15 Vegan Sushi Restaurants

It’s Veganuary and we are rolling out a Vegan Sushi Restaurant Guide! Not only is this a dream guide for anyone allergic to fish or shellfish (and naturally dairy and egg allergies) but we also found peanut-free kitchens and sesame-free options too. See the top 15 spots across the U.S., Canada, and even the Netherlands.

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California | Hawaii | Illinois | New York | Canada | Netherlands

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Ma-Kin Vegan Sushi

Location: Agoura Hills, California

“Omg… this place is unbelievably delicious!! The staff was so kind and attentive. The restaurant is fully dairy-free & vegan and the menu is clearly labeled with which items are gluten-free or have a gluten-free option. The rolls were simply amazing and I already am dreaming of coming back! What an amazing place for people with dairy, fish, and egg allergies! Plus, they have a full cooked menu that looks delicious and even vegan cheesecake for dessert.”

@jennatso8, who manages egg, milk, and meat allergies

Vegan Castle

Location: Long Beach, California

“Loved trying this fully vegan sushi restaurant in Long Beach, CA! I got the crispy spicy tuna roll and the red dragon roll and was obsessed! Completely safe for those with milk, egg, shellfish, or fish allergies! Highly recommend this hole-in-the-wall small business.”

@jennatso8, who manages egg, milk, and meat allergies


Location: Los Angeles, California

“Dedicated gluten-free and vegan sushi. The waitstaff asked for all allergies in our party and pointed out items containing allergens. The restaurant is on the pricier end, but totally worth the splurge. We split several rolls, definitely recommend the dragon roll”

@reavey, who manages celiac

Naughty Vegan パンダ

Location: Pasadena, California

“LOVED my meal here! It was so awesome to get vegan chicken teriyaki and sushi! This place is definitely not safe for soy or sesame allergies, but has lots of nut-free and gluten-free options and is 100% safe for those of us with egg, shellfish, fish, and dairy allergies! They have the most fun sushi rolls, which were my favorite part!”

@jennatso8, who manages egg, milk, and meat allergies

The Yasai: Plant-Based Japanese Experience

Location: San Diego, California

“Loved this vegan Japanese spot in a shared space! If you have fish allergies or choose to not eat traditional sushi for whatever reason, this is a great option! My dad ordered regular sushi that was made in a separate prep area and I ordered the vegan bento box and loved it!”

@jennatso8, who manages egg, milk, and meat allergies

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar and Izakaya

Location: San Francisco, California

“I ate at this fully vegan sushi bar and izakaya last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I’m not sure how safe this place would be for nut allergies, as I’m not sure what their cream cheeses are made from, but as someone with a dairy and egg allergy, it was awesome to get to try things I can never usually order like a Philadelphia roll. You must get the Boddy and Soul roll—so good! We loved this place but definitely have to get a reservation here and be warned that it’s pricey.”

@jennatso8, who manages egg, milk, and meat allergies

Narita Vegan Sushi

Location: Santa Monica, California

“This place has unreal vegan sushi! I am in love! I got the Baked Lobster Roll and the 911 roll, both are so so flavorful! They do use a lot of soy and sesame, but as far as other top allergens, they are very allergy-friendly. An awesome option for people with milk/shellfish allergies. I would double-check with the staff, but I don’t think they use nuts either!”

@jennatso8, who manages egg, milk, and meat allergies


Location: Westminister, California

“Had the most amazing sushi from this fully vegan sushi place in Orange County! I highly recommend the Crunchy California and Spider rolls. Such a great treat for those with milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies! Highly recommend”

@jennatso8, who manages egg, milk, and meat allergies


Cafe O’Lei Kihei

Location: Kihei, Hawaii

“We had a nice dinner with options for everyone in our party here! I had a salad and vegan sushi. Good place.”

@bellavoix67, who manages milk and garlic allergies

Tane Vegan Izakaya

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

“Tane Vegan Izakaya is a 100% plant-based sushi restaurant. As someone who is allergic to fish and shellfish, I was so excited to try it. My whole family enjoyed the innovative dishes, and I can’t wait to go back again one day. There are many items that can be made gluten-free and most are nut-free.”

@amandayoung03, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies


PLANTA Queen | Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Great vegan sushi! Everything is dairy-free. It honestly tastes almost like real fish.”

@beckyd144, who manages a milk allergy

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Location: Naperville, Illinois

“Been here twice. They have a huge gluten-free menu! Great with prep, and I always inform them I have celiac and a dairy allergy, and the servers are very knowledgeable on what may have dairy off the gluten-free menu. I have not gotten sick! I LOVE that they have vegan sushi, too; made satisfying my cravings for sushi while pregnant possible!”

@chronicallygf, who manages celiac and a milk allergy

New York

Beyond Sushi

Location: New York, New York

“Super yummy vegan food! I tried the Spicy Mang roll and Shiitake Truffle Dumplings. They have a lunch special where you can order two things for $15. I called before and confirmed that these dishes had no nuts, and they confidently told me there weren’t.”

@amandayoung03, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies


Komomo by Sushi Momo

Location: Montréal, Quebec

“Take out restaurant for Sushi Momo (but separate kitchen). They have a separate menu for gluten and soy-free options. They do not have peanuts in the komomo kitchen but since it is vegan sushi, they do use other tree nuts as dairy substitutes. Staff were willing to answer all my questions!!”

@elise, who manages celiac and peanut and hazelnut allergies

The Netherlands

Vegan Sushi Bar

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Delicious food with friendly staff that spoke English! They had allergens listed on their menu.”

@emilycat14, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, sesame, milk, and egg allergies

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