Toronto Dairy and Egg Allergy-Friendly Travel Itinerary

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Hey there, I’m Jenna and I’m 23 years old! I live in Los Angeles and am allergic to dairy, eggs, beef, and pork. I recently traveled to Toronto, Canada to visit some college friends! I loved catching up with friends and going back to some of our all time favorite allergy-friendly spots like Fresh Restaurants and trying new ones like Nabati, a fully vegan Egyptian restaurant. Check out all of the places I ate on Spokin @jennatso8 and keep up with the rest of my adventures on Instagram @tsoyum!


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Brunch: bloomer’s Queen

This place has the best donuts I’ve ever had! Everything is vegan. Be aware, they do have some donuts with nuts in them but their labeling is very clear and they take extra cautions. I highly highly recommend this place! They also clearly label what is gluten-free and what isn’t! The staff is very communicative and aware.

Dinner: Fresh Restaurants

This is hands down one of the most allergy-friendly restaurants on the planet. There are so many options for people with all dietary restrictions and the food, drinks, vibes, and desserts are always immaculate! I love ordering the BBQ burger in a wrap with onion rings. It is so hearty and their onion rings are made with quinoa—so delicious!

Cocktails: Midnight Market

This is an amazing Asian fusion bar in the heart of College West. Highly recommend for a fun night out with friends! The music and drinks are incredible—personal favorites cocktails were the Ivy Song and Kyoto Sunset. Didn’t try the food because most of it contained dairy or eggs but their cucumber salad looked allergy-friendly!


We sat in Trinity Bellwoods and walked down Queen Street West!


Lunch: Eat Nabati

I was so excited to try this fully vegan Egyptian spot. I got the Mama Shawarma bowl and it was so hearty and delicious! I believe they use soy in their shawarma, but this place is very safe and accommodating for most allergies! The bowls and pitas are very veggie-forward and everything was amazing!

Dinner: La Bartola

This is a vegan Mexican restaurant with AMAZING tacos. I got the taco sampler plate with hibiscus tacos, cactus tacos, and their carne asada. This place is super allergy-friendly and knowledgeable. They have tons of options for people with gluten and nut allergies but do use nuts in some of their tacos. Overall, highly recommend checking this dairy-free Mexican spot out!

Cocktails: Rhum Corner

This is an adorable Caribbean bar across from a beautiful park, Trinity Bellwoods. Their cocktails are to die for and the patio is adorable. A perfect date spot or intimate night with friends! I couldn’t eat most of their food due to my allergens so I stuck to drinks here. I got the Zombie and loved it!


I walked through Kensington Market!


Dinner: Fat Choi

I loved eating at this amazing Malaysian restaurant that is fully vegan. I got the roti and was obsessed! The staff was knowledgeable and attentive when it came to dietary restrictions. I highly recommend!

Treat: Hype Food Co.

A completely allergy-friendly and nut-free bakery! Sign me up! I love the Dole Whip at this bakery that also serves savory items. The staff is amazing and extremely knowledgeable about all allergies. I’ve never felt so safe in a restaurant!


I walked down Ossington Avenue!


Dinner: Si Lom Thai Bistro

I loved the cocktails and the vegan menu at this amazing Thai restaurant. I got the vegan pad see ew and loved it! I highly recommend if you are avoiding animal products and want to enjoy delicious Thai food.


I visited the Art Gallery of Ontario!

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