41 Allergy-Friendly Crepe Spots

Find allergy-friendly crepes in our Top-Rated Crepe Guide! See reviews highlighting a shop with peanut, egg, dairy, and gluten-free crepes, dedicated prep areas for allergies, separate allergy pans and grills, and more! If you manage celiac, see our Celiac-Safe Crepe Guide!

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Crepes Paulette

Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

“Buckwheat crepes are safe! If you want a savory crepe be sure to ask that they use buckwheat. That’s the one they use for sweet crepes but it even says on the menu you can switch if you have an allergy!”
@lira9497 who manages celiac


Honey Honey Cafe & Crepery

Location: San Francisco, California

“The food here is excellent, and my peanut, tree nut daughter was able to eat safely here, and the food was delicious. While they do have allergens like nuts they keep them completely separate and the crepe you order only has contact with ingredients listed.”
@zenwoman who manages peanut, tree nut, sesame, and fruit allergies

Maldon’s Bistro

Location: Irvine, California

“If you are in Orange County, at Disney or just passing by, you must stop by here. Everything is gluten-free and made in house. They can also accommodate all allergies. You can eat everything from fried chicken, to crepes, to a french dip, and amazing cookies. The owners are super friendly and welcoming. This restaurant is a dream come true for those who suffer from celiac and other allergies. They even sell their fresh baked bread loaves to take home!”
@dsarsour who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

Stacks Pancake House

Location: Newport Beach, California

“If you are looking for yummy crepes, I would highly recommend stopping here. They are accommodating with allergies.”
@dsarsour who manages celiac and tree nut and seed allergies

Original Farmers Market

Location: Los Angeles, California

“Located at the Grove, this farmers market has a TON of options from everything from crepes, tacos, Greek food, Brazilian food, etc. Protocols depend on the booth but staff is usually friendly and helpful. The crepe place as well as Trejos tacos were very knowledgeable about their ingredients and gave suggestions for what to order based on safe foods.”
@treatpeoplewithkindness who manages tree nut, milk, soy, seed, vegetable, fruit, meat, legume, and chocolate allergies


Meli-Melo Creperie

Location: Greenwich, Connecticut

“I’ve gone here a bunch of times and they have always been able to accommodate my allergies. I went today and the server let the kitchen know about my allergies and they were able to make me a sandwich in a separate area, and it is also always written clearly on the order ticket. The crepes and specialty sandwiches are fantastic.”
@nicoleorlofsky who manages peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, and fruit allergies


Stephanie’s Crepes

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

“Dedicated gluten-free crepes with so many options! Getting both a savory and a sweet is a must. The banana and dulce de leche is my favorite!”
@passthetreats who manages a wheat allergy

Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café

Location: Doral, Florida

“Staff was very knowledgeable about food allergies and had a clear protocol. They were super attentive and the Vegan crepe was delicious. We had the vegan batter crepe, with cookie butter and safe Oreos. No milk, eggs, or peanuts!”
@eunice who manages peanut, milk, and egg allergies


Cream of the Crepe

Location: Park Ridge, Illinois

“They were very educated about allergies and knew exactly what items on the menu were safe. When I told them that I was allergic to nuts, they changed gloves and utensils and deep cleaned the equipment. They also kept all orders with nuts away from my food and made sure there was no cross-contact. I had the Banana Berry crepe and the strawberry smoothie and they were really delicious.”
@isabel48 who manages tree nut, sesame, and chickpea allergies

Little Creperie

Location: Clarendon Hills, Illinois

“The crepes are AMAZING! They have crepes to satisfy sweet or savory or whatever you’re in the mood for! Not to mention they have a dedicated prep area for allergens”
@reganh who manages milk and egg allergies


Courtyard Cafe

Location: Hammond, Louisiana

“I had a breakfast bagel and a strawberry and chocolate crepe. Both amazing and the staff is accommodating.”
@benjilover13! who manages a milk allergy

Holy Crepes!

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

“Thank God for Holy Crepes! This place is a great stop while you’re cruising around the French Quarter. They make their gluten-free, buckwheat crepes on a separate crepe pan and up front so there’s no worries about cross-contamination. Every crepe flavor on the menu can be made gluten-free, both sweet and savory. My only complaint is they could be bigger but I’ll just order two next time.”
@andglutenfree who manages celiac and an oyster allergy


Paris Crêperie

Location: Brookline, Massachusetts

“The Paris Crêperie makes me feel SO safe when I go there. Their menu indicates which crepes can be made gluten-free, and when I asked for the gluten-free version the employee asked if I had an allergy. They have a separate grill they use, and she warned me that it would take extra time to make since there was only one. When I got my crepe to-go, there was an allergy sticker on the outside and it even had been signed by the person who made it. I felt so safe and reassured eating it. I also asked about one of the sauces to make sure it was gluten-free and the employee went to check with the kitchen for me. I got a savory crepe with turkey, gruyère, bacon, and chipotle mayo and it was heavenly. Seriously such an amazing place, a must try if you are in the Boston area!”
@celiactivist who manages celiac and an oat allergy

Pleasant and Main Cafe General Store

Location: Great Barrington, Massachusetts

“Omg! The most eclectic and unique dining experience. The place is a collection of the most random antiques, books, and random items. They also have gluten-free crepes. It definitely feels like a homey mom-and-pop type place and they will probably make you whatever you want. If you go outside they have friendly chipmunks you can feed and watch run around the garden. They do feed peanuts to the chipmunks, so if you have a severe peanut allergy I recommend staying away. I got an egg white farmers veggie omelet, they use vegetable oil on their potatoes, no butter. The greens for their side salads are so fresh and perfect! Definitely worth the stop in just to look around!”
@allergytravelr who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, grains, msg, histamine, and fruit allergies

Starving Artist Creperie and Cafe

Location: Lee, Massachusetts

“This place uses fresh produce and any menu item can be made gluten-free and/or vegan! Including their crepes! The gluten-free vegan crepes use buckwheat flour and soy milk, neither of which I can have but worth noting! It’s a small kitchen so cross-contamination is possible, but they’re very allergy aware here. They have a nut-free blender as well and clean them between uses. So I was able to safely get a smoothie, which is very rare for me! Overall adorable place with local art hanging on the walls for purchase!”
@allergytravelr who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, grains, msg, histamine, and fruit allergies


Gildas’ Lake Street Bakery

Location: Boyne City, Michigan

“They were SO kind! They have NO peanuts in the store and were helpful in finding safe options for me, even using new utensils, cleaning crepe prep areas, and cutting from new batches of pastries! The place also has a beautiful atmosphere and food that was out of this world. One of the best food experiences I’ve had. However, for severe tree nut allergies, there are almonds and pecans in the bakery.”
@mevola475 who manages peanut and tree nut allergies



Location: St. Louis, Missouri

“My son was able to get the vegan crepes. He enjoyed his breakfast. This is the first breakfast item he’s been able to eat in a restaurant in years.”
@alohabailey who manages peanut, tree nut, sesame, shellfish, milk, and egg allergies


Mon Ami Gabi

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

“Great food! Server asked about allergies right when we sat down. Had a great omelette and even crepes for dessert. Highly recommend this restaurant!”
@rickymiami1 who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

New York

Bar Suzette

Location: New York, New York

“You find the coolest places to eat in the city. If you are in the Chelsea market it’s worth trying Bar Suzette a stand in the market dedicated to sweet and savory crepes. I had no issues with my allergies but I also came with my friend who is allergic to nuts. While they have nuts on the menu they were very clear on their protocol to avoid cross-contamination. All nuts are out in in a separate area. She safely ate a crepe. There used to be gluten-free options but I think they took them away, it’s worth asking about if you go.”
@edenc4 who manages soy, carrot, and fruit allergies

TAP NYC | 100% Gluten-Free Sandwiches & Acai Bowls

Location: New York, New York

“This is my favorite lunch place ever! It’s 100% gluten-free and they have amazing food like tapioca crepes. The cheese bread is to die for it’s so good. I avoid the açaí bowls for nuts, but the crepes are fine, and the pesto is basil.”
@nutsfornogluten who manages celiac and peanut and tree nut allergies

North Carolina

Penny Path Café & Crêpe Shop

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

“I had such a great experience here. Once the server came over and I started asking questions, they informed me they could make just about any crepe vegan, gluten-free and nut-free. I asked if they could make the crepe batter gluten-free and vegan (I have an egg allergy), and nut-free and they could. They even had a dedicated area to make my crepe, including cleaning it down again just to be extra safe. I ended up ordering a savory crepe. Food portions were quite generous and it was quite tasty. We wanted to go back for a sweet crepe but we were so full! I also ordered the vanilla chai latte with oat milk, which was delicious. Overall a fabulous experience and I’m excited to go back again soon. He did mention the house cream wasn’t vegan AND nut-free. I’m not 100% sure if they could make it vegan and not nut-free, but just wanted to flag that for anyone with dairy allergies.”
@laurenliz12 who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, and egg allergies


La Tartine

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania

“La Tartine has excellent fresh Mediterranean food! The owner is so kind and always asks about allergies versus preferences. The gluten-free crepes and wraps are delicious and exceptionally fresh!”
@amc1001 who manages celiac and shellfish allergies

South Carolina

Queen Street Grocery

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

“Gluten-free Crepes! This is one of the best kept secrets of Charleston, as this is in a residential area in the city. They have some of the best gluten-free crepes, bursting with ingredients and flavor. You can’t go wrong with any of the options! Sit outside to take in the Charleston air and feel like a local.”
@jtchambers222 who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, and pea allergies


Red Bicycle Coffee & Crêpes

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

“Gluten-free and nut-free crepes! Red Bicycle has some great coffee and the best crepes in the city! They offer both savory and sweet crepes (the savory ones are my favorite). Check out all of their Nashville area locations! I will warn for nut allergies they might have some cross-contamination with the crepes (some contain peanut butter and pesto) so be sure to tell them your allergy when you order or order another one of their amazing items, like the tacos!”
@jtchambers222 who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, and pea allergies


The Skinny Pancake

Location: Burlington, Vermont

“The Skinny Pancake makes really amazing crepes and they offer a gluten-free and vegan batter made from chickpeas! I thought it was so so delicious. The staff assured us that they would clean the crepe maker and make mine separately because I indicated I had an allergy. I felt good after, and the crepes were so good that we ended up going again the next day!”
@celiactivist who manages celiac and an oat allergy


Sweet Berry

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

“I go to Sweet Berry all the time. The staff is super nice about allergens and they have a binder for it. While they do have nuts, I’ve never had a problem there and they’ve been safe when they make my crepe or scoop my gelato.”
@allergyanj who manages peanut, tree nut, shrimp, sesame, and legume allergies


Cochon Dingue

Location: Québec, Canada

“We ate breakfast here with nut allergies. We are okay with cross-contamination, but they assured us that the crepes the kids chose were free of nuts. Food was good and the waiter spoke English.”
@lattelauren who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Le Veravin

Location: Québec, Canada

“Went here for dinner and came back again for brunch it was so amazing! Menu is 97% gluten-free because owner has a gluten intolerance, obviously because it’s not a dedicated restaurant there is a chance for cross-contamination but the first question we were asked upon entering was if we were gluten-free/managed celiac and they were very knowledgeable and informative! For dinner I had amazing gluten-free fish and chips, as well as fried calamari, and maple crepes, AMAZING! For brunch I had and egg and meat plate with gluten-free toast and more crepes! It is a stop you HAVE to make if there is a gluten allergy in your party. Worth mentioning that they only usually have one to two staff on hand so it can be a wait for service, but the ambiance is nice and the food is amazing so it is very much worth the wait.”
@hannadonofrio who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


Brasserie Flottes

Location: Paris, France

“This fantastic gem is great with allergies and has limited nuts on the menu. I noted the allergy on my online reservation and the manager immediately acknowledged it as we were sitting for dinner and then our waiter reiterated that he would take care of us and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. So friendly and so careful with the allergy. My daughter even enjoyed Parisian bread and chocolate crepes. Wonderful from start to finish!”
@lbedwell who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Creperie Parisienne

Location: Paris, France

“When we got to Paris, we were determined to find safe crepes. We found this spot near the Louvre with buckwheat crepes. A very nice man (maybe the owner?) answered all of our questions and showed us all of the labels. They do not use peanuts, they do use a chocolate hazelnut drizzle (but is not spread or cooked with in the prep area), and use sunflower oil on the crepe griddle. They also have a smaller selection of crepes available for takeaway. We loved our crepes, we came here twice in two days! Would highly recommend giving Crepes Parisienne a visit if you are near the Louvre. The staff will make sure you are accommodated and safe!”
@elise who manages celiac and peanut and tree nut allergies

Happy Caffé

Location: Paris, France

“Great place for coffee, pastries and crepes! Only almonds and hazelnuts on the menu, so no issues for us. Super friendly as well!”
@lbedwell who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


Location: Nice, France

“They make a great gluten-free crepe, and the staff is also very alert about nut allergy and can manage it very safely.”
@arunsiyer who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, wheat, seed, and legumes allergies


Valentino Crepes

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

“This place is on the main strip of downtown Thessaloniki. There are tons of shops and restaurants around the area, but a little touristy. The crepes were 4€ and absolutely delicious. You can add any toppings you would like and there are no nuts used anywhere. I’ve attached a photo of my friends and I eating inside the place!”
@nikosarles who manages a tree nut allergy


Jay Kays Cafe

Location: Dublin, Ireland

“Some limited nuts on the menu. Kids got crepes with Oreos and white chocolate in them without issue. They do have Nutella for crepes but no peanuts that I saw. Menu well labeled.”
@lattelauren who manages peanut and tree nut allergies


GROM – Il Gelato Come Una Volta

Location: Venice, Italy

“This place is the best! It’s 100% gluten-free and you can find this gelato shop all over Italy. We visited a Grom in every city we travelled to and it always made our day. They have so many delicious flavors and the cones are made fresh. They even have crepes!”
@andglutenfree who manages celiac and an oyster allergy

La Milkeria

Location: Florence, Italy

“The staff was very helpful and even brought out the package for the gelato machine. The gelato wasn’t safe, but she was able to eat a crepe with berries.”
@zenwoman who manages peanut, tree nut, sesame, and fruit allergies

La Galine

Location: Rome, Italy

“Amazing place for lunch! Best place I’ve had so far here. All allergens are listed clearly on the menu and nothing contained peanuts! I told my waitress who clearly understood me and assured me that I would be fine but she would tell the chef regardless. Have had the bruschetta, ham and cheese crepes, and ragu gnoochi. All were delicious and felt totally safe! They do have breakfast pastries which I assume have some nuts, but have not seen those yet so cannot comment on them. Incredible environment too. Understood english well.”
@elliegust who manages a peanut allergy


Pancakes Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

“There are locations across Amsterdam, but they are known for their offerings of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan pancakes. They have gluten-free and dairy-free Dutch pancakes (thin, almost like a crepe) and varieties of these on the menu that are clearly marked with allergens. They were good— not the best ever but just standard pancakes, which are a treat if you are gluten-free/dairy-free. It’s a nice spot for breakfast or brunch!”
@alutin who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, shellfish, vegetable, fruit, and grain allergies


OHLINDA (Tapiocaria)

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

“GLUTEN-FREE CREPE HEAVEN! Must have when in Lisbon, Portugal.”
@jmurphy who manages celiac and tree nut, soy, milk, wheat, fruit, and vegetable allergies


Crêperie & Logi

Location: Innerstaden, Sweden

“Insane crepes, both savory and sweet. Only almonds, pine nuts and hazelnuts (in Nutella) on the menu. Not nuts that we have to worry about, so we were good to go! Delicious too!”
@lbedwell who manages peanut and tree nut allergies

Crêperiet | Lund

Location: Centrala Staden, Sweden

“My favorite breakfast! Most breakfast places are cafe with a ton of nuts and cross-contamination, so was so happy to find this crepe restaurant with an accommodating kitchen! They made my crepes on a clean stove and eliminated any cross-contamination. Obsessed with it here!”
@izzytri12 who manages tree nut, fish, and sesame allergies

United Kingdom

Cocomelt London

Location: London, United Kingdom

“This dessert shop is the find of all finds in London if you have a nut allergy and love crepes, chocolate and other desserts! I wandered in to ask about their nut policy and was shocked when they said that they are nut-free except for one item (brownies) that are kept in a separate container. If you go on their website you will see that their chocolate is nut-free and they explain their allergy protocol which I was very comfortable with. We had mini pancakes with white chocolate on a skewer, strawberries w chocolate, waffles with strawberries, bananas and chocolate and a crepe. Everything was unreal! They also state on the website that gluten-free items are available but you should call first bc they are popular and often run out of. A definite MUST if you are in London!”
@stephsorkin who manages tree nut, shellfish, and seed allergies

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