Introducing Verified Bakeries!

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Creating an easier way to find allergy-friendly bakeries is the sweetest feature for the Spokin community. We welcome 12 Spokin Verified Bakeries to our family. To be Verified, each bakery has answered our 27-question allergy FAQ. From what allergens they are dedicated free from to what kind of chocolate they use—we didn’t miss a crumb and all the answers are just a few taps away in the Spokin app. Find donuts, cookies, cakes and more, whether you’re visiting in person or shopping online. Update your app to experience Spokin Verified Bakeries.

Meet the Spokin Verified Bakeries

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How It Works

Find the perfect Verified Bakery in the Spokin app! Go to the Verified Partners section on the Search page and tap “Bakeries” to see all of our Verified Bakery Partners. From there, you can filter by location, online shipping, baked good categories, and by allergens our bakeries are dedicated free from. Toggle between list and map view to see what Verified Bakeries are in your area or plan your next trip! See each bakery’s answers to our 27 question FAQ and community reviews on their page.

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We are looking forward to hearing about you and your bakery. Please contact us by filling out the form below!Bakery *Email *Website *

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