St. Petersburg Celiac-Safe Travel Guide

Our celiac-safe St. Petersburg guide features the best places to eat in one of Florida’s most popular vacation spots! See all of our St. Petersburg reviews on the Spokin app!

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Craft Kafe

“100% gluten-free facility with not only the BEST staff but also the BEST food and pastries around! I’m a regular customer and plan to be for years to come.”
@adosal who manages celiac

Hawkers Asian Street Food

“Love the food and style here. The staff always goes out of their way to make sure you’re getting the best experience and they ALWAYS ask about food allergies. It’s a bit pricey but very worth it!”
@taystardust who manages celiac and lentil allergies

Spa Beach Bistro

“By far the best cauliflower crust option in the area. Quality ingredients.”
@apatch who manages celiac and a milk allergy

Ceviche Tapas Bar and Restaurant

“Everything here is so yummy! Definitely a fancier place to eat in St. Petersburg. Highly recommend the charcuterie board, potatoes, and deviled eggs for gluten-friendly meals.”
@rachcutiepie who manages celiac

Pacific Counter

“Rice bowls are a great gluten-free option if you are in the mood for cleaner seafood.”
@rachcutiepie who manages celiac

Paradeco Coffee Roasters

“ADORABLE little place with a lovely colored retro theme interior. Tons of gluten and dairy-free options!”
@rachcutiepie who manages celiac

Bodega on Central

“The beans and rice with pulled pork is the best.”
@rachcutiepie who manages celiac

Craft Kafe DownTown

“This place is completely gluten-free and everything tastes amazing!”
@dididove who manages celiac

Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille St Pete Pier

“Yucatan shrimp tacos are yummy and gluten-friendly! A whole gluten-free menu!”
@rachcutiepie who manages celiac

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