9 Allergy-Friendly Eclair Bakeries

Find allergy-friendly eclairs in our Top-Rated Eclair Guide! See reviews highlighting a 100% dedicated gluten, soy, dairy, and egg-free bakery, eclairs that are dairy and gluten-free, a bakery owner who manages celiac, chocolate eclairs that are nut and gluten-free, and more! If you’re looking for more french treats, see our Top-Rated Macaroon Guide and Top-Rated Crème Brulée Guide!

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Rheinlander Bakery

Location: Arvada, Colorado

“Owner has celiac disease and while it’s not a dedicated gluten-free facility, it has two dedicated display cases filled with gluten-free goodies. Amazing gluten-free eclairs! Dairy-free too!”

@goodforyougf who manages celiac.


Erin McKenna’s

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Erin McKenna’s Bakery is 100% dedicated gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and kosher facility with no refined sugars! Everything is amazing and we’ve had almost everything on the menu, including: pineapple upside down cake (so good!), donuts, cupcakes, cookie sandwich, and eclairs. We bought donuts each night to have a quick breakfast the next day before heading to the parks!”

@kedbach who manages celiac and milk allergies

New York


Location: New York, New York

“On Sunday, I finally got around to trying Noglu in NYC. This dedicated gluten-free bakery and cafe also has locations in Paris so I went in with high expectations of buttery and flaky pastries. We ordered a lot, including regular croissants, a chocolate croissant, cream puff, chocolate eclair, madeleine, and quiche. We also got two sandwiches – a BLT and a bacon, egg, and cheddar. My favorite items were the madeleine and the BLT. I was a little disappointed with the croissant, as it was pretty dense and not at all flaky. Additionally, I didn’t love the quiche. The problem with having as amazing of a gluten-free place as Lilac Patisserie available to me in Santa Barbara is that I find myself comparing all other gluten-free bakeries to it, and in the quiche contest, it isn’t even close. Lilac’s buttery quiche crust is unbeatable. That being said, the flavor of the madeleine and cream puff were great and I loved that they have grab and go sandwiches available at Noglu.”

@glutenfreeinsb who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergies.

Senza Gluten

Location: New York, New York

“Senza Gluten is one of my favorite places on this Earth! The whole restaurant and their sister location (the bakery) are gluten-free. They are also awesome about labeling what products contain other allergens. Everything they make tastes so authentic, and their baked goods are out of this world! The red velvet cake and the eclair are my two favorites. The staff is so genuine and kind, I cannot recommend them enough. They are shipping many products nationwide right now too!”

@celiactivist who manages celiac and oat allergies


Nuflours Bakery

Location: Seattle, Washington

“For breakfast one morning I stopped by Nuflours Bakery. The bakery is certified gluten-free! I started with a savory quiche and then had to try something sweet. I was too early for their eclairs but tried their tiramisu. The cream was delicious, and the cake was nice and moist. Definitely recommend! The street has a few cute spots as well. There was a cute bookstore/coffee shop, and one street over there were more cute spots such as a general store.”

@gflivingbk who manages celiac


Le Marquis Signature santé

Location: Quebec, Canada

“This bakery is gluten-free and this particular location is also sugar-free. They had items such as croissants and some pastries, but their other location in Little Italy had more items like their eclairs. Highly recommend if you are visiting Montreal! Also close to the gluten-free crepe spot in Little Italy, so it’s a perfect combo!”

@gflivingbk who manages celiac

Parc Sans Gluten

Location: Quebec, Canada

“Parc Sans Gluten is an entirely gluten-free bakery in Montreal. My gluten-free family members enjoyed gluten-free croissants, eclairs, and tarts! For those with nut allergies, I would avoid as they use some nuts, including peanuts, and do not separate items.”

@elise who manages celiac and peanut and tree nut allergies.


L’Éclair de génie

Location: Paris, France

“These eclairs were AMAZING! The man selling them spoke English, which was very helpful, and assured us that the eclairs we wanted didn’t have nuts. They were giving out free cookie samples, but unfortunately they had nuts (the rest of my family enjoyed them though). We brought the eclairs to a nearby park and ate them there, they were quite possibly the best eclairs I have ever had! (Though I haven’t had many eclairs, to be honest). I got the lemon-yuzu-meringue, which I loved, and my mom got the passion fruit-raspberry one. They were both absolutely delicious!”

@bakerkitten who manages tree nut allergies


CANAL – Linienstraße

Location: Berlin, Germany

“A Berlin classic, Canal has wonderful special eclairs and ice cream. Staff is super knowledgeable about allergies. My favorite here is the chocolate raspberry eclair with little pink hearts.”

@nutfreefun who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

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