70 Allergy-Friendly Irish Pubs

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We’re feeling the luck of the Irish with 70 places to enjoy allergy-friendly fish + chips, corned beef, and shepherd’s pie! Our Allergy-Friendly Irish Pub Guide covers 22 states and 6 countries, including 6 pubs in Ireland! Find your pot of gold with reviews for dedicated gluten-free fryers, nut-free restaurants, and 2 restaurants with owners who manage food allergies. If you’ve found an allergy-friendly pub, please share a review on the Spokin app!

Image credit: Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co.

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Riley’s Brew Pub

Location: Clovis, California

“This place is a family favorite! I would highly recommend speaking to the chef or a manager and they will discuss your options in-depth.”

@dsarsour, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and sesame allergies

The Mayor’s Table Pacific Pub + Kitchen

Location: Newport Beach, California

“They’re great with allergies!”

@apalin, who manages peanut and soy allergies

Maggie McGarry’s

Location: San Fransisco, California

“Fun live music bar in North Beach! Plenty of bottled options at the cash-only bar and I didn’t see any nuts lying around. Always a good atmosphere!”

@samsafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies


Gondola Pub & Grill

Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

“This very casual spot is right at the ski mountain. We had grilled cheese and French fries. They use canola oil.”

@susie, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

The Old Mine

Location: Erie, Colorado

“Staff takes my son’s food allergies seriously and sends out someone from the kitchen to talk to us. So nice! We safely eat the BBQ meats and wings here.”

@erin3d, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, and legume allergies


Cooke’s of Dublin

Location: Orlando, Florida

“This place is great for allergies. They have a gluten-free ‘beer batter’ that’s made with champagne instead of beer and is safe for multiple allergies. Anything they serve fried they can make gluten-free, including fish and chips, chicken breast strips, and onion rings. Everything comes from a dedicated fryer and they put oregano in the gluten-free batter (and not in the original) so people can clearly see the difference. I’ve never had a bad experience and I’ve been coming here for years.”

@imbanananas, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, shellfish, seed, avocado, and fruit allergies

McGuire’s Irish Pub

Location: Pensacola, Florida

“While this didn’t, at face value, seem to be the safest restaurant from the outside looking in, I have actually had multiple great experiences here! The staff has consistently been great when dealing with my food allergies. In my experience, we have talked to the server who has brought out or talked to the head chef or manager to ensure my allergies would be accommodated. I ordered a plain chicken breast, with olive oil, salt, and pepper only prepared on a clean area of the grill, and a plain baked potato, cooked separately as well, with no butter and had no issues. I felt confident that the staff truly cared and took my allergies seriously every time I visited! Would definitely go again! The atmosphere is a reason to go in itself! Certainly unique!”

@allergystrategy, who manages peanut, milk, egg, and shellfish allergies

Raglan Road Irish Pub

Location: Orlando, Florida

“This is the sit-down location next to the quick service Cooke’s of Dublin. They both have a gluten-free ‘beer batter’ that’s made with champagne instead of beer and is safe for multiple allergies. Anything they serve fried they can make gluten-free, including fish and chips, chicken breast strips, and onion rings. Everything comes from a dedicated fryer and they put oregano in the gluten-free batter (and not in the original) so people can clearly see the difference. The waitstaff is helpful, knowledgeable, and if there’s something they don’t know, they’ll get you someone who does. For those with shellfish allergies, I believe they fry scallops in the dedicated gluten-free fryer—I don’t have a cross-contamination issue with my shellfish allergy but those who do, definitely ask for clarification.”

@imbanananas, who manages who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, shellfish, seed, avocado, and fruit allergies

Rose & Crown Pub

Location: Orlando, Florida

“This is one of my favorite restaurants. When I went to Disney World a few years ago my family and I went to The Rose and Crown. We let the waitress know about my allergies and she had the chef come out and talk to me. He cooked me a steak, crisps, and asparagus. It was delicious! They were super cautious and did their best to keep me safe!”

@mria100, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, sesame, grain, chickpea, celiac-gluten allergies



Location: Dahlonega, Georgia

“Gluten-free and vegan options, including gluten-free Kaiser rolls!”

@leekantz, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy


Duke Of Perth

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Great fish and chips not fried in peanut oil. Fish and chips are fried in soybean oil (soy allergies, be aware). Very friendly staff at this local pub serving the neighborhood for decades.”

@adamwood, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Floyd’s Pub

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Floyd’s has great burgers with plain buns (no sesame seeds) and wings. It is just a neighborhood bar, but they have great food and it is family-friendly. They have a simple sidewalk patio in the summer and darts in the backroom in the winter.”

@sheberhard, who manages tree nut and seed allergies

Lady Gregory’s Irish Bar & Restaurant

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Separate gluten-free menu with some delicious options. Fairly knowledgeable staff. My son loves the Gluten-Free Lobster Mac and Cheese. Just be careful with the buns—ask them not to toast because it is a shared toaster.”

@rwmha, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

Marge’s Still

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“This is a true gastropub where you can have anything from a nice piece of meat or fish to traditional pub fare. The manager’s family has severe nut allergies so the staff is very aware and accommodating regarding nut allergies. The last I checked there was only one salad on the menu with a tree nut ingredient.”

@laroko, who manages a tree nut allergy

Moody’s Pub

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Few or no nuts on the menu. Great burgers and fries.”

@nxm2001, who manages a peanut allergy

Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Restaurant & Pub

Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois

“This restaurant does not use peanuts. All food is safe for peanut allergies. The waitstaff is very knowledgeable on which foods are safe for other allergens!”

@rsommerville, who manages a peanut allergy

The Harp And Fiddle

Location: Park Ridge, Illinois

“They are a great locally-owned restaurant and are very aware of allergies. They provide a safe home-like atmosphere with lots of great employees.”

@diver96, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Sarah’s Cafe & Twin Schooners Pub

Location: Wiscasset, Maine

“This is a favorite for the grownups while we are on vacation. But, it’s also a favorite for our kiddo. There are honestly not a ton of options, but they happily make her a safe burger patty. Also, they do not have a fryer, so their fries get baked in the oven and are dairy-free! And one of their staff went out of her way since there were no safe baked goods and brought out giant flavor ice for her free of charge each time we visited. If you’re ever in Wiscasset, you have to check out Sarah’s!”

@punkinmama, who manages cashew and milk allergies


Knox Trail Inn

Location: Otis, Massachusetts

“Reasonable prices and a local feel. They have Udi’s gluten-free buns so I was able to have a grilled chicken sandwich! They also have noted gluten-free wings on the menu.”

@allergytravelr, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, grain, fruit, celiac-gluten, and MSG allergies

Ned Devine’s

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

“They were extremely accommodating of my kids’ allergies. The staff took note of every allergen I mentioned and notified the kitchen. The food was fantastic and a great location in Quincy Market!”

@safemom, who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, seed, and chickpea allergies

The Barn Pub & Grille

Location: Amesbury, Massachusetts

“The Barn has a separate gluten-free menu that includes fish and chips, chicken tenders, and fries, all in a dedicated gluten-free fryer. Staff was receptive to questions about ingredients, even over the phone! No nuts on the menu.”

@elise, who manages peanut, tree nut, and celiac-gluten allergies


Dublin Square

Location: East Lansing, Michigan

“Safely enjoyed meals and drinks here a few times with my severe peanut allergy!”

@sabudama, who manages peanut, tree nut, and legume allergies

Library Sports Pub & Grill

Location: West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

“This has been a family favorite for years, and after years of my son only eating French fries, he tried the chicken tenders and fries! The staff is very attentive and went in the back and took pictures of all labels to reassure me that they were safe! This is a go-to for our travel baseball team!”

@tbf6, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, shellfish, sesame, and legume allergies

Mountain Town Station Restaurant & Brew Pub

Location: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

“Love this place for good pizza, burgers, and more! They have a kind staff that is educated on allergens in different dishes, and they always check with the kitchen! Really tasty eats too! (If it fits your dietary restrictions, I recommend the fried onion appetizer!”

@mevola475, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

New Holland Brewing – Pub on 8th

Location: Holland, Michigan

“They were so helpful—contain no peanuts, and they cleared a new space to make my meal! So accommodating and kind! They also have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on the menu if that’s what you need!”

@mevola475, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

TJ’s Pub

Location: Manistee, Michigan

“They have specific foods that they can modify to make gluten-free. It is a large selection in comparison to other places and the quality is decent. I believe that there is a risk of cross-contamination, although the staff is great and if you ask I am sure they will do their best.”

@mdceliac, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy


George and the Dragon

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

“This place is amazing! They are great with nut allergies and they have the best battered green beans.”

@poppy, who manages peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies

Harriet’s Inn

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Me, and my deathly allergic brother are both able to eat safely here. The staff was able to cook our food on a separate part of the grill away from the one peanut item. The staff was great!”

@poppy, who manages peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies

McCormick’s Pub and Restaurant

Location: Wayzata, Minnesota

“This restaurant is extremely helpful with allergies. I eat here all the time, and they are always willing to help. Plus, the food is amazing. Highly recommend.”

@heartkels, who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies


MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub

Location: Kalispell, Montana

“The manager was very accommodating, and she explained that there may be cross-contamination, and the fryer oil is peanut. Overall I would recommend.”

@nuttylmt, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, pork, vegetable, fruit, fennel, carrageenan, and gums allergies

Slippery Otter Pub

Location: West Yellowstone, Montana

“Ate here with family and friends. I have a severe peanut allergy and our friend is celiac. They have no peanuts or tree nuts in the whole restaurant! They also have gluten-free buns, bread, and pizza crusts but can’t guarantee gluten cross-contamination. The waitstaff was friendly but not super receptive to allergy questions. However, food was good, quick, affordable, and most importantly safe for everyone to eat!”

@emsnutfreeeats, who manages a peanut allergy


The Common Man

Location: Ashland, New Hampshire

“The waitress that served us was very nice, and when I told her I had a nut allergy she assured us it wouldn’t be a problem with my food. I ordered the chicken sandwich and she said it was prepared in a separate area that didn’t have nuts in it anyway, so there wasn’t any risk of cross-contamination. The food was delicious, especially the truffle parmesan fries!”

@bakerkitten, who manages a tree nut allergy


Celtic Cottage Pub and Patio Bar

Location: Long Branch, New Jersey

“I ate the fish and chips. The waiter was also the chef, and was not the most knowledgeable about allergies but assured me there was nothing with tree nuts on the menu. For any other allergy, I would not say they are the most accommodating, but the menu is simple and familiar for those of us with tree nut allergies. And delicious!”

@hope1313, who manages a tree nut allergy


Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

“I have been going to O’Nieal’s for many years. They do not have tree nuts on the menu that I’m even aware of. I always ask and I have never had any concern with hundreds of meals I’ve eaten.”

@sbaier3, who manages a tree nut allergy


Nine Fine Irishmen

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

“No nuts on the menu and waitstaff was sure to note the allergy. Easy lunch!”

@lbedwell, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


P.J. Clarke’s

Location: New York, New York

“The waiter was very understanding and immediately proactive in making sure the entire menu was okay for me. Told me exactly what he recommended and spoke to the head chef immediately, assuring my food was handled by him personally. All in all, I felt extremely safe with peanut and nut allergies.”

@austin1432, who manages a peanut allergy

Pub 235

Location: Webster, New York

“Menu has limited nuts to begin with, but staff always listen to our request to avoid all nuts with our food and they are friendly, kind, and helpful every time we make the request. Food is delicious too!”

@safefoodq25, who manages peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies


Blind Onion Pizza & Pub

Location: Portland, Oregon

“Safe nut-free and gluten-free pizza. Gluten-free crust is really good! Also have vegan pizza with Daiya cheese. Not sure about crust cross-contamination.”

@elise, who manages peanut, tree nut, and celiac-gluten allergies

McMenamins Power Station Pub

Location: Troutdale, Oregon

“I confirmed with multiple people—a peanut-free kitchen! The friendly, helpful staff even though they were very busy. I asked for the order to be noted with the allergy, and it was printed in red on the ticket. My son had a grilled cheese sandwich and veggies. Beautiful property with lots of room to spread out and let kids be kids.”

@skyarrish, who manages a peanut allergy


McNally’s Tavern

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Amazing steak sandwich here called the Schmitter. I just leave off the sauce because it has egg. It’s so good! I also like the turkey chili too!”

@delaneybrody, who manages peanut, tree nut, and egg allergies

Ron’s Original Bar & Grille

Location: Exton, Pennsylvania

“Ron’s is my absolute favorite restaurant when I’m home! The menu is clearly labeled with what is gluten-free and what can be made gluten-free which is almost everything! The owner’s daughter has celiac, so they understand the risk of cross-contamination. There is a dedicated fryer and they have gluten-free pizza, wings, sandwiches, pasta and so much more. They always put allergy sticks in the food and label takeout with bright green stickers. I love Ron’s and the options are amazing!”

@celiactivist, who manages oat and celiac-gluten allergies

The Pub on Passyunk East

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I was actually able to eat a sandwich like a normal person!”

@nicurnnr, who manages wheat and celiac-gluten allergies


Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

“I have been here many times and have never had a problem. They have a huge menu that would cater to many allergies. I always get the chicken quesadilla! So delicious!”

@foodallergygrl, who manages tree nut, shellfish, and egg allergies


Blind Tiger Pub

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

“Amazing waitress who took precautions without me even asking for certain things. The food is so good! They got me different bread so it wasn’t contaminated with sesame.”

@izzytri12, who manages tree nut, fish, and sesame allergies

Street Meet The American Tavern

Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

“The waiter was very grateful for my allergy card and confirmed if there were any issues with the grill. I got a burger patty with lettuce, mustard, and a side salad. I was able to put my burger on my salad. The best thing was having a card. They were good with my allergies because it was obvious to them since they might not have the most experience with allergies. It was pretty good food, and I would recommend it to others.”

@felber6868, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, wheat, quinoa, vegetable, and celiac-gluten allergies


Daly’s Pub & Rec

Location: Park City, Utah

“I had a gluten-free burger on a gluten-free bun and fries made in a dedicated fryer!”

@glutenfreefinds, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy


DoG Street Pub

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia

“The staff strives to make every guest healthy and happy and has delicious food!”

@blabella13, who manages peanuts, tree nut, milk, shellfish, and fish allergies


Barrelhouse Pub & Pizza

Location: Cheney, Washington

“I am severely allergic to tree nuts and have safely eaten here several times. The only thing they have that contains nuts is a pesto sauce. Inform the staff of your allergy so they can ensure no cross-contamination. They make the dough themselves in the house! Also, they offer gluten-free.”

@cfillingim, who manages a tree nut allergy

Ghostfish Brewing Company Taproom + Restaurant

Location: Seattle, Washington

“Ghostfish Brewery not only has delicious gluten-free beers, but a wide selection of pub food prepared in a 100% gluten-free kitchen. I love ordering the gluten-free fish and chips with a blonde ale.”

@brenbaxter, who manages milk, wheat, and celiac-gluten allergies


James Hoban’s Irish Restaurant

Location: Washington, DC

“Very aware of how the food is cooked and prepared. Peanut and tree nut allergies were not a problem.”

@seanlasalle, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Anvil Pub & Grille

Location: Cedarburg, Wisconsin

“Wow. Such a find in an adorable town! Would definitely recommend and felt they were super on top of allergies! We all share a few dishes including their homemade pesto mozzarella sticks (they did have pine nuts which my daughter is NOT allergic to and are homemade) and mac and cheese (one of my daughters ordered and we all attacked it—seriously if you can eat dairy, Wisconsin knows their cheese!). She also had a steak sandwich made on their Forge bread that they make themselves and bake in their stone hearth oven—SO GOOD! We asked our server what kind of oil they used for their fries and she thought canola but was certain it was not a nut oil and said that no nuts ever went into the fryer so my daughter was able to safely eat the fries! Please note that our server told us the fries had a coating on them and they were very crispy so just flagging for anyone who avoids gluten to check!”

@susie, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. – Hilldale

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

“My son has multiple food allergies and we frequently eat at all of the Great Dane restaurants in the Madison area. They have an allergen menu that is easy to read and updated. Allergens are listed on the order ticket when it goes into the kitchen.”

@jbriggs, who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, egg, milk, seed, and legume allergies

Sprecher’s Restaurant and Pub

Location: Watertown, Wisconsin

“I called to check to see if they could accommodate my daughter’s dairy allergy, they were very helpful. Our server told us that they had a master list of all allergens. Excellent experience!”

@kegs1973, who manages a milk allergy

Wiseguys Pizzeria & Pub

Location: Appleton, Wisconsin

“They have gluten-free options. They will do a dairy-free pizza with their traditional sauce and toppings of your choice. A great option for taking out as dine-in can be a little slow.”

@kegs1973, who manages a milk allergy


The Golden Harp – Irish Pub Landstraße

Location: Wein, Austria

“I’m basically here (nearly) daily and they are so great. So easy to order and find safe foods. Like most restaurants here, they have the food ingredient key. Bier is bomb too. I seriously feel so cozy here.”

@toriwong, who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies


The Old Fish Factory Restaurant

Location: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

“The chef was wonderful and cooked me something that wasn’t on the menu so they could be absolutely certain what I ate was safe (they weren’t sure on a few ingredients in the initial dishes I asked about). The waitstaff was wonderful communicating my allergies with the chef.”

@danielles, who manages peanut, tree nut, soy, and legume allergies

Finbar’s Irish Pub

Location: Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I emailed the restaurant ahead of time to see if they could accommodate my allergies. It is a small kitchen, so I think a few things are pre-made, limiting what I could have, but I had a delicious allergen-free meal. They were all awesome in making it a wonderful dining experience.”

@aileenchicken, who manages tree nut, onion, fruit, and stevia allergies

3 Brasseurs Laval

Location: Laval, Québec, Canada

“Ridiculously helpful and attentive staff. Server and food runners were aware of allergies and VERY attentive. Made us feel very comfortable. Also had chart accompanying menu for items containing allergens. Fun casual restaurant. Delicious salads, burgers, and apps.”

@rkba, who manages milk and celiac-gluten allergies

Dawghouse Pub & Eatery

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

“The staff was very professional when dealing with my allergies. The waitress made sure that my order did not contain my allergens and let the kitchen know about my allergies. I had the chicken quesadilla and it was really good!”

@teresamarie, who manages peanut, tree nut, and legume allergies


Greene King

Location: Greater London, England

“Only nuts in this restaurant are at the bar. Huge binder for allergens.”

@lisajurzyk, who manages a tree nut allergy

The Centurion

Location: Corstorphine, Edinburgh, England

“This place was amazing. I went in 2017 and was allergic to egg and on a gluten-free diet at the time (in addition to my allergies to nuts/peanuts). The chef was really nice and made a gluten-free fish and chips meal for me! It was paired with peas as well. Really delicious and I was glad I could experience fish and chips while visiting the UK!”

@allergydiaries, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Pub Le Milton

Location: Annecy, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

“We ate here both nights we were in Annecy, France. This area is a bit tougher because seafood is everywhere, and of course is also at this restaurant. However, they have an allergy menu with the top 12 allergens which we found impressive. Our waiter spoke great English and was helpful. Our son had a pizza the first night and shared our fondue. The second night he had a plain green salad and a cheeseburger. While we had made it clear not to put sauce on it, they did anyhow. We pointed it out, they took it back and made him a new one. Overall, I felt good about this place.”

@splitsurround, who manages tree nut, egg, fish, and pea allergies

FOAM – Port

Location: Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

“There are two Foam locations—the smaller one is by the port but the larger is not too far away, and also calls itself a “co-working” space. Love the atmosphere of this place, it’s super cute! Gluten-free items are clearly marked. Spoke to the waitstaff and they’re knowledgeable. They also have two gluten-free beer options.”

@sustainablygfre, who manages wheat and celiac-gluten allergies


Elephant & Castle

Location: Dublin, Ireland

“Great brunch with limited peanuts/nuts!”

@jbass12, who manages peanut, tree nut, and shellfish allergies

Knox’s Pub

Location: Ennis, County Clare, Ireland

“The menu had an allergen legend that corresponded with every dish—super cool and helpful!”

@leah, who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

The Bloody Stream

Location: Howth, County Dublin, Ireland

“We were last here as a family 4 years ago. But my husband has been here two times since. The service is consistent with regard to food allergies. And now with their updated food allergen menu, it’s even better. Always be sure to notify staff of your allergens, even though their menu is so helpful. Great atmosphere. Traditional Irish Pub. Service can be slow but that doesn’t bother me when they’re taking such good care of our kids! Enjoy!”

@suekelly, who manages peanut, tree nut, soy, sesame, and celiac-gluten allergies

The Quay Street Kitchen

Location: Galway, County Galway, Ireland

“The menu was very clearly marked with all allergens in each dish! The staff was also very knowledgeable on the dishes and followed a clear protocol in dealing with allergies. Ate here with my friend who has an egg and dairy allergy!”

@reganh, who manages tree nut and mushroom allergies

Cronin’s Restaurant

Location: Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

“Nima tested gluten-free for a plain trout with steamed vegetable lunch. Ordered without the sauce just to be safe.”

@trish99, who manages a celiac-gluten allergy

The Old Stand

Location: Shanagolden, County Limerick, Ireland

“This was the first place I trusted to eat with my egg allergy. I had the best dining experience with my family. I have gone a few times and the staff is the best!”

@blackcastle31, who manages egg, crab, celery, and pineapple allergies

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