Allergy-Friendly Campus Guide: Syracuse University


I’m a rising junior at Syracuse and I have had nothing but great experiences with Syracuse dining. Their menu is all listed online and if you click on the item, it shows you the nutritional information and the allergens. If for some reason there is a food that’s out at the dining hall that isn’t on the online menu, there is usually a QR code on it that will take you to the nutritional info and allergen info. Definitely make friends with the dining hall managers—they are willing and able to help! There is also an on-campus nutritionist that handles allergies and she is a great resource for helping to navigate your allergies. Also, when you fill out your housing form if you choose to have a random roommate, if you say that you have allergies on the form about special accommodations, they can try to pair you with a roommate who also has allergies! I was unaware of that my freshman year but I wish I had been because it would’ve taken away a lot of stress! Overall, I love Syracuse and am so happy that the food situation hasn’t held me back from enjoying everything that the campus has to offer!

Location: Syracuse, New York


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Carlin Hanley – Spokin App User @carlinhanley

Allergies: Peanut, Tree Nuts, Milk, Shrimp, Sesame
Class: 2023
Major: Double Major earning my BS in Public Relations and Marketing Management
Post Graduation Plans: After college I hope to be working for an agency or in the public relations department of an awesome company in a city!
Instagram: @sweetlifeofcarlin


Carlin’s Syracuse Campus Guide

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Rise N Shine Diner Westscott

This has got to be my favorite place in Syracuse. Great menu, creative offerings, fun drinks, upbeat atmosphere. I usually just stick to eggs, an omelette or a scramble but the home fries are safe (dairy-free, nut-free, sesame-free) and they can do dry toast so that is also safe. They have oat milk as a non-dairy milk option (and I believe they also have almond) so it is easy for them to make safe coffee with milk. Would definitely recommend—just make sure you wake up when they open to call to put your name on the list if you want a table on the weekends.

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A Syracuse classic. If you’re here, you need to go. The only downside to this place is that they do not take reservations so you should expect to wait a while for a table, unless you’re showing up at 3:30. The staff was super helpful, all of their plain pasta is dairy-free and nut-free and their marinara is also dairy-free (a rare occurrence at a pasta restaurant.) I’ve topped my pasta with grilled shiitake mushrooms and with grilled chicken and both were divine. Their bread is also dairy, nut, and sesame free, and you can actually buy it across the street.

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Original Grain

LOVE Original Grain. It’s been one of the only “healthy” spots I’ve found in Syracuse that I really love. I went in person and asked if they could accommodate allergies and the waitstaff was immediately reassuring and they let me know what would be safe. They even offered to clean a blender for me for smoothies before I even ordered! I didn’t end up with a smoothie but I got avocado toast and they made sure I was safe. Also, their online menu does have filters for certain dietary restrictions which is great but if you go in person they can make certain things safely for you that might be hidden due to a filter.

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Margaritas Mexican Cantina

Never had a bad experience here! They really don’t use nuts on their menu so the only large issue for me has been dairy. However, it’s really easy for them to take off cheese or sour cream on any dish so they accommodate my allergies easily. If you’re looking for good, authentic Mexican food, this probably isn’t your best bet but if you’re looking for a really fun and bright atmosphere, this would be a good spot. Really popular among university students.

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XO Taco

My favorite Syracuse restaurant! They don’t have nuts in house which adds an extra level of comfort for me. They are able to accommodate dairy/sesame allergies with ease by taking off ingredients like cheese/sour cream/etc. Their menu has helpful icons such as DF for dairy free V for vegan, VG for vegetarian, and GF for gluten free, which showed me the first time that they were aware of special diets.

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Water Street Bagel Co.

Most if not all of their bagels are vegan. They do have peanut butter and Nutella so they warn you of cross contamination there for nut allergies but they will clean utensils and area for you if you tell them you have nut allergies! I usually get a BLT with egg on a plain bagel but I’ve also gotten an egg and sausage on a plain bagel with no cheese. I’ve never had a bad experience and the staff is very friendly!

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