Allergy-Friendly Louisville, Kentucky Guide

Whether you’re planning a trip to Louisville to check the Kentucky Derby off of your travel bucket list or to experience its lively bluegrass venues, Spokin has you covered with a guide to the best places to eat and treat in Derby City! See reviews for a completely nut-free ice cream shop, a safe pizza spot that’s been voted the best pizza in Louisville for four years, and more!


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1. The Silly Axe Cafe

“If you’re gluten-free and miss fried chicken, this is a must-go! Every time I drive thru Lou, I stop and grab a plate of it. Allergy-friendly gem!”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

2. Feast BBQ

“Delicious and nice to be able to eat out at a place that’s allergen-aware and peanut-free! They’re located now inside of Logan Street Market in Louisville, no longer at Dundee, in a dedicated stand-alone building.”

@lattelauren who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

3. Mussels & Burger Bar

“We’ve visited more than once, and the waitstaff has been extremely helpful in advising us what is dairy-free.”

@allisonsise who manages dairy and soy allergies

4. Biscuit Belly

“I put a note on the whole order for my family and I enjoyed the starters and biscuit french toast style! So good! It was nut-free except for pecans in praline- and I’m allergic to that. It was delicious, and I highly recommend it.”

@nutfree13 who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

5. South Seas Tiki & Golf Lounge

“Delicious food and fun theme! I emailed before going, and the staff was so helpful and knowledgeable about top allergens and cross-contact.”

@zoeslaughter who manages manages a peanut allergy

6. Mesh

“Just had dinner here the other night and they did a fantastic job. I informed the waiter of my allergies and the chef made sure to add in gluten-free and egg-free pasta without me even requesting (I didn’t know it came with the dish). Mesh was amazing and delicious, and I’ll definitely be back!”

@ccuzzupe who manages celiac and tree nuts, milk, carrot, egg, and grain allergies

7. Shiraz Mediterranean

“Cute spot in a walkable, fun location! The staff is helpful to discuss allergens with, I’ve eaten here safely many times and the Shiraz menu across the board with locations is consistent. There are a few other locations around Louisville!”

@zoeslaughter who manages manages a peanut allergy

8. Haraz Coffee House

“There is a language barrier here, and they use tree nuts consistently. However, I’ve safely had their chai tea and drinks many times. Feel free to ask them in person about their menu and allergens, and see if you’re comfortable!”

@zoeslaughter who manages manages a peanut allergy

9. Naive Kitchen + Bar

“Really adorable and chic spot in Butchertown! I will say that via email, they were way more knowledgeable about allergens. In person, had I only talked to my server, I would’ve not felt confident enough to eat. However, knowing over email that my allergens were not in use helped. The food was good, and the menu is very vegan-friendly!”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy


“Clear allergen menu labeling online! Very helpful and consistent menu across all Louisville-area locations.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

11. The Post – Germantown

“I’ve never had a bad experience here and have been going here for at least 6+ years with my peanut allergy! Their gluten-free crust is the best I’ve found, and I love their homemade ranch dressing.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

12. The Old Spaghetti Factory

“If this spot works for your allergens, it’s a super unchanged menu, and the staff are very good at communicating with customers and the kitchen. Their mizithra cheese pasta is my favorite.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

13. MozzaPi @ Ten20 Butchertown

“Ten20 doesn’t use peanuts on the menu at this location, and is very open to discussing any allergens! There is a pizza place named MozzaPi inside, and they are consistent with the menu. Really yummy pizza, too, with gluten free options if you need it. Has trivia nights and a large event rental space too.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

14. Full Arepa Ky

“The staff here talked to me extensively about my allergy and were knowledgeable on cross-contact. I loved the arepas I got here! Will be coming back, it’s nice to have an option at Logan Street Market!”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

15. Big Bad Breakfast

“I ordered the gluten-free French toast with strawberries and bacon. It was very well prepared with a sugar-cinnamon crunch. The bacon was large strips.”

@jeboylston who manages celiac and milk, coconut, and bell pepper allergies

16. Wild Eggs

“I always feel safe at Wild Eggs! The waitstaff constantly asks questions and will communicate with the kitchen thoroughly before bringing out my food. I always feel safe here (and I’m allergic to eggs).”

@ccuzzupe who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, egg, grain, and carrot allergies

17. Wick’s Pizza Parlor

“This pizza joint is a Louisville staple! If you can eat here and like a loaded pizza- it’s gotta be on your radar. I love a lot of cheese on my pizza and have been going here for 20+ years.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

18. Volare Italian Ristorante

“While they aren’t certified allergen free, I have eaten here many times and they even make their desserts in house so I’ve had desserts off the menu! I am peanut only and I’ve never heard of them using peanuts, the chef and staff are very transparent and up front about ingredients. The food is delicious and upscale, we’ve had our wedding rehearsal dinner here and anniversaries and birthdays here. I always email with them before going and they’re lovely to work with!”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

19. Toasty’s Tavern

“Really cute spot! Mostly bar food and high end drinks. Easy to discuss allergies with!”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

19. The Grape Leaf

“Really cute spot! The staff is great to email with or speak to over the phone about allergens! Really yummy food, this is a well-established staple in Louisville!”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

20. Sarino

“While this restaurant isn’t certified allergen-free, the chef and staff e-mail with me before I dine with my peanut allergy and they haven’t ever used peanuts and are very transparent about ingredients. It is one of the only places I dine at! I do email each time beforehand.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

21. Sapporo Japanese Grill & Sushi

“While they aren’t allergen certified, they do not use peanuts (or haven’t ever since I’ve been going there for 15+ years). They will discuss allergens with you that they use and the staff takes allergies seriously.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

22. Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill

“I did a burrito bowl with chicken. Need to make sure the staff are clear that you have a food allergy. Not everyone speaks great English so make sure you talk to someone that does. Good for gluten and dairy allergies.”

@lmthib01 who manages celiac and a milk allergy

23. Pizza Lupo

“Hands down the best pizza in Louisville! Voted best pizza in Lou 4 years in a row- it’s DELICIOUS. The chef is super talented! They are great at discussing allergens and cross-contact. I have always emailed before going.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

24. McAlister’s Deli

“Love that they have gluten-free bread and baked potatoes. It makes it easy to create an easy allergy-free meal. Their website is also very easy to navigate, and easy to find out what the dairy-free/gluten-free options are to eat. Always an easy choice coming here!”

@caitlynmarie18 who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, egg and, legume allergies

25. O’Shea’s Irish Pub

“The menu doesn’t change often and they are happy to discuss allergens via email or in person or over the phone! It can be a really busy spot for a sports game or holiday like St. Patty’s Day, but has a fun vibe and is an ideal location! Lots to do nearby and good pub food. “

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy


1. Annie May’s Sweet Cafe

“Fantastic bakery featuring delicious treats that are SAFE for those with food allergies. Have ordered custom cakes here and they do an amazing job! So grateful to have this awesome resource in Louisville!”

@sbaggajd who manages a peanut and tree nut allergy

2. Philly’s Best Frozen Desserts

“This was a very nice location! I’m allergic to peanuts and some tree nuts and the whole shop is nut free. The owners have a son with a nut allergy and say that they are very careful with keeping the shop safe. I enjoyed my orange cream and blue raspberry water ice, but there is also ice cream, gelati, cookies, and pretzels. Overall, it was super good!”

@nutfree13 who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

3. North Lime Coffee & Donuts

“Gluten-free donut was incredible! I’ve never even had a normal cake-type donut that good, let alone a gluten free one. The biggest problem I’ve seen with gluten-free pastries is that they end up dry and crumbly. My donut was super moist! Also, they have a dedicated fryer for their gluten-free donuts and they put the glaze/toppings on them first so there’s no cross-contamination from the regular donuts. So glad I stopped by!”

@ty.lester who manages celiac and peanut, fruit and vegetable allergies

4. Macaron Bar

“This is a small macaron bar in NULU, they regularly use tree nuts but I’ve not found that they’ve used peanuts any of the years I’ve eaten here. The staff are always helpful to talk with when I go in. My favorite are their yummy merengues with a delicious cream! They do classes for the public as well.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

5. Art Eatables

“Whether you like bourbon infused chocolates or not, this allergy friendly spot has you covered! Check out their menu and discuss any allergies with the super helpful staff.”

@zoeslaughter who manages a peanut allergy

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