Allergy-Friendly New York University Campus Guide

NYU has a very kind and understanding disability services center. They were very good with housing accommodations and giving me a single for my dorm room.

Location: New York, New York

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Allison Wexler – Spokin App User @alliw

Allergies: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Seeds, Fruits, Avocado, and Legumes
Class: 2023
Major: Physics
Post Graduation Plans: When I graduate, I will be working as a medical assistant in my gap year before applying to medical school!
Instagram: @allison_wexler

John’s Of Bleecker St Pizza

There are no nuts or eggs on the menu! Only fish in the restaurant are anchovies (choice for pizza topping) and calamari (appetizer fried in separate kitchen), but they are very understanding about food allergies. Tell them to wash the pizza cutter to be safe about cross contamination! Simple, iconic, safe option in the Greenwich Village (close to NYU).

A La Mode Ice Cream Shop

Every single time, I have the best experience there. The waitstaff is always so understanding and answers all of my questions regarding different flavors. They even let me read the ingredients/information from a binder that has the information for all of the products they offer if there is anything in question they’re assisting me with. It is a bit of trek from the NYU Washington Square campus, but it is worth the trip every time.


Wogies has zero nuts or fish on the menu (with the exception of pecans in a dessert). All of their bread is homemade fresh in house and their menu is small and simple. Their waitstaff is very understanding and kind when it comes to asking questions about food allergies and even offered for me to speak with the chef. I was able to ask many questions and they welcomed it and answered them all very clearly. However, I’d recommend going during a time when it isn’t too crowded so they can pay close attention to your accommodations and questions.

The Donut Pub

More than just donuts here! Perfect place to get a safe NYC bagel. Entire place is nut-free and there are vegan options (just look out for soy flour in vegan options). Even nice to stop in for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate! At this location, their staff was clear and educated on the ingredients and allergen information for everything, let me read their binder showing the ingredients for their different offerings, and were very helpful, understanding, and accommodating about my needs.

The Original Joe’s Pizza

Simple, small menu makes for a perfect safe and quick eat! Nothing on their pizza or menu but sauce, cheese, and the choice of the additional pepperoni.

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