Top Rated Celiac and Milk Allergy-Friendly Pizza Restaurants

See pizza places where people with celiac and a milk allergy shared reviews highlighting gluten-free crusts, dairy-free cheese, and even a restaurant owned by a food allergy parent! If you’ve found a milk allergy and celiac-friendly pizza place, please share a review on the Spokin app! This guide was published on 2/9/2023.

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Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

“A huge gluten-free menu for Italian food! They only serve one item that contains gluten and that is regular pizza. They do an amazing job at avoiding cross contamination and have separate prep areas for the gluten-free pizzas. I love to order the cheese bread, meatballs, pizza, and apple crisp. They also have a huge vegan menu.”

@eatglutenfreeaz who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


Marco’s Coal Fired Pizzeria | Ballpark

Location: Denver, Colorado

“Had the best gluten-free pizza of my life! Heads up that the menu lists it’s made with below parts per million wheat ingredient. On their website they say “Our gluten-free pizza crust is made with Antico Molino Caputo Fiore Glut – Gluten-free flour mix. This “blend of rice and potato starches, rice and soy flour, sugar, thickeners and dietary fiber”, combined with our daily preparation and hand-stretched techniques ensure that our gluten-free pizzas are some of the best available. Although we are not a gluten-free facility, our gluten-free pizzas are prepared with their own utensils and cooked in their own wood-fired oven to prevent any cross-contamination.”

@sally who manages celiac and egg, milk, and mustard allergies


Joey’s Pizza & Pasta House

Location: Marco Island, Florida

“They have delicious gluten-free pizza crust and gluten-free pasta.”

@paigeflory who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

Pinocchio Village Haus

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Everyone here went above and beyond for our son. We spoke with the manager and chef who were both very helpful in finding something safe for our son when with no reservation required. They brought out a very organized binder with the label for everything in every recipe. Even with needing to avoid many ingredients, we ordered a gluten-free vegan cheese pizza that was free of all allergies including tapioca, cassava, konjac, and annatto. Our son ate almost the whole thing, which was HUGE!”

@chronicfam who manages celiac and peanut, milk, egg, wheat, chicken, fruit, and vegetable allergies

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

“They have awesome gluten-free free pizza. They take gluten allergies seriously. They change their gloves and use ingredients from a separate containers to avoid cross contamination. I’ve earned there for many years and have never been glutened.”

@daroberts05 who manages celiac and grain, milk, and vegetable allergies


Your Pie Pizza

Location: Cumming, Georgia

“We ate pizza without getting hives! I went in prior to the dinner rush to review all the ingredients in what my son would order. The staff was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. When we returned for dinner, they made his pizza in a dedicated area, made sure his table area was clean (dairy allergy is contact and ingestion), and the pizza was great. My pizza without tomato sauce was delicious! Will definitely be returning.”

@mshoemake who manages celiac and milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, seed, vegetable, grain, meat, and chocolate allergies

Your Pie Pizza

Location: Fayetteville, Georgia

“The owner is amazing about making sure the gluten-free pizzas are prepared correctly for celiacs!”

@jarfam91 who manages celiac and coconut, milk, and wheat allergies


The Warehouse Bar & Pizzeria Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Love this place! They have gluten-free buns and such good gluten free pizza! No dedicated fryer, so I substituted my fries for grilled veggies, but they give you a lot of options! Amazing!”

@sydarrandt who manages celiac and a milk allergy


Location: Chicago, Illinois

“They offer gluten-free crust as well as vegan cheese for the pizzas.”

@paigeflory who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies.

Robert’s Pizza and Dough Company

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Loved the gluten-free pizza! Great spot in River West along the river!”

@paigeflory who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

Spacca Napoli Pizzeria

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“They offer gluten-free crust! Authentic Italian pizza.”

@paigeflory who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

Pizzeria Portofino

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“My waitress was very educated on the ingredients in the dishes. They have a gluten-free pizza crust and gluten-free pasta, but the pizza crust does have some dairy in it. The restaurant is beautiful and the food was great!”

@maddyarend who manages celiac and a milk allergy

Roots Handmade Pizza

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“They serve house-made gluten-free crust (a rarity!) The restaurant is family-friendly and they also offer delivery.”

@rachelr who manages celiac and a milk allergy


Location: Naperville, Illinois

“They have amazing options for dairy-free/vegan and gluten-free pizza! They are really attentive to allergies and are were extremely helpful over the phone. In addition, they have a vegan menu and gluten-free menu!”

@messi98 who manages celiac and milk, wheat, and grain allergies

Gallina Pizza

Location: Springfield, Illinois

“I got a gluten-free pizza. They also had vegan cheese available!”

@sisi who manages celiac and milk, wheat, and grain allergies


Cottage Inn Pizza

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I have eaten here once but I am happy to report that they have dairy-free, gluten-free pizza. They have plant-based Violife mozzarella cheeze offered as an option for all the pizzas (with no upcharge!). I agree with them/their website that this is one of the best plant-based cheeses around. This “cheese” is delicious and especially safe because it’s gluten, soy free, and nut free. Cottage Inn is a local chain in the Michigan an Ann Arbor area, so there are other restaurants by this name that offer similar things..”

@revka who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


Location: Manistee, Michigan

“We had a simple pepperoni pizza. The gluten-free is a cauliflower crust, which is divine. It didn’t taste gluten-free at all—my gluten eating partner even agreed that it was the best gluten-free pizza we’ve had in Manistee.”

@mdceliac who manages celiac and a milk allergy


Randy’s Pizza Salute

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

“This is the only safe pizza place we can go to and it’s the best. They are 100% gluten-free and very good about allergies. The pizza is amazing!”

@jodie143jc who manages celiac and a milk allergy


La Bohème Restaurant

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

“Fantastic gluten-free pizza crust! It’s made from scratch by the chef. Highly recommend. Brunch and dinner were both amazing. Will be going back.”

@kaylacappiello who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and wheat allergies

Urban CoalHouse Pizza + Bar

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

“Love love love their gluten-free pizza! The white pizza, the buffalo pizza and their prosciutto pizza on gluten-free crust are fantastic.”

@kaylacappiello who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and wheat allergies

Napoli’s Pizza

Location: Hoboken, New Jersey

“Their gluten-free crust is wonderful! You can make any pizza gluten-free. I consistent get the chipotle bruschetta pizza and when you order gluten-free, the waitstaff knows to sub the crust AND sub breaded chicken for grilled chicken on the pizza. Very good food. They also have a brunch pizza with eggs on it that you can get gluten-free!”

@kaylacappiello who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and wheat allergies

Two Boots Pizza

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

“I’ve only ever ordered delivery from here, so I can’t speak to the prep space, but I have never suspected cross contamination with their gluten-free pizza. It comes in their medium size and is homemade. It’s DELICIOUS. They also have vegan cheese if that’s your thing. My go-to pizza place in Jersey City!”

@alutin who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, shellfish, avocado, apple, and meat allergies

The Godfather of Morristown

Location: Morristown, New Jersey

“Great gluten-free pizza! Great topping options. This is my go-to pizza place in Morristown.”

@kaylacappiello who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and wheat allergies



Location: New York, New York

“This is probably the best gluten-free pizza I’ve had! The crust tastes great and has bubbles in it so you know it’s not the frozen kind! You can put whatever toppings on it and the sauce is really good on its own. Sooooo delicious! A+”

@allergytravelr who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, fruit, and grain allergies

Senza Gluten

Location: New York, New York

“Senza Gluten is one of my favorite gluten-free bakeries! They offer such a wide variety of items from breads, to pizza crusts, to pastries, and they even offer shipping on a lot of their items. It’s really cool that we can enjoy them at home. They have always shipped very quickly and arrive extremely fresh.”

@cilantroseafoam who manages celiac and milk, soy, wheat and grain allergies

Kesté Pizza & Vino

Location: New York, New York

“They use Caputo gluten-free flour for their gluten-free pizzas. It was THE best gluten-free pizza that I’ve ever had. My boyfriend liked the gluten-free even more than his gluten-full pizza. Staff was super accommodating and the place has a nice vibe”

@alutin who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, shellfish, avocado, apple, and meat allergies

Pizzeria Bacio

Location: Poughkeepsie, New York

“This place does not specialize in allergies. However, they do offer gluten-free pizza, and now vegan cheese pizza is available upon request. Gluten-free substitutions are available for their pasta dishes as well. It’s a tasty enough option, especially nice to have when eating with folks with no allergies. I only ever have ordered out.”

@caitinpk who manages celiac and peanut, milk, egg, soy, and wheat allergies


Pieology Pizzeria

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

“Pieology is a build-your-own pizza bar. They offer gluten-free pizza as well as Daiya vegan cheese. They ask if you are gluten-free by allergy or choice. When it’s by allergy, they change gloves before handling your pizza, and have separate sauces, oils, etc. that are used only for gluten-free pizzas. The best part—no extra charge for any allergy substitutions! No matter what you get or how many toppings you choose it’s just $9.00!”

@camoser who manages celiac and grain, egg, milk, and peanut allergies


Mandy’s Pizza

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Great experience! Owner’s son is a food allergy parent and gets it! Good food and safe options!”

@phmommy who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, shellfish, milk, soy, wheat, strawberry, and legume allergies


Plant City

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

“Their Bianca pizza is AMAZING! You can opt to have it be gluten-free and the entire place is already plant-based/vegan. They do use nuts, so be aware of that. But the flavor is AMAZING. My non-vegan and non-gluten free friends are also obsessed with this place!”

@druzzieb who manages celiac and milk, soy, and wheat allergies


Pie Society

Location: San Marcos, Texas

“They offer dairy-free cheese options, however I have yet to try them, but the gluten-free crust is so yummy and you can’t tell a difference from “normal” pizza crust! Sometimes they can run out of gluten free crust, so be sure you call ahead!”

@brip002 who manages celiac and milk, soy, and chicken allergies


Via 313 Pizza

Location: Orem, Utah

“I have ordered the gluten-free deep dish pizza with vegan cheese multiple times. Each time I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven—it’s everything you thought you’d never have again and more.”

@meganwalters who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies



Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

“I went here as they are known to have good gluten-free pizza in Copenhagen, but what I got was one of the best gluten-free pizzas I’ve ever had. They said that the gluten-free pizzas were prepared in a dedicated area, and they have vegan cheese if you’re dairy-free. They quality of the food was incredible and the pizza crust, in particular, was nice and thin. I went back a second time because it was so good and finding gluten-free options in Copenhagen can be tough. This pizza place is one of a few locations around Copenhagen— but this one in particular has an amazing view of the canal if eating outside.”

@alutin who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, shellfish, avocado, apple, beef and chicken allergies

Mona Lisa

Location: Odense, Denmark

“I had the pizza, but they also had pasta! They take food allergies very serious and are very happy to help.”

@minimie17 who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


Pizzeria Bella Roma Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

“The owner was so nice and was able to help me curate my own gluten-free, dairy-free pizza. The crust was thick, and they were generous with the toppings. If you want a good meal somewhere that is open late, I would suggest trying this spot!”

@alutin who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, shellfish, avocado, apple, and meat allergies



Location: Gros Islet, St. Lucia

“This Italian restaurant at the all-inclusive Royalton in St. Lucia was a dream come true! They had the allergy-friendly meals clearly marked on the menu and the staff was very knowledgeable. They had gluten-free pizza and pasta on their menu so we ate here multiple times! Their Caesar salad can be made gluten-free without croutons. I got their gluten-free pesto pasta and gluten-free margarita pizza. They also have a carousel salad that’s gluten-free which was amazing.”

@kaylacappiello who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and wheat allergies.

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