Nut-Free Cabo Itinerary

Hi! I’m Susie, allergy mama to my 20-year-old daughter, who manages allergies to peanuts and some tree nuts (cashews, pistachios, and brazil nuts), and I’m the Founder of Spokin. Our family spent a week in Cabo over winter break and for New Year’s. We stayed at the Viceroy Hotel, which we loved, and ate breakfast and lunch there and then dined off the resort most nights. Our favorite restaurant was Sage Baja which is perfect to eat at Thursday evening after checking out the Art Walk in downtown San Jose del Cabo and the most incredible service we had was at Semillon where the server said to me “tonight, I am her mother.”—which has to be one of our most memorable experiences eating out with food allergies! Follow me on the Spokin App @susie and on instagram @susiehultquist.

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Viceroy Los Cabos

“We feel like we stumbled into HEAVEN! This hotel is amazing and so allergy aware! We have practically a kitchen in our room with full refrigerator, a cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, pans, etc. The Viceroy exceeded expectations, and we were even able to order some groceries to our room. But more impressive is how allergy-friendly every restaurant has been—we’ve eaten breakfast here every day and had lunch by the pool. I worked with the concierge to plan a boat trip with a nut-free menu and even got a dessert delivered to our room for the New Year that was nut-free. We are thrilled! We also checked ahead of time to make sure all the restaurants on the property could accommodate a nut allergy and to ask how close a hospital was just in case (there were several close by and they have medical staff on-site). I would also note that the mini bar has peanut and regular M&M’s and Snickers so you might want to ask to remove ahead of time. I mentioned this to the hotel manager (who also has a salmon allergy) and he was so appreciative of me sharing that, and wanted to connect to learn more about how they could be even more allergy friendly and aware. Also, I had a herniated disc that got much worse on our trip, and we had an onsite doctor see me in our room in less than 5 minutes after requesting one—obviously it wasn’t an emergency and 5 minutes would/might be long for g-d forbid an allergic reaction, but we were so impressed and comforted that they have medical staff from the hospital on site!”


Casero Restaurante

“Ordered chips and guac by the pool. So so good but note it comes with a side of cheese for anyone with a dairy allergy. We also had breakfast here and my daughter had the avocado toast that came with a poached egg and French toast, iced coffee and juice. The server was so kind and said he would personally make sure all was safe. We had lunch here too! My daughter ordered the shrimp tacos and started to ask about oil and they stopped her and said all of her food would be made in a separate area with their own pans and would be kept away from all other food. We didn’t see any tree nuts on the menu but did see something with tiger milk and peanut in the name but hard to figure out what it was?! Either way, they were so nice and helpful! Also has a fun lounge area with games!”


“This is a restaurant at the Viceroy hotel that is re-concepting to a taco spot and changing the name to ‘Mercado’ this week, but they soft launched while we were there and hosted a New Year’s Day brunch and we LOVED it! They had so many stations including pastries and baked goods and walked my daughter through everything that contained nuts which was 1 muffin (not sure what kind) and almonds (which she is not allergic to) in an apple caramel cake. BEYOND impressed how knowledgeable they were on the first day they opened when I don’t think it was their regular menu. The vibe was very happy too! ”

Cielomar Rooftop

“This is the rooftop bar and restaurant at the Viceroy hotel. We came just for drinks to watch the sunset before our dinner plans. The view was gorgeous and lots of fun seating areas including a fire pit. They have cocktails and mocktails. I can’t remember the name of the drink that my daughter got but it was beautiful and we checked to make sure it was safe for her. I had the cielomar margarita which was so good. View is great too!”


“This restaurant is located at the hotel we are staying, the Viceroy. It’s Japanese influenced and family style. We ordered several dishes and then shared my daughter’s allergies and our server responded that they would remove any nuts for anything we ordered—when I asked which items had nuts, he said actually none of them. Then we asked if there was anything else on the menu that had nuts since we thought we would likely order more food and he reviewed the menu and said that none of the food contained any nuts but that there was a drink that contained almonds — so nut-free food menu as far as I am concerned! Note that we didn’t see the dessert menu so not sure about that. We ordered from the raw bar a sampler called chirashi-don and edamame, pork dumplings, pork bao, fried rice (it was vegetarian) and beef skewers (not our fave) — we love the fried rice and bao! The drinks including cocktails and mocktails are very good and fun! It’s STUNNING at night and pro-tip ask for a seat closest to the beach for the best view! Very insta-worthy and literally everyone was taking a ton of photos! Fun!”



“Our server literally turned to me and said ‘tonight I am her mother.’ OMG this was an allergy moment for the books!! This is a newer restaurant that came highly recommended BUT truth was we switched around our dinner plans and we realized when we walked in that we had not looked at the menu ahead of time. They did have a few dishes with pistachios, and I might have actually passed given that, but here we were with one of the most caring servers I can ever recall having—and the food was really a spectacular. We shared a green goddess salad, and a mezze platter with naan bread. They also brought out a platter of focaccia. My daughter ordered a lamb dish and it was like theater they way it was put together at our table. We shared a deconstructed key lime pie for dessert which was a special.“


“We ate at the Acre restaurant at the Acre resort. It was nice because it was NYE but a regular menu. They asked right away if there were any dietary restrictions (by the way every restaurant in Cabo had asked us without fail which is so so nice). We ordered a few appetizers for the table including cheddar biscuits, fried Brussels sprouts (had pumpkin seeds but clearly labeled) a beef wagyu taco and soft shell crab taco (the Brussels sprouts were amazing) and my daughter had the shrimp pasta and a fun cocktail (something called bitter and sweet)—the only nuts we saw on food items were pistachios (we have seen at most restaurants but haven’t seen cashews really anywhere) and they also had a cocktail with peanut butter! Eek. That said, they were all over it asking about her allergies and ensuring us they would make sure all was safe and even walked through to point out a few appetizers that would not be safe for her. The vibe is definitely fun and it was bustling probably because it was NYE and we didn’t feel rushed at all on her allergies, but it was busy. Overall, it was pretty expensive and we felt the menu was somewhat limited and the food wasn’t as wildly good as some other places ,or maybe it didn’t meet the hype as it came highly recommended. We might not have ordered well though!“

Flora Farms

“This was such a fun experience! It’s a farm to table restaurant that is located on a 25 acre property that also has a hotel, spa, cute shops, a grocery store, ice cream stand, a very fun vibe and really good food. We went on a Tuesday night which is also fried chicken night. The chicken comes with banana creme pie, which my non-allergy daughter got and loved. We ordered a few appetizers for our table that my allergy daughter was able to have all including a really good Caesar salad, focaccia (that was amazing!!) and a burrata cheese and grilled bread—note they do also bring you bread for the table that they freshly bake which was so good—in the end, we had a lot of bread and 1/2 of us were too full for entrees (but not ice cream haha.) My allergy daughter ordered a pasta appetizer, a cannoli, for her entree that she loved! The food tasted so fresh! Highly recommend!”

Flora Farms Ice Cream Cart

“Before you walk in you will see an ice cream stand that only had 2 flavors with nuts including rocky road with almonds and another with pecan—neither of my daughter’s allergies—and peanut free (I didn’t notice any dairy free flavors but did notice a few vegan desserts at the grocery store on the grounds)—my allergy daughter got the banana caramel which they said was the most popular and she loved and my other daughter got the choco-mint which tasted just like an ice cream version of a Girl Scout thin mint—so good! Reservations are a must and I’d recommend heading over about an hour before to walk around the shops before dinner.”

El Wine Shop at Flora Farms

“We stopped at this shop when we went to dinner at Flora Farms (see my review!) and they sell wine by the glass that you can drink while waiting for your table. My daughter got an iced latte and the whole place is nut free. The only cocktail they have is an espresso martini made with tequila and I had one and it was TASTY!”

HIVE Fragrance Studio at Flora Farms

“This is the cutest fragrance store at Flora Farms (see my review) we stopped in as we waited for our table. They have a wall of fragrances that you can smell and then choose what you want to make lotion, candles, etc.—I don’t recall any nut scents at all, the only maybe could be coconut but I don’t recall. I LOVED the peony and rosemary and wish we got the candle, but it takes time so you’ll want to go there first before dinner—there is no soy in any candles, they are all beeswax. So so pretty!”

Flora Farm Market

“Super cute small grocery on the Flora Farm property—mostly fruits, veggies but also baked goods (noticed some vegan and gluten-free, but didn’t get great photos) and ice cream pints of their own brand. Just wanted to share since it was nice that they grow all these fruits and veggies on the property! I also had my daughter’s greens from dinner and we had a Caesar salad and everything was SO fresh and tasted like real veggies!”

La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

“This place came highly recommended for great food and super fun atmosphere with a live band—definitely need reservations and the first thing they asked was if anyone had any allergies which was great—I was surprised to see a few items with peanuts at a taco place. It’s VERY LOUD so I felt it was a bit challenging to make sure all was okay—all was safe but it’s fast paced and loud. My daughter safely had guacamole and a cheese dip and 2 tacos. I left before dessert came but we ordered churros, which came with chocolate sauce, caramel and ice cream. My daughter and husband checked all (it was canola oil) but when it came the ice cream was sitting on a crumb topping and when they asked what it was someone came back with a to go container, so she passed on the ice cream. All was safe but definitely a challenging environment to communicate.“


“This was one of our favorite restaurants in San Jose del Cabo. We went on a Thursday night so that we could go to the Art Walk first. We found everything was amazing including the vibe, drinks, appetizers, service, etc. The menu does have some labeling like gluten free, vegetarian, etc., but not for nuts. We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share including the artichoke salad, eggplant, grilled calamari, kampachi (raw fish) and bread. My daughter got the ghocchetti pasta for her main. All was DELICIOUS! The beet salad had cashews, which was clearly labeled, but the burrata had peanuts which was not labeled on the menu.”

7 Seas Restaurant

“We had plans for a very fancy dinner the last night and we were all feeling less fancy and close—our original reso was in Cabo which is about 30 minutes away from San Jose del Cabo which is where we stayed and I def recommend, and we ate really late every night—we were considering room service but rallied! I asked a friend who lives in Cabo for something close to us and a little more casual, so she recommended 7 Seas. The service was fantastic, so kind. We sat on the beach with our feet in the sand, listened to the water and the view was so pretty. It’s was a pretty big menu and I did notice a couple dishes with cashews and one with walnuts. They seemed to fully understand food allergies and because I made the reservation on Open Table, they asked us right when we checked in. We shared appetizers including calamari and burrata and my daughter had grilled shrimp with plantains and rice. They did bring us from the chef a sample of ceviche and a watermelon and basil ice granita palate cleanser—we asked to make sure they were safe and my kids loved it, although surprise food isn’t really my thing. Overall food was good (not great), service as very good and sitting on the beach was amazing!”


Art Walk San Jose del Cabo

“This art walk happens everyday Thursday night in downtown San Jose del Cabo and it was so fun and festive in the plaza outside and absolutely a mix of locals and tourists. We were told by many people that they have the best churros and we all loved them! There was a long line so my husband waited while we walked around. There are artists, vendors selling jewelry and local inspired trinkets and some food like cotton candy, churros, and elote—we also saw candy carts that had containers and one did look like it had nuts to me. Back to the churros! We had to wait until my husband got to the front of the line to ask about allergies which was a little challenging with 50 people behind us and my husband and daughter do know some Spanish but we wish we brought an translated card here, so definitely recommend but we did feel comfortable there were no nuts—we got the chocolate and what we thought was caramel, leches, but tasted more like a glaze—all was safe and I don’t have a photo because we attacked the warm churros (and ate them before dinner—it was vaca)! We ate dinner at Sage but in the same area is La Lupita—I’d probably recommend eating an earlier dinner and heading to the plaza after or check it out, dinner, then go back for churros. You can’t go wrong!”

El Arco

“The hotel arranged for us a boat to see El Arco and whale watch, which was really fun although sadly we had a cloudy day. On the boat there was a choice of *snack* between seafood and fajitas and they were able to confirm that there would be no nuts including the dessert (which was cheesecake, and they never brought out, but we were actually happy with that knowing our daughter would likely want haha.)”

THE SPA at Viceroy Los Cabos

“My daughter got a massage here at the hotel that we were staying at and we went to see it before she went in and I asked if any nut products were used and they said coconut oil—she is thankfully not allergic to coconut but I know so many people are so wanted to share! Pictured are the daily mini popsicles that they give out at 3pm that came in mango, pineapple, coconut and passion fruit we think. We didn’t ask if they were safe, in part because my daughter was never around when they passed them around, but wanted to note the coconut flavor and also I would assume some if not all are dairy-free, which is nice as some hotels have been known to hand out ice cream (with dairy).”

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