Louisville, Kentucky Allergy-Friendly Local Guide

Hi! My name is Zoë, I manage a peanut allergy, and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. See my insider picks for the best places to eat in Louisville, like Pizza Lupo for pizza that’s been voted the best in Louisville for 4 years in a row! While you’re there, also make sure to check out The Big Four Bridge! Follow me on Spokin @zoeslaughter to see all of my allergy-friendly reviews and on Instagram @invisiblyallergic!

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Breakfast: Biscuit Belly

“I haven’t eaten here too many times being gluten-free, but they are allergy-conscious and happy to discuss the allergens in use and how they can keep customers safe. They’re transparent and helpful! Have multiple locations around the city, too, making it a great brunch spot if it works for you!”

Lunch: South Seas

“Delicious food and fun theme! I emailed before going, and the staff was so helpful and knowledgeable about top allergens and cross-contact.”

Dinner + Drinks: Naive

“Really adorable and chic spot in Butchertown! I will say, via email they were way more knowledgeable about allergens. In-person, had I only talked to my server, I would’ve not felt confident enough to eat. However, knowing over email about my allergens not being in use helped. The food was good, and the menu is very vegan-friendly!”

Sightseeing: The Big Four Bridge

Sightseeing: Waterfront Park + Belle of Louisville


Lunch: Mussel and Burger Bar

“Yummy food and helpful around allergens! I always email beforehand, and they’re transparent, but when I talk to the staff, they’re allergy-aware. This location in Louisville is a bit more casual and family-friendly than the downtown location.”

Dinner: Pizza Lupo

“Hands down the best pizza in Louisville! Voted best pizza in Lou 4 years in a row—it’s DELICIOUS. The chef is super talented! They are great at discussing allergens and cross-contact. I have always emailed before going.”

Snack: Macaron Bar

“This is a small macaron bar in NULU, they regularly use tree nuts but I’ve not found that they’ve used peanuts any of the years I’ve eaten here. The staff are always helpful to talk with when I go in. My favorite is their yummy merengues with a delicious cream! They do classes for the public as well.”

Dessert: Art Eatables

“Whether you like bourbon-infused chocolates or not, this allergy-friendly spot has you covered! Check out their menu and discuss any allergies with the super helpful staff.”

Sightseeing: KMAC Contemporary Art Museum

“There is an Art Eatables location right next to the Frazier History Museum, and the 3 museums KMAC, 21c, and Frazier are all within a short distance of one another in a Museum Row district area of Downtown Louisville, in addition to the Louisville Slugger Museum as a 4th option! Check out the giant David statue as well as the massive Slugger Baseball bat around 800 Main St. Fun fact: the World’s Largest Baseball Bat stands outside of the Slugger museum entrance.”

Sightseeing: 21C Museum

Sightseeing: Frazier History Museum + Louisville Slugger Museum


Breakfast: Paseo

“I’m actually going to be doing brunch here this weekend and so I have not been yet, but the staff were extremely kind and allergy knowledgeable via e-mail so I wanted to share this as a potential spot!”

Lunch: Feast BBQ

“Have had safe experiences here many times! Their menu does shift, but not very often, and when they aren’t busy, it’s easy to ask about allergens. However, it can have a really long line around popular days and times.”

Dinner: Mayan Cafe

“Mayan Cafe has THE best lima beans! They used to use my allergen, and I recently reached out via email and learned they no longer use it for catering or their restaurant. Highly recommend going here to this Louisville staple if you’re able to. It’s been around for a long time and has a lovely reputation.”

Coffee: Haraz Coffee House

“There is a language barrier here, and they use tree nuts consistently. However, I’ve safely had their chai tea and drinks many times. Feel free to ask them in person about their menu and allergens, and see if you’re comfortable!”

Drinks: Noble Funk Brewing

“Really great brewery and huge space in downtown Lou! They do have catering so it’s good to ask them about your allergens in the kitchen for both the menu there and for catering. I’ve eaten here safely many times and they’ve not used peanuts in the kitchen anytime I’ve asked.”

Snack: MozzaPi @ Ten20 Butchertown

“Ten20 doesn’t use peanuts on the menu at this location and is very open to discussing any allergens! There is a pizza place named MozzaPi inside, and they are consistent with the menu. Really yummy pizza, too, with gluten-free options if you need it. Has trivia nights and a large event rental space, too.”

Sightseeing: Old Louisville Historic Neighborhood + Central Park

Sightseeing: NULU Shopping

Sightseeing: Distillery Tour


Breakfast: Bean Roastery and Cafe

“Although they bring their pastries in from other spots, they’re always open to me calling before and asking for what they have in their pastry case. Also, they sanitize and wash my cups before I order and have told me the brands they use. I really like this cute spot!”

Lunch: Hauck’s Corner

“The menu changes and actually just updated recently this past week, but they are willing to discuss through the menu and kitchen in terms of allergens as well as drinks at the bar and more. A nice spot for a big group if it’s outdoor, family friendly, and also a nice intimate spot sitting inside with good drinks and bar food.”

Dinner: The Post

“I’ve never had a bad experience here and have been going here for at least 6+ years with my peanut allergy! Their gluten-free crust is the best I’ve found, and I love their homemade ranch dressing.”

Dessert: Sarino

“While this restaurant isn’t certified allergen-free, the chef and staff e-mail me before I dine with my peanut allergy, and they haven’t ever used peanuts and are very transparent about ingredients. It is one of the only places I dine at! I do email each time beforehand.”

Sightseeing: Louisville Zoo

Sightseeing: Derby! (Thurby, Oaks, or Derby)

“Visit the Derby, or any Derby-related events around town – i.e. Thunder Over Louisville.”

Sightseeing: Louisville Nature Center

“Louisville Nature Center is close to the Zoo, it is very family-friendly and has amazing programming, hiking trails, and a public garden and bird blind.”


Breakfast: The Silly Axe Cafe @ Logan Street Market

“Delicious and nice to be able to eat out at a place that’s allergen aware and peanut-free! They’re located now inside of Logan Street Market in Louisville, no longer at Dundee in a dedicated stand-alone building.”

Lunch: Shiraz

“Cute spot in a walkable, fun location! Helpful to discuss allergens with, I’ve eaten here safely many times and the Shiraz menu across the board with locations is consistent. There are a few other locations around Louisville!”

Dinner: Sapporo

“While they aren’t allergen certified, they do not use peanuts (or haven’t ever since I’ve been going there for 15+ years). They will discuss allergens with you that they use and the staff takes allergies seriously.”

Drinks: Pivot Brewing

“Really big space with friendly staff in a nice spot of Bardstown Rd! I ended up here when a safe spot nearby (Darlings Bar) was full, and I talked to the staff about my allergy and being gluten-free. I talked to the owner who was at the bar, and they told me all about their many gluten-free ciders.”

Dessert: Annie Mays Sweet Cafe

“Love Annie Mays!! It’s amazing having a place to go and eat and being able to be carefree. It’s top 8 free and free from other allergens as well. Try to visit her farmer’s market booth for one day if possible.”

Sightseeing: Bardstown Road Shopping

Sightseeing: Cherokee Park – Dog Hill Gazebo, Hogan’s Fountain, Big Rock

“Cherokee Park in Louisville is stunning with many trails paved or hiking and is an Olmstead-designed park, much like Louisville’s Central Park in Old Louisville. Fun fact: Olmstead designed Central Park in NYC and the Biltmore in Asheville, notably. All in all, Frederick Law Olmsted left a huge impression on shaping the city of Louisville via the parks system.”


Lunch: Parlour

“Quality pizza and food!! Really great location if you’re staying downtown and looking for a place within walking distance. The staff is well-trained and good at communicating! I almost always get a salad with their peppercorn ranch as well as their The Dr. pizza without the meat since I’m vegetarian.”

Dinner: Osaka

“I’ve dined here and enjoyed sushi many many times here! A favorite sushi spot that takes allergens seriously and is transparent.”

Sightseeing: Louisville Reservoir

Sightseeing: Kentucky Derby Museum

Sightseeing: Live Music Show

“Check out a local show at a music venue such as Headliners, Whirling Tiger, or Zanzabar!”


Breakfast: Gralehaus

“Recently, I checked in, and they didn’t use my allergens! I plan to go soon! They’re a cute brunch spot, but can get very busy, so I don’t often find myself going because of the long line. While in town, it’s a fun spot and is even a bed and breakfast! There’s a bar attached across their property called Holy Grale, as well.”

Lunch: Blaze Pizza

“I trust Blaze Pizza locations across the board since they’re very allergy-transparent on their website and knowledgeable in person! Their pizzas are great, the menus are allergen-labeled, and I love their half salad and half pizza combo.”

Dinner: Drake’s Sports Bar

“All the Drake’s locations in Lou have the same menu and allergens in the kitchen, making it easy to go to any closest! The Shelbyville Road is usually a fun, convenient spot, close to other bars and nightlife, but they also host trivia and events here. They’ve always been knowledgeable about allergens and cross-contact. I actually really like their sushi!”

Drinks: 3rd Turn Oldham Gardens

“Was able to be accommodated here for my allergy twice for two different events! Beautiful location next to Yew Dell Gardens.”

Dessert: Philly’s Best Frozen Desserts

“What a gem in this city! No peanuts in use, and they will talk to you about all their allergen options! Their ice cream is delicious if you can have milk, and if not, they have water ice that’s free of 5 top allergens! Definitely an incredible asset to Louisville and there’s 2 locations! Check them out for yourself! They will email with you and discuss everything transparently.”

Sightseeing: Speed Art Museum + Cinema

Sightseeing: Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Sightseeing: The Parklands of Floyds Fork, Anchorage Trail, or E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park

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