Emily’s Nut and Gluten-Free Cabo Travel Itinerary

Hi! I’m Emily, I manage peanut and tree nut allergies and a gluten intolerance. I visited Cabo last year for a spring vacation. My favorite restaurant was Flora Farms, which was incredible at accommodating food allergies. Follow me on Spokin @emsnutfreeeats and on Instagram @emsnutfreeeats.

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Hotel: Bahia Hotel & Beach House

“Loved this hotel! It is so dreamy with gorgeous rooms and outdoor ambience! It’s in a busy area of Cabo San Lucas near restaurants and bars, but super quiet at the pool and in the hotel. I loved the vibe! They also have a fridge in each room! We signed up for the American breakfast package, which includes breakfast at the restaurant. Definitely recommend staying here!”

Breakfast: Bar Esquina

“We ate at Bar Esquina—which is in the lobby of the Bahia Hotel and Beach House—every morning for breakfast. Our hotel reservation included their American breakfast: coffee or orange juice plus eggs, potatoes, and your choice of sausage, bacon, or chorizo. We really liked waking up for breakfast and coffee every morning and having it so accessible. I noted my allergies on our reservation and alerted our waiter of my food allergies every morning before placing our order. Note: they do have peanut butter as a topping on the acai bowls, which was not labeled on the menu. However, the smoothies and acai bowls are made in a dedicated area of the kitchen that is separate from the stove/oven. I would definitely avoid their smoothies if you have nut allergies, but I felt safe with the American breakfast every morning. If you have allergy questions, I would recommend requesting the manager to ensure you are able to dine safely.”

Lunch: Burritos Yolita

“Totally nut-free burrito/taco spot in the Central Cabo area! They also have a ton of breakfast items (fresh fruit + omelets) and a bunch of other options. Staff helped with my allergies but didn’t speak much English; however I reviewed the menu super carefully and there was nothing with nuts. Loved the omelets here and they also have great options for sandwiches if you’re not gluten-free!”

Dinner: Tres Sirenas

“First restaurant I came to in Cabo—literally walked right here from the airport! It was so good! Quite touristy but we were in a tourist area. The menu was very clearly labeled. They did have items with peanuts and tree nuts, but staff were super helpful in making sure everything we ordered was safe from cross-contact. They have good gluten-free options as well. Everything also came with allergy sticks! We weren’t too hungry but had the ceviche trio (so good!) and margs (they have dozens of flavors). Great ambience for a first night in Cabo (live music, everyone is super lively, great energy) and the food was great!”


Lunch: Birrieria Los Paisas

“Birrieria Los Paisas was by far our favorite local taco shop of the trip! With tasty street tacos, consommé, and delicious quesabirria, you do not want to miss this is spot. While staff does not speak English, after asking a few questions in Spanish, I confirmed they do not use any peanuts or tree nuts in the kitchen. All their tortillas are also made from scratch using masa and are completely gluten-free. We had the pastor and pollo tacos and came back a few days later to try their quesabirria tacos, which were incredible! The fresh masa tortillas are so soft, and the cheesy birria is an absolute must-try! Birrieria Los Paisas is conveniently located right near the main tourist area, so it’s in walking to distance from the Marina and other well-known spots.”

Dinner: Edith’s

“A well-loved restaurant by tourists, Edith’s is a great place in downtown Cabo San Lucas for a fun and delicious meal. It’s a cozy spot with gorgeous colorful lights that’s filled with rustic charm and a friendly atmosphere. The menu is a love letter to Mexican cuisine, featuring a tantalizing array of fresh seafood dishes and traditional favorites with lots of allergy-friendly options. The staff at Edith’s are not only friendly but also super knowledgeable about the menu, and they’re more than happy to help you navigate through their impressive selection and cater dishes to your allergies. I felt very taken care of during our meal, and loved the fresh fish taco appetizer and grilled catch of the day. If you’re looking for a a meal with a view, definitely book a table on the outdoor terrace. The sights of the water overlooking the shimmering Sea of Cortez are breathtaking. For a delightful and unforgettable dining experience, Edith’s is the place to be in Cabo!”


Lunch: Las Guacamayas

“Fun touristy spot for AMAZING tacos! Everyone speaks English and staff are very helpful with allergies. I had no problems eating here. It’s definitely more in the touristy area/downtown than other areas near the beach but pretty affordable and really delicious food! I got chicken tacos and I’m almost positive there are no nuts in the kitchen & felt super safe!”

Dinner: Jazz on the Rocks

“Located in The Cape, Jazz on the Rocks is the sister restaurant to one of the most famous restaurants in Cabo, ‘Sunset Monalisa.’ We enjoyed dinner here on our last night in Cabo and loved the peaceful ambience and gorgeous views. Sunset Monalisa and all the other restaurants in The Cape are well-known for their phenomenal accommodations for guests with food allergies. All waitstaff ask if any guests have food allergies before walking through the menu. They do have a few dishes with nuts, but I felt extremely well taken care of. We enjoyed a delicious caesar salad (make sure to ask for no bread if you are gluten-free) and one of their gluten-free pizzas. Occasionally, they do not have gluten-free pizza dough in stock, so make sure to check with the waitstaff if you want to try their gluten-free pizzas. We liked the food but both felt like we had better meals elsewhere on the trip. However, it was great to find a safe spot, and the views were unbeatable! One tip: if you want to dine outside, I would recommend making a reservation on OpenTable at least three weeks in advance.”

Snack: Nicksan Cabo

“Nicksan was one of our favorite restaurants of our Cabo trip! Incredible sushi and wonderful staff. We were told the whole restaurant was completely nut-free! I also alerted the staff of my gluten allergy, and they adapted everything we ordered to make it gluten-free. We loved the spicy tuna cakes (so good!) and rainbow roll, but also had two other rolls that they changed to be gluten-free which were so good! Highly recommend the misoyaki fish, it was one of my favorite dishes of the trip! There are two Nicksan locations in Cabo, I highly recommend visiting one if you have food allergies and are traveling to Cabo!”


Lunch: Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

“Hacienda Cocina y Cantina is the world-famous restaurant located inside the Hacienda Beach Club & Residences. With an extensive menu featuring fresh appetizers, a variety of seafood, and delicious entrees, this was one of our favorite dinners of the week. The restaurant and bar is completely outdoors, so you can enjoy your meal with a beautiful view of the beach. Staff are extremely attentive to guests with allergies. Our waiter asked at the beginning of the meal if anyone at the table had food allergies and guided us through ordering safe options. We tried the chips and salsa, organic salad with cilantro dressing, pulpo san carlos (a delicious octopus and veggie appetizer), and the filet mignon. Everything was cooked to perfection and tasted amazing. They also have a gorgeous bar with fantastic drinks! This spot should definitely be on your list if you want an allergy safe meal in Cabo! A bit upscale, but so nice!”

Dinner: Flora Farms

“This is a must visit if you’re visiting Cabo! We took a taxi from our hotel to the farm (about 30 minutes) and arrived early to take a tour of the farm before our dinner reservation. Highly recommend walking around to look at the gardens and shops—the entire place is beautiful and a once in a lifetime visit! They have so many gluten-free/dairy-free options and very few nuts & are fantastic with any dietary restrictions or intolerances. I got the gluten-free spaghetti squash entree and gluten-free pizza and we tried a lot of their cocktails. Everything was fantastic—highly recommend visiting!”

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