Hawaii Allergy-Friendly Travel Itinerary


Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I’m a food allergy mom to my daughter, Penelope, who is allergic to eggs and peanuts. Last summer, we took a family trip to Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii and stayed at The Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. We loved everything about that destination and resort so much that we decided to revisit Waikoloa Beach and stay at that exact same resort this summer!  During our week-long stay, we enjoyed all the wonderful pools and the beach right outside the resort! Our go-to restaurants when visiting Hawaii are Tommy Bahama, Kona Brewing Company, Willie’s Hot Chicken, and Hawaii Calls. If you are looking to enjoy some dessert while enjoying the beautiful beach views of Hawaii, then be sure to dine at Lava Lava Beach Club. Follow me on the Spokin app @nmarie and on Instagram @_natalie__marie_ to see more of my reviews from our Hawaii trip!


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Airline: Hawaiian Airlines

The staff working the front desk were very helpful, nice, and accommodating. They were understanding about my daughter’s food allergies and allowed us to pre-board in order for us to wipe down the seats, trays, etc. The only snacks offered on this airline were cookies, which contained eggs. The meal served on the flight also contained egg but the chips that came with the meal were egg and peanut-free, which my daughter enjoyed. We had a great experience flying with this airline and we would fly this airline again.

Hotel: Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort + Spa

My family and I LOVE this hotel. This hotel is surrounded by such beautiful views and is located on the beach (which, by the way, is breathtaking). This resort has an infinity pool, a children’s pool, and a pool with a slide. All the pools are heated and it’s the absolute best. Also, the children’s pool has a sand/beach area which is really fun and entertaining for the kids. The rooms are very nice, clean, and spacious. The rooms have mini fridges, which is really convenient because we stock up on safe food for my daughter. This hotel also has a restaurant and my daughter has been able to have some safe food options. The restaurant staff are educated and always accommodating in making safe meals for my daughter. We have always had such a wonderful stay at this resort.

Lunch: Willie’s Hot Chicken

The chicken strips here are so good! My daughter loves to eat here. We always order her the kids chicken tenders served with a side of waffle fries. The staff here are always so helpful and patient.

Treat: Lava Lava Beach Club

This restaurant is such a gem. It’s located on the beach and the views are gorgeous. We love that this restaurant is about a 10 minute walk from our hotel. The walk to this restaurant is always beautiful and enjoyable.


Lunch: Hawaii Calls Restaurant

The staff at this restaurant are always very nice, patient, and accommodating. This restaurant is located inside the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort.

Dinner: Tommy Bahama Restaurant + Bar

This is one of our favorite restaurants! This restaurant is also just a 10 minute drive from our hotel. Restaurant staff are always understanding and very knowledgeable in handling our daughter’s food allergies. When we first dined here, as we waited to get seated, the hostess grabbed a kids menu and took it to the back and asked the chef what was safe for our daughter to eat. She brought back the menu and circled all the food items that were safe to order and even noted swaps we could do to make a certain food item safe. This was so helpful because it saved us time when ordering. When we were seated, the server already knew of our daughters food allergies and still made sure the food we ordered was safe.

Coffee: Aka’ula Lanai

Love that there is a coffee shop located in the lobby of our hotel. Every morning I would grab coffee here and a slice of banana bread for myself.


Breakfast: Aka’ula Lanai

This coffee shop does offer some great safe options for my daughter such as the fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, and yogurt. Our daughter enjoyed the fruit smoothies and yogurt for breakfast.

Lunch: Kona Brewing Co.

This is one of our go-to stops when visiting Hawaii. The staff here are always so patient, understanding, and knowledgeable when serving families with food allergies. Servers always inform the kitchen staff about our daughter’s allergens and always make sure that the cheese pizza we order for our daughter is egg and peanut-free. My daughter always enjoys eating her cheese pizza here.

Dinner: Hawaii Calls Restaurant

The staff was amazing and accommodated my daughter by making her some grilled chicken served with a side of fries. She loved it!

Treat: Lava Lava Beach Club

This restaurant is our go-to dessert place. We always order the yummy and refreshing sorbet for my daughter. Even though safe food options are limited at this restaurant, we still enjoyed dining here because of the experience.


Breakfast: Aka’ula Lanai

This coffee shop is perfect for a perfect grab-and-go breakfast! We would get our order and head to either the beach or pool.

Lunch: Tommy Bahama Restaurant + Bar

Our daughter always orders the grilled chicken served with a side of fries. Also, the dinner rolls and cinnamon butter spread are egg and peanut-free and oh so good! We always have such a great dining experience here, all thanks to the wonderful staff and beautiful atmosphere.

Treat: Lava Lava Beach Club

The view here is amazing and my littles ones would enjoy the beach while waiting for our dessert to come out since this restaurant allows you to wear your swimsuit. It’s a must to check out this restaurant.


Lunch: Kona Brewing Co.

We had another lunch at Kona Brewing Co.!

Dinner: Hawaii Calls Restaurant

What we love about this restaurant is that you don’t have to sit down at the restaurant to enjoy their food. A poolside server from the restaurant would walk alongside the pool daily to take your order for the restaurant. This was so convenient because we were able to enjoy meals and cocktails while not having to leave the pool.

Coffee: Aka’ula Lanai

We got coffee at Aka’ula Lanai!

Treat: Puna Chocolate Company + Cafe

We love chocolate, especially chocolate that is egg and peanut-free! We stopped by this shop after dining at Kona Brewery, since it’s next door to the brewery. It smelled absolutely delicious upon walking into the shop. The lady who greeted us was so sweet. She handed us some samples and showed us which chocolate bars would be safe for our daughter. The chocolate is made in the shop and you are able to see the chocolate being mixed. My daughter picked out a milk chocolate bar for herself and she loved it!


Breakfast: Aka’ula Lanai

We grabbed breakfast at Aka’ula Lanai again!

Lunch: Willie’s Hot Chicken

We had lunch at Willie’s Hot Chicken again before heading home.

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