, and chip place. Fresh salads do have seeds. Food is delicious. Atmosphere is relaxing and hip—right off beautiful Grafton Street, Dublin City.”

@suekelly, who manages peanut, tree nut, and celiac-gluten allergies

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15. The Old Stand

Location: Shanagolden

This was the first place I trusted to eat with my egg allergy! I had the best dining experience with my family. I have gone a few times and the staff is the best!”

@blackcastle31, who manages egg, crab, celery, and pineapple allergies

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16. Porterhouse Restaurant

Location: Killarney

“Ate here twice and ordered the vegan potato skins both times. After testing the dish with the Nima sensor both times, it always resulted in a smiley face, meaning gluten-free.”

@trish99, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

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17. The Quay Street Kitchen

Location: Galway

“Ate here on two occasions! Had a steak one night and vegan lasagna another. Highly recommend!”

@trish99, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

18. Milano – Blanchardstown

Location: Galway

“All of the Milano restaurants have super clearly marked menus! And great pizza they also have a special vegan menu which is super helpful for those with dairy and egg allergies.”

@reganh, who manages milk, egg, and mushroom allergies

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19. Queen of Tarts Cow’s Lane

Location: Dublin

“This is my favorite restaurant in Dublin! It is so tasty and allergy-friendly! The waitress checked with the chef to ensure the meal I ordered was free of my allergens. They also have a variety of vegetarian options. This is a must visit if you’re in Dublin!”

@passportmemoirs, who manages tree nut, sesame, avocado, fruit, and celiac-gluten allergies

20. Camden Kitchen

Location: Dublin

“Had dinner at this restaurant and was pleased with the waitstaff for helping us find a safe meal for our daughter. Our children split the pork chop and safe vegetables were made on the side without butter. She is peanut, gluten, egg, and dairy-free.”

@trvlallergymum, who manages a peanut allergy

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21. 1900

Location: St. Kevin’s

“We stopped in to this restaurant for lunch and were pleased with the waitstaff’s willingness to speak with the chef about preparing a meal for our daughter. For lunch today, she had plain chicken wings with a side of honey, guacamole, and sweet potato fries.”

@trvlallergymom, who manages a peanut allergy


1. Arlington Hotel

Location: Dublin

“Ate here with my family for the Celtic Nights dinner and show in December 2018. The menu clearly indicates which dishes contain any of the top 14 allergens. There is an entire page on the menu dedicated to allergen information and the staff is trained to have the chef adapt dishes, if asked.”

@kellymccready, who manages a peanut allergy


2. Butler Arms Hotel

Location: Waterville

“Ate at the hotel cafe, which has an absolute stunning view! On top of that, my mom was able to eat a delicious creamy soup that was gluten-free and served gluten-free toast on the side. She was so excited!”

@paigeflory, who manages milk, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies


3. Waterford Castle Hotel & Golf Resort

Location: Waterford

“I stayed here with my family in December 2018. The menu very clearly lays out 14 common allergens and uses a numbering system to identify which dishes contain which allergens. The staff are extremely helpful for any and all dietary needs.”

@kellymccready, who manages a peanut allergy

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