Allergy-Friendly Filipino Restaurants

We’re celebrating Philippines Independence Day with an Allergy-Friendly Filipino Restaurant Guide! With finds including a nut and seed-free restaurant owned by an allergy mama and a restaurant in the Philippines overlooking Cebu City, this small but mighty guide opens the door to safely trying an Asian cuisine on the holiday or any day.
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California| New York | Washington, D.C. | Philippines

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Tropical Hideaway

Location: Anaheim, California

“We had Dole Whip here! A classic and must have, but more importantly we also had safe lumpia! This Filipino classic was tasty and a great contrast with the Dole Whip. They are nut-free. The workers there went back, looked at the binder, and even grabbed the packaging to confirm. Such a great place to get some snacks and a tasty treat.”

@vkotz who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Location: Hayward, California

“This is a Filipino chain that is international. There is an allergen menu online for US branches. They don’t have peanuts or tree nuts in anything. (Except the menu indicates the halo-halo has tree nuts). We pretty much get everything there. The fried chicken, fries, peach mango pies (mmmm), spaghetti, pancit palabok. Everything.”

@jrbruin who manages peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies

Lasita Rotisserie & Natural Wine

Location: Los Angeles, California

“Lasita is a delightful Filipino fusion restaurant in LA’s Chinatown. Filipino food is often a challenge for me (allergic to milk, eggs, beef, and pork) so it was amazing to be able to try their vegan dishes! Plus, the staff is knowledgable about food allergies and clearly indicated which items on the menu are vegan and gluten-free. I got the Pancit Kang Kong and Sizzlin’ Shroom Sisig. Delicious!”

@jennatso8 who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies

R & B Filipino Cuisine

Location: San Diego, California

“We ate here and it was yummy! They didn’t have sesame on the menu. They fry in soybean oil. The only thing on the menu with nuts was the kare-kare (filipino oxtail and peanut butter stew). So we ate a whole lot of everything except the kare-kare of course. Side note: if you want to cook kare-kare for a peanut allergy person, using SunButter is just as yummy! That’s what we do at home and you really can’t taste the difference.”

@jrbruin who manages peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies


Flip Sigi

Location : New York, New York

“Really fantastic Filipino taqueria! Food is delicious and there are no nuts in anything! I emailed beforehand and was told the owner is also allergic to nuts so we’re all good here!”

@laninyc who manages a tree nut allergy


Purple Patch

Location: Washington, D.C.

“Wow 10/10! I practically don’t know where to start! My daughter goes to college in DC and texted me that she wanted to try this restaurant but when I looked it up and saw the it was a Filipino restaurant, I assumed it would unlikely be safe for her. I sent a dm on Insta only to receive a response that the whole restaurant was nut and seed-free. I was shocked and it was the owner and chef, Patrice, who responded and later shared that she is also an allergy mama. The food was unbelievable and we ordered so much (I’ll add more details soon!). Patrice had been out of town and just came back and found us and sat with us while we ate. We learned so much about her and the history of the restaurant and we ate so much with complete freedom. She so kindly sent over a bunch of desserts, too—a rare treat in a restaurant. The menu had so many great labels like GF, vegan, etc. We felt like we stumbled upon one of the greatest gems!”

@susie who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Top of Cebu

Location: Cebu City, Philippines

“This is a restaurant on the top of a mountain in Cebu City. Chef Kai Alo was a surprisingly young chef, but he was also very knowledgeable about food allergies. After my family and I were seated on a balcony overlooking the entire city, Chef Kai himself came to take our orders, and ensured us that he would have the kitchen staff change their gloves and use clean utensils when preparing our food. We ended up having a really wonderful meal, and our experience with the kind chef was a large part of that.”

@mmandanas who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies

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