How 12 EpiPen’s Saved Ali Jaffe’s Life

One of the most reported topics in the news recently has been the skyrocketing price of EpiPen®. The escalating price means that at best, legions of families will feel an enormous financial strain and worst case, food allergic families will go without this life-saving device. Consumers have responded in droves.


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Ali Jaffe, 24, has used an EpiPen® 12 times to cope with life-threatening allergic reactions. Ali lives in New York City and works at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“I have never felt that having these allergies inhibits me. If anything good has come out of the recent pricing controversy, it’s that this portable lifesaving injection called the EpiPen® has become a household name. Now people who don’t have food allergies know how indispensable it is for those who need it.”


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