151 Places for Dairy Allergy-Friendly Desserts

See restaurants for safe desserts where people managing a milk allergy shared reviews highlighting vegan cheesecake, dairy-free cannolis, dairy-free milkshakes, and more. If you’ve found a safe dessert at a restaurant, please share a review on the Spokin app. This guide was published on 11/17/23.


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The Sunflower Cafe

Location: Fairhope, Alabama

We just love the Sunflower Cafe!!! They have so many fresh, artisanal, unique menu items that are delicious!!! I’m torn between saying my favorite menu item is the dairy/peanut/egg/gluten-free chicken salad sandwich or the tofu curry dish. Both are fantastic! They are GREAT with food allergies, considering most of their items are dairy, egg, and gluten free anyways. They have lots of vegan options, and are very knowledgable and understanding regarding food allergies and cross contamination. Catch them on the right day, and they’re bound to have a vegan dessert as well!!

@allergystrategy, who manages peanut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies


Cork and Catch

Location: Cottonwood, Arizona

Very accommodating and knowledgeable. If you want a vegan dessert call the day before and they will guarantee one will be there for you.

@danirosewho manages celiac and soy, wheat, and milk allergies

Intentional Foods

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Seriously one of the best restaurants I’ve ever visited! The island pork was so delicious! Their lemon bar was my favorite dessert and the pop tarts were amazing as well! I would visit weekly if I were a local. Can’t wait to take another trip to Arizona just for Intentional Foods. The staff were so helpful and nice and shared my genuine joy of things being safe and yummy.

@elledairyfree, who manages a milk allergy

Giving Tree Cafe

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

“100% gluten-free and vegan restaurant as well as organic. Amazing lion’s mane mushroom tacos as well as gluten-free and vegan desserts.”

@eatglutenfreeaz, who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

Tocaya Modern Mexican

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

“Burrito Mexicano or a quesadilla!! The whole menu base is vegan, and you choose your protein and cheese option. They have 2 vegan cheese options. Desserts are also all dairy free but are based with almond milk so avoid if tree nut allergy. They have an extremely in depth allergy chart available at the register upon request”

@serenesafe, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, and sesame allergies

True Food Kitchen

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

“All I’ll say is that if I can find great food there, you probably can too. Also the desserts are all free of most allergies(my favorite is the squash pie).”

@ssallergic, who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, egg, barley, rye, meat, citrus, vegetable, shellfish, and chocolate allergies

Green New American Vegetarian

Location: Tempe, Arizona

Vegan restaurant- no milk or eggs in the building. Helpful labeling for gluten allergies. Peanuts and some tree nuts present in the back so emphasize cleaning to avoid CC. Mostly soy based dairy alternatives. Highly recommend the buffalo wings, the samosas, any of the burgers and highly HIGHLY recommend the tsoynami soft serve soy ice cream!

@serenesafe, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, and sesame allergies

Vivace Restaurant

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Clearly labeled DF entrees and dessert. Food and service along with Covid protocols were top-notch. Pricey but phenomenal.

@kegs1973, who manages a milk allergy


Ma-Kin Vegan Sushi

Location: Agoura Hills, California

“Omg… this place is unbelievably delicious!! The staff was so kind and attentive. The restaurant is fully dairy-free & vegan and the menu is clearly labeled with which items are gluten free or have a gluten free option. The rolls were simply amazing and I already am dreaming of coming back! What an amazing place for people with dairy/fish/egg allergies! Plus, they have a full cooked menu that looks delicious and even vegan cheesecake for dessert.”

@jennatso8, who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies

Black Tap

Location: Anaheim, California

“They can make any of their shakes vegan and it was the best shake I have ever had (I’ve had my fair share of ice cream). The manager was exceptional. I had ordered dairy free for allergies and chose chocolate Oreo. He notified me that they used an off brand of Oreo and it contained dairy. He refunded the topping and remade my shake for me. I was so thankful he saw my allergy on the order slip, went out of his way to help, and was so helpful. Can’t wait to come back next time I’m on vacation! 5 STARS are not enough!”

@elizabeth0234, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, legume, meat, crab, and egg allergies

Lemonade Restaurant

Location: Glendale, California

“The best LA dessert comes from here and it’s so random! They make a vegan, gluten-free S’mores brownie that I’ve flown cross country for (twice)!! Very consistently labeled for allergens and is a fast-paced sit down restaurant!”

@holmesmeg8, who manages celiac and milk, tomato, and vegetable allergies

Noble Bird Rotisserie

Location: Long Beach, California

“THE best 100% dairy-free restaurant! I love the diced potatoes, the orange chicken, the olive oil cake with berries, the waffles…ok everything is just amazing! :)”

@elledairyfree, who manages a milk allergy

Café Gratitude

Location: Los Angeles, California

Delicious vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free desserts, burgers, salads, and more!

@shanadeurioste, who manages celiac and milk, soy, wheat, rice, barley, rye, and oat allergies

Malibu Farm Pier Cafe

Location: Malibu, California

“Malibu Farm Pier Cafe is a fun and trendy spot in Malibu, CA. They are super accommodating to allergies. The food is fresh and delicious. I absolutely love the shaved Brussels sprout salad. The Sunbutter chip ice cream is also really great.”

@sarahandspices, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, wheat, soy, seed and grain allergies


Location: Manhattan Beach, California

“When I notified the server of allergies, she immediately notified the kitchen and checked in with me multiple times. My family loves this place, especially their fish tacos and dessert options!”

@treatpeoplewithkindness, who manages tree nut, milk, soy, sesame, vegetable, fruit, meat, chickpea, and chocolate allergies

El Cantaro

Location: Monterey, California

“Wonderful hole-in-the-wall vegan Mexican restaurant in Monterey! Had delicious chips and guac as an appetizer, a huge dinner, and even safe ice cream for dessert! One of the only “authentic” feeling restaurants I’ve ever eaten at. Completely vegan and very few nuts. Went back multiple times while on vacation!”

@missmeliss1895, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and shellfish allergies

Stella Mare’s

Location: Santa Barbara, California

“We went to dinner here on our last night in Santa Barbara. First of all, the food was amazing! Secondly, Punkin was able to have a burger (no bun) with bacon and roasted potatoes. The burger wasn’t her favorite, but it was not bad. The potatoes were very nice. She also had a delicious raspberry sorbet that was possibly the best dessert we got. The server was very helpful and careful.”

@punkinmama, who manages a milk allergy


Location: San Francisco, California

“I had an amazing experience here! The staff printed a personalized menu for me to show me everything that I could eat. I was able to order a specialty drink, appetizer, main dish, and dessert despite a long list of allergies. The waitstaff was incredibly accommodating and did not make me feel like I was causing any inconvenience. I HIGHLY recommend coming here, even if it is out of the way! Amazing experience”

@ad123, who manages tree nut, shellfish, milk, and poppy allergies

Next Level Burger San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, California

“I cannot speak for the main menu, but the coconut and soy soft serve was AMAZING! The coconut is made in-house and the soy is made using the Temptation base. These are the only ice cream bases they have in the restaurant (both vanilla) and they come out of a dedicated machine- so no risk for cross-contamination! Because I was not comfortable using the blenders (have had reactions to supposedly “cleaned” blenders in the past), I had a huge “unshaken” vanilla twist sundae with tons of chocolate sauce! I called the restaurant ahead of time and they put me in touch with their chocolate sauce manufacturer- free of my allergens! This was SUCH a treat and I only hope that this chain expands beyond the West Coast!”

@missmeliss1895, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and shellfish allergies


So Radish

Location: Arvada, Colorado

“Vegan eats. My son had an impossible burger and fries. He was also able to have a special dessert. It was a bit on the dry side but safe for dairy and nut allergy.”

@alohabailey, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and sesame allergies

Burrowing Owl

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I’m allergic to dairy and had ‘cheese’ for the first time in forever, and it was awesome. Everything here is good and not just ‘good for vegan food’. I was almost in tears because I could have ANYTHING on the menu and know that it was safe. It’s been more than 3 years since I’ve eaten some of these foods. I had their Mac n’ Cheese, the chocolate cake, loaded baked potato soup, and adult chocolate milk (chocolate syrup, almond milk, peanut butter and bourbon). We were in town for 3 days and went every night for dinner. I seriously can’t say enough about this place.”

@caljaysoc, who manages a milk allergy

Santana’s Vegan Grill

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

“We ate here and it was so good. It was the first restaurant we felt completely safe because none of my son’s allergies were present. No dairy, nuts or eggs. Even the ice cream was safe. Highly recommend!”

@hollyp, who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, and milk allergies

Root Down

Location: Denver, Colorado

“A clearly labeled menu with an incredibly helpful staff. They have several dinner options, dedicated fryers, and gluten-free desserts. I ordered the Lamb Sliders on their homemade gluten-free buns with sweet potato fries. For dessert, I had their gluten-free and vegan chocolate truffles.”

@eatglutenfreeaz, who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies


Three Girls Vegan Creamery

Location: Guilford, Connecticut

“I love the vegan cannolis! I wanted to update this review since I’ve been to this restaurant many more times that when I first reviewed it. It is an all vegan restaurant specializing in Italian comfort foods and amazing desserts. I’ve tried many items on the menu and I have never been disappointed. My favorites are the pizza, cannolis, soft pretzel, ‘chicken’ pot pie. They are extremely knowledgeable about plant based food. They recently opened a new bakery near their restaurant. I haven’t tried it yet but I will very soon!!”

@shaeallergy07, who manages a milk allergy

ION Restaurant, It’s Only Natural

Location: Middletown, Connecticut

“The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful about my allergies! Everything is vegan and the menu is labeled for gluten, nuts, and soy. They were also able to toast my bread on foil in the oven to prevent cross-contamination. I could even have a brownie! I would definitely return.”

@hurricane13, who manages peanut, tree nut, shellfish, seed, milk, egg, and kiwi allergies



Location: Washington, District of Columbia

“The manager quickly walked over to our table to discuss the items on the menu that were safe for our daughter. He took down clear notes and ensured us in a confident manner that she would be safe. She ate a full meal of steak, potatoes, and broccoli, and they even had sorbet scooped from a clean bin for her dessert. She felt included, happy, and with a full tummy.”

@allergymission, who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, milk, sesame, and shellfish allergies


Your Pie

Location: Brandon, Florida

“Dairy-free pizza! (They also have gluten-free available). The owner, Karen, was aware, attentive and caring with our allergies and with prepping my daughter’s pizza. It was amazing to have takeout pizza with my family. They also have dairy-free sorbet.”

@sdepatie, who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, milk, and seed allergies

50’s Prime Time Café

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

“This is by far one of my favorite restaurants on Disney’s property. It’s very rare that I’m able to get fried chicken as most are fried in buttermilk. Highly recommend the allergen-friendly brownie for dessert!”

@tpgordon, who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Location: Kissimmee, Florida

“AMAZING! I do not even have words! If you are going to Disney, you must go here! It is located a inside Hollywood Studios! I had a shake for the first time in my life…and not just any shake, but a cookie shake made with Tofutti ice cream, Enjoy Life cookies, rice milk, coconut whipped cream, and house made chocolate sauce! Chef Daniel makes everything in his own station, so no need to worry about cross-contact! In addition to the shake, I had an outstanding burger and fries! Definitely one of the best meals of my life, and chef could not have been any kinder!!!”

@missmeliss1895, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and shellfish allergies

Emeril’s Coastal Italian

Location: Miramar Beach, Florida

“We dined here several times and had wonderful experiences with delicious and flavorful foods. The staff is knowledgeable about food allergies and communicate directly with the chef to ensure the modifications. They gave my daughter several options of modified menu items but also said they could make her a meal by mixing and matching different items in the menu since everything is made fresh to order. They also made fresh cotton candy for her for dessert!”

@scl, who manages tree nut, milk, and sesame allergies

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Location: Orlando, Florida

“We brought my 2.5 year old son to Be Our Guest and it was the first time we have ever had a meal out together! They have a wide range of allergy menus, the staff was wonderful, the chef came to talk with us to confirm our allergens and let us know that his food would be prepared separately in a sanitized area. It was a joyful time and our son was able to enjoy a starter, main lunch as well as a bowl of safe ice cream for dessert! Highly recommend!”

@darlingannessalwho manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and sesame allergies

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Disney in general does a great job accommodating my children’s food allergies, but this restaurant went above and beyond. My dairy and egg-allergic kids ate almost the same main dinner as the adults. Then for dessert, they were brought an amazing 2-foot skewer of treats, including cookies, fruit, safe ice cream, cotton candy, etc. Other guests were jealous and asked how they could get the same dessert!”

@glopm, who manages milk and egg allergies

Raglan Road Irish Pub

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Our waiter was very helpful with our allergies! I was able to safely eat onion rings (they were able to make them dairy-free for me), braised beef, AND flourless chocolate cake (gluten-free AND dairy-free!!)!”

@elaineeannaa, who manages celiac and a milk allergy

Hollywood & Vine

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Come hungry as this place gives you so much food!! Hollywood & Vine was the best experience ever! The staff was so helpful and accommodating and the chef made the meals fit our needs or completely changed and made items from scratch! We ordered Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper sliced beef tenderloin & spice-rubbed pork loin, kids roast beef- the chef made accommodations for sides, salad dressings, and rolls to ensure everything was gluten-free and dairy-free! The desserts were amazing as well! The chefs and staff went above and beyond to make sure we had an amazing experience! This is a sit down, full-service experience with characters! It is a must-do if you have kids!! I cannot speak higher of this place!”

@kedbachwho manages celiac and a milk allergy

Gasparilla Island Grill

Location: Orlando, Florida

“They have an allergen menu. They have gluten-free bread for the many sandwiches they are famous for, allergy-friendly Mac and cheese (two different types), and a plant-based ready-to-eat dessert. Lots of prepackaged food options. This is a nice option to grab the monorail from Magic Kingdom and come here for some safe food without the long lines!”

@seelyhaislip, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, grain, and legume allergies

Chef Mickey’s

Location: Orlando, Florida

“This is my go-to brunch character dining in Walt Disney World on Magic Kingdom or Epcot days! Make sure you request to speak to a chef if you have multiple food allergies. They do use Bob Red Mill products for their allergy waffles, but if requested will use Namaste. Their focaccia bread is also dairy-free and nut-free and is out of this world! The best part though is the allergy-friendly cupcake (top 8 free) they offer. You have to request them but they come complete with Enjoy Life chocolate brownie cookie “ears”, Mickey sprinkles, and pixie dust.”

@tpgordon, who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies


Location: Orlando, Florida

“I loved having my own skillet of allergy-friendly options. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything other than the pineapple bread. I think the stars of the show are the potstickers and the noodles. They also brought me beautiful dairy-free desserts to have while everyone at my table had the bread pudding.”

@ldip0223, who manages milk and sesame allergies

Liberty Tree Tavern

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Simply the BEST! And my son eats like a king! We manage 10 food allergies and he eats from table service bread to dessert. The chef always comes to the table to discuss. We absolutely recommend it.”

@janinesav, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, oat, and sesame allergies

The Crystal Palace

Location: Orlando, Florida

“Amazing with my EOE!! The chef went over the entire buffet with me, and brought out dairy-free butter for my bread! When we had dessert, she was able to bring me chocolate chip cookies (Enjoy Life brand!) and vanilla soy ice cream. Everything was delicious and I was so happy!”

@elaineeannaa, who manages celiac and a milk allergy

Jaleo by José Andrés

Location: Orlando, Florida

“We had a great experience with Jaleo at Disney Springs. I made a note with my reservation about a dairy allergy—the staff came prepared and provided an allergy menu and were able to accommodate us with no issues. My son was able to also have dessert (sorbet) which was a treat since most restaurants don’t offer dairy-free desserts. Well worth the visit.”

@saleraque, who manages a milk allergy

Echo Palm Beach

Location: Palm Beach, Florida

“The manager, Dan, is amazingly accommodating and always helps to ensure that our daughter is safe. She eats like a queen here with her steak, avocado, rice, and homemade safe sorbet for dessert. Couldn’t ask for anything more than a safe, special meal.”

@allergymission, who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, milk, sesame, and shellfish allergies

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

Location: Tampa, Florida

They offer everything from gluten-free pasta, burgers (gluten-free buns included), chicken, seafood, beef, salads, and some amazing desserts. The S’more Budino (without the graham crumbs) is a great reason alone to make a visit there. Imagine this- caramel custard layered with Valrhona chocolate mousse and toasted marshmallow. The last time I was there, I had their Thai Lettuce Wraps and Ellie’s Chicken Piccata which were also fantastic. I’ve had salads and other offerings on previous visits and have never been disappointed (or gotten sick).”

@athomewithshay, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, egg, and milk allergies


Cafe Sunflower Buckhead

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

“My family had a great and safe time at the Cafe Sunflower Buckhead in Atlanta, GA. They are vegan but do have few dishes and desserts with peanut and tree nut (cashew). I used my allergy cards for both my kids. The waitress was extremely nice and knowledgeable of the ingredients in the dish. She also verified again with the cook to make sure. My kids had a yummy happy dinner from appetizers, main dishes, and dessert. Also, I made a reservation ahead and told them about the food allergy, they were very friendly and welcoming.”

@happy, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk and egg allergies

Aqua Terra Bistro

Location: Buford, Georgia

Using their allergen information guide, I had a safe dining experience here! I’m not sure what it’s called, but I started with a tomato dip that bread is normally dipped in. They offered cucumbers which I thought was great! I also brought my own bread (thanks Schar :)) and it was so good. For my main entree, I got blackened chicken with roasted asparagus. And for dessert, I had a mango lime granita! It was so good. It reminded me of something Disney World would give me for dessert.”

@samisafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, and shellfish allergies


Peace Cafe

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

“This vegan restaurant has smoothies, lattes, rice plates, sandwiches, salads, noodle dishes, and desserts (mochi cake, ice cream, etc.). The staff was knowledgeable and accommodating of my nut allergy, and there are no dairy or eggs on the premises!”

@amandayoung03who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies

Roy’s Ko Olina

Location: Kapolei, Hawaii

“I mentioned our allergies when booking our reservation and the waitress was prepared for us when we arrived. We had two children and one adult with food allergies in our party of 9. Our waitress immediately started writing out a list of appropriate appetizers and entrees for the kids to choose from and she knew exactly which dishes could be adjusted to be safe. They prepared everything we asked for, the way we asked for it and they were extremely cautious and communicative. Bonus points for a vegan dessert option which my daughter loved! Top-notch service and delicious food, this restaurant is nice for a special occasion but still very family-friendly.”

@cbuckleywho manages tree nut, milk, egg, and avocado allergies


American Girl Cafe

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Let them know there is an allergy when making a reservation and the chef will call you to go over options. Waitstaff is knowledgeable on all menu items as well. They have a dairy-free dessert (sorbet and a blueberry muffin) and if you are celebrating a birthday, they will provide a dairy-free cake (made in a separate facility) if you call in advance.”

@amgaetano, who manages a milk allergy


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Great non-dairy dessert options!! Made my allergy kid very happy!

@jennief, who manages peanut and milk allergies

Shaw’s Crab House

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“I dined and had shellfish. Waitstaff was on top of me being gluten-free. Had no issues, menu marked (when I was unsure, waiter questioned kitchen), and he accommodated me with dessert as well.”

@tkdtoned, who manages celiac and milk, wheat, grain, lentil, pork, and vegetable allergies


Location: Chicago, Illinois

“OBSESSED with this restaurant! They said that only a couple items on the menu contained any dairy and they go through a 6-step process for every item to ensure that it is safe for allergies. My daughter had the roasted edamame, a salad, sushi and passion fruit mochi for dessert. A dream to be able to have dessert! The waitstaff was really sweet to our kids and we can’t wait to go back!”

@amgaetano, who manages a milk allergy

Summer House Santa Monica

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“This place has AMAZING vegan/veg options – including vegan desserts! The dessert bar is by far the best, with cookies as big as your face with plenty of vegan and gluten-free treats too!”

@laurenjmoore18, who manages celiac, milk, and wheat allergies

Kitchen 17

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Amazing vegan pizza and desserts!! Everything is dairy-free/vegan in the restaurant. I do not have other allergies so do not know how they’d do with other allergens. Very exciting to be able to try a dairy-free deep dish. The pan pizza and cauliflower wings were also great. The biggest highlight was the dessert- we tried 4 desserts and they were all some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had. All of the desserts, vegan cheeses, and vegan meats are made in-house.

@beckyd144, who manages a milk allergy

Native Foods Cafe

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“This is a vegan restaurant so it’s completely milk free. My kids love the Mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, lemonade, and many dessert options!”

@amgaetano, who manages a milk allergy

Chicago Diner

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Such a good restaurant! The food there is so good they even have a dairy-free cheesecake and dairy-free milkshakes!”

@tacogracie, who manages a milk allergy

Paulie Gee’s Logan Square

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“First deep-dish pizza! Waitress was so kind and gladly took my allergen sheet to the kitchen and asked which items on the menu were safe for me. Came back and gave one option, saying it was the option easiest for them. Absolutely you do whatever is easiest for you in order to keep me safe !! I was so excited!! This pizza was so good and she didn’t mind when we double-checked the ingredients. The crust was so squishy for gluten-free and cheese made my mom and brother really suspicious because of how real it tasted. Overall amazing experience! Plus I got strawberry mojito ice cream for dessert.”

@samisafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, and shellfish allergies

Gilt Bar

Location: Chicago, Illinois

“Very good restaurant! They have a separate gluten-free menu…. the gluten-free brownies are actually SO GOOD. They come out looking like average (honestly not very impressive looking) brownies, then you take a bite, and you don’t want the brownie to ever end.”

@paigeflory, who manages celiac and milk and wheat allergies

DeSalvo’s Pizza

Location: Evanston, Illinois

“Native New Yorker here and this is our favorite tasting pizza on the North Shore. Dairy and Egg-free crust— they happily made my daughter a red pizza (no cheese) and it was delicious. Limited tree nuts on the menu but they made note of all our allergies and the staff was so nice and patient and answered all of our questions. The absolute best part is they have an Oatly machine! My girls were able to have soft serve cones for the first time. Safe dinner and dessert in one spot is so rare for our family—such a win. There is also a park/playground for littles right next door (with picnic tables) if you want to eat outside!”

@cbuckleywho manages tree nut, milk, egg, and avocado allergies

elephant + vine

Location: Evanston, Illinois

“This is a new vegan restaurant that is also 100% peanut and tree nut (not including coconut) free! Aside from one restaurant in Disney World, this is the only place I’ve found milkshakes that are safe for my allergies! The double chocolate shake was an absolute dream come true! I tried both the coffee and vanilla shakes as well, which my parents ordered! They showed me labels of the ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce, and I am just so super excited to have a new safe and delicious place!”

@missmeliss1895, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and shellfish allergies

The Highland Queen Drive-In

Location: La Grange, Illinois

“A little fast food joint on 55th that has great burgers and fries! I asked and they use soybean oil in the fryer. The only nuts in the kitchen are peanut toppings and peanut dip which are kept next to the other toppings/dips. However the owner assured me that everything is cleaned between each meal prep and the staff does everything in their power to eliminate cross-contamination. I’ve always felt safe eating here but if you’re worried about peanuts, maybe just avoid the ice cream! Along with soft serve, they have blizzard-style ice cream which is super yummy!!! If you’re dairy-free, there’s also a Hawaiian ice dessert.”

@reganh, who manages celiac and egg and milk allergies

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Location: Rosemont, Illinois

“We’ve been here a few times now and they are terrific at taking care of my son with egg, dairy and nut allergies. He can have all of the meat except anything Parmesan-crusted ( of course ). He also loves the cooked bananas as dessert. This restaurant is fantastic, although my son now fancies himself a meat connoisseur!”

@leefriday, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, and egg allergies

Wildfire – Schaumburg

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

“I called in before I placed my order for the burger with the gluten-free bun because Uber Eats doesn’t offer it. The woman in the carry out department gave me simple instructions. I followed them, and two minutes later she called me on my cell phone and let me know that the french fries I had ordered share grease with a non-gluten-free items. She also sent me the gluten-free cake even though it wasn’t available on the Uber Eats menu and confirmed that was OK to do on the same phone call”

@83rdstreet, who manages celiac and almond, wheat, grain, milk, egg, lobster, banana, and vegetable allergies

Spears Chicago

Location: Wheeling, Illinois

“This restaurant has a ginormous cotton candy dessert…a super fun treat for my milk, egg, nut allergy kiddo to have dessert at a restaurant. Though unfortunately all of their buns have milk and egg, but we just brought our own. The manager I spoke to ahead of time was very helpful with ingredient info.”

@3withallergies, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, beef, egg, sesame, and soy allergies


Hickory Park

Location: Ames, Iowa

“When we inform the waitstaff and orders are taken, a manager comes to the table to inform us that gloves are changed frequently and that they are aware of our allergies. If ordering dessert, they will open new toppings in a clean area to minimize cross-contamination. And they will sing for a birthday even if it’s only a bowl of whipped cream or just strawberry topping! It made me so happy to have my kids get to partake in an Ames birthday tradition.”

@laurajune, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and sesame allergies



Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

“Our daughter has an egg, wheat, dairy, and nut allergy and we found a dessert that she really enjoyed. Sucré had 6 different types of sorbet flavors that our entire family tried and enjoyed. Each flavor was delicious!”

@calterada, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, and shrimp allergies


Bar Harbor Grand Hotel

Location: Bar Harbor, Maine

“The Bar Harbor Hotel is great and extremely accommodating when it came to our food allergies. The manager, Joe, communicated with the kitchen and assured us that the chef or sous chef would personally handle the allergy order. The food is delicious, they are honest about what they can do, and they have sorbet for dessert!”

@jordanhumphrey, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, and egg allergies



Location: Boston, Massachusetts

“This is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. They are incredible with allergies and can modify most dishes to accommodate your dietary restrictions. My typical go-to is the wedge salad, bone-in filet, roasted potatoes, and sautéed onions. For dessert, I usually get their homemade raspberry sorbet. This is a great spot for date night or an anniversary!”

@tpgordon, who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies


Location: Boston, Massachusetts

“I had THE most amazing experience here tonight. Initially I felt a little stressed out by the menu because it lists each dish with very little detail. However, our waiter came right over and asked if there were any allergies at the table. I gave him my allergies and he came back a few minutes later after talking with the chefs and basically went through each menu option and told me how they could make it safe for me. I got the Branzino and we got the grilled mushrooms, rosemary potatoes and the garlic broccoli for the table. Everything I had was delicious. Best part? They had an AMAZING strawberry sorbet for dessert- dairy-free desserts are hard to come by. I’d go back to Contessa in a heartbeat and am already planning my trip to their Miami location in March!!”

@carlinhanley, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, sesame, shrimp, and apple allergies

Alba on 53

Location: Hanover, Massachusetts

“Love ALBA. I went for my sister’s bday dinner and safely got the swordfish over vegetable cous cous and the sautéed mushrooms. They also had passion fruit and coconut sorbets. Super delish highly recommend!!”

@carlinhanley, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, sesame, shrimp, and apple allergies


Alcona Brew Haus

Location: Harrisville, Michigan

“This is a gem of a restaurant. The waitstaff was helpful and the owner came out to share her own story as a parent of a food allergic child. They do not have nuts or sesame at the restaurant and have a clear allergen protocol that features purple plates and utensils to offer added focus. While we didn’t try it, they have ability to make vegan pizza, too and based on the care they put in to our meal today, I’d feel safe trying it. They even had desserts from Sweet Annie Mae’s cafe – and others- that were safe for us. I only wish we lived closer!”

@dextermom24, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, seed, legume, and peach allergies


Olivia’s Organic Café

Location: Burnsville, Minnesota

“Olivia’s Organic Cafe is completely gluten, dairy and peanut-free! The waitstaff was very forthright with the fact they are gluten and dairy-free, and brought me an ingredients list binder (it was even teal!) when I asked about what my PN, TN, dairy allergy kid could have. They marked the order with his allergens to alert the chefs. They do use bobs red mill gluten-free flour for some items which some people are concerned about for treenuts but we are comfortable with their cross-contamination protocols. They do have almond milks for drinks and one dessert has almonds on top but we were not worried about cross-contamination. They also use coconut milk in place of dairy for some items but we are fine with that. The eggs Benedict was delicious and you wouldn’t know the cinnamon roll was gluten-free. My sister-in-law got a huge stack of pancakes with strawberries and non-dairy whipped cream. The kids shared a waffle and wanted more. I highly recommend it if you’re in the Minneapolis area.”

@mrsdanstran, who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies

Pizza Lucé Eden Prairie

Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

“This restaurant has many allergen-friendly options and the menu is marked. All employthe ees were very accommodating. There is even a gluten-free, vegan dessert – the Molly Bar.”

@cetchason, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, wheat, egg, and avocado allergies


Revel Kitchen

Location: Brentwood, Missouri

“I think this is my favorite spot to grab food in St. Louis! I’ve ordered three times since I’ve been here 🙂 it’s not an allergy-friendly kitchen but the online menu shows every ingredient used, which is really helpful. The bowls are all customizable, and everything tastes amazing! I love the mesquite tahini sauce for a creamy dairy-free dressing, and the vegan brownies are a delicious dessert too.”

@amandayoung03who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies

Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

“The whole menu is labeled with items that are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free (or things that can be made that way) and my waitress was incredibly helpful. I ordered a vegan pizza and mentioned my nut allergy and she came back to ask if coconut in the vegan sausage was okay or if she should leave it off. For dessert, we had the maple glazed cinnamon knots which were vegan.”

@morganromo, who manages tree nut, milk, and seed allergies

Tree House Restaurant

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

“This is probably the best meal I’ve had while in St. Louis! The entire menu can be made vegan, and there are a lot of gluten-free options as well. The server was very helpful in answering questions about nuts or checking with the kitchen when she was unsure. I had the jackfruit tinga sopes and a lemon meringue parfait. I can’t wait to go back for brunch one day!

@amandayoung03who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies


Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

“This was our first time here and I cannot say enough good things about it. Our server, Brianne, was amazing and knew the ingredients in every dish. She told me there is gluten in only two menu items, dairy in three. Each course is prepped in its own space and each fryer is used for one item only. Allergy foods are tagged all the way thru but she went to the kitchen to speak to them to make ensure they knew about my dishes. The food was phenomenal. I couldn’t decide between two salads so she bought me two small plates of each. She made sure all sides ordered were allergy-free in case I wanted to try them. They even have house made sorbet so i could have dessert. If in Vegas, I highly recommend.”

@knightvine, who manages celiac and soy, grain, legume, avocado, milk, wheat, and banana allergies

New Hampshire

T-BONES Great American Eatery

Location: Hudson, New Hampshire

“My girls usually get grilled chicken and fries. They always have Homefree cookies for them to enjoy. Food comes separately with allergies marked with toothpicks. They made my daughter feel special by singing to her and bringing her a bowl of fruit and allergy-friendly cookies for dessert on her birthday”

@kerryramsey11, who manages celiac, milk, and egg allergies

New Jersey


Location: Bloomfield, New Jersey

“They have a very extensive Vegan menu in addition to a traditional menu. The waitress was very helpful, and worked with the chef to make my son a custom pizza on a vegan gluten-free crust with vegan cheese, veggies, and meats. They also have a wide selection of vegan desserts. The waitress even sent the baker a copy of his allergy card, and he was able to have two cakes – took them both to go! The traditional empanadas were delicious, but they do have a selection of vegan ones as well. We’ll definitely be back the next time we are in the area.”

@paallergymom18, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, shellfish, grain, egg, and sesame allergies

The Blue Pig Tavern

Location: Cape May, New Jersey

“Recently went here on a three-day trip to Cape May. While the menu is not clearly marked, my waitress was incredibly helpful and was able to guide me through what I could, and could not order. She was also able to suggest desserts, and I had a fantastic time. The food was great and the ambience was super romantic. I highly recommend for a good date spot.”

@kaylacappiello, who manages celiac and tree nut and milk allergies

New York

Jajajas Plantas Mexicana

Location: Brooklyn, New York

“This restaurant is entirely vegan so there’s no dairy at all! It’s one of the best vegan restaurants I’ve been to, the food is delicious. It’s also nice to be able to order cocktails and desserts without worrying about dairy. They have gluten-free items marked on the menu but I’m not sure about gluten cross-contamination.”

@beckyd144, who manages a milk allergy

Café Deux

Location: Harrison, New York

“Allergy-friendly menu! tree nut-free!! Allergy-friendly dessert!!!! Day-to-night restaurant.
Working on gluten-free bread options.”

@jmurphy, who manages celiac and tree nut, soy, milk, wheat, fruit, and vegetable allergies

Screamer’s Pizzeria

Location: Kings County, New York

“Vegan pizza in Brooklyn. My favorite!! No dairy in the place which is the best part. The buffalo cauliflower and white pie are my favorites. Have gotten to have pizza during covid by taking out from here as well. This is one of my favorite places ever!! Also, they sell Vegan Treats cannolis so you may get lucky and find a dairy-free cannoli for dessert.”

@dairyfreeeats, who manages a milk allergy


Location: Manhattan, New York

“The entire restaurant is gluten-free! Such a cute spot in the heart of the West Village. They have everything from salads, to pizzas, to chicken parm and desserts. They can also do dairy-free modifications. Love it here!”

@alutin, who manages celiac and tree nut, shellfish, milk, grain, avocado, and kiwi allergies


Location: Manhattan, New York

“We had a very helpful server. They can modify their menu to accommodate allergies and they have a separate vegan menu. Our son has milk and egg allergies but was able to safely enjoy an appetizer, entree and dessert—which is so rare! You can substitute the soba or ramen noodles for either udon or rice noodles, which don’t contain egg and they will also make sure there is no egg cooked in sauce with those noodles. For appetizer, our son had the vegetable tempura which is vegan. For entree, our son had a teppanyaki dish and he selected the teriyaki sirloin steak option with udon noodles instead of soba noodles). For dessert they modified their banana katsu, which is banana in panko breadcrumbs: we had substituted the ice cream to lemon sorbet on the side, and the caramel sauce was also served on the side in separate ramekins so other family members sharing this dessert could still have the caramel sauce. Our son ended up choosing to eat just the sorbet when the dessert arrived but we feel confident that the bananas would have been fine for him.”

@ssd, who manages egg and milk allergies


Location: Manhattan, New York

“A trendy, upscale little fondue and tapas spot with no dairy?! I promise it’s true. This vegan spot is certainly not cheap but it’s WORTH IT. They serve tapas style dishes and fondue (both a dinner and dessert version). Located in the East Village and has a late night menu with discounted tapas and wine. This is my go to for special occasions and whenever I’m feeling fancy.”

@dairyfreeeats, who manages a milk allergy


Location: Manhattan, New York

“We tried so many things off of the menu and every single one was a hit. The restaurant is completely vegan. We had sushi, dumplings, kale salad, Dan Dan noodles, and desserts. This is a chain and we will definitely visit our local spot soon!”

@amgaetano, who manages a milk allergy


Location: Manhattan, New York

“This was our second trip to a crafted hospitality restaurant this summer. Not only was this restaurant beautiful with an outdoor patio overlooking the east river, the food was great and the staff was not only knowledgeable, but very kind as well. they ask if what you avoid is an allergy or preference because they have separate pans, utensils, etc for food allergies and take every precaution to avoid cc. i am gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and soy free (including legume), I avoid legumes bc of the soy issue and I don’t eat red meat. Our lovely server asked the chef what I could eat and I had a choice of at least 4 apps either off the menu or slightly modified (the watermelon carpaccio was amazing…so flavorful), same number of mains and I was able to eat dessert (sorbet). I highly recommend.”

@knightvine, who manages celiac and soy, grain, legume, avocado, milk, wheat, and banana allergies

Cara Mia Restaurant

Location: Queens, New York

“I have had allergies since a young kid and have been going to this restaurant since I was 5. They welcome our family with warm arms and every time, Chef Carlo makes me a special dish without any dairy, nuts, or fish. They are so careful about my allergies and make me feel very welcome with smiles and always helping me find whatever I am in the mood for. Additionally, they have non-dairy orange sorbet and celebrate birthdays for dessert.”

@blabella13, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, and shellfish allergies


Location: Rockville Centre, New York

“DELICIOUS AND HELPFUL!!! Because there are so many vegan options here, I can eat a lot of food, including desserts! They have vegan shakes, carrot cake, and a (very good) ice cream sundae. Where else can I get a cheeseburger and a milkshake in one place? They’re also excellent with my sister (peanut/tree nut allergy) and my dad (gluten intolerance).”

@elaineeannaa, who manages celiac and a milk allergy

Benjamin Steak House

Location: White Plains, New York

“This is our go-to special celebration dinner out spot. The staff and managers go beyond over the top to ensure that our allergy daughter is well taken care of and included. They make her a beautiful filet, potato, vegetable, and even a special safe dessert. We feel totally safe and comfortable every time we eat here!”

@allergymission, who manages peanut, tree nut, egg, milk, sesame, and shellfish allergies

North Carolina

Stable Cafe

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

“We were SO pleasantly surprised by our experience at the Stable Cafe after our tour of the Biltmore. After notifying the staff of my allergy, they did a wonderful job accommodating!! I had a plain hamburger cooked on a clean area of the grill with onions, lettuce, pickles, and chips on the side!! They did have Udi’s gluten-free buns on hand and our server was so kind to bring out the ingredients, but I went without due to the buns containing egg. I also had a wonderful dairy and nut-free vegan sorbet for dessert! They service was wonderful and atmosphere was as well! Our dining experiences made for a great end to a great day at the Biltmore!!”

@allergystrategy, who manages peanut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies


Location: Asheville, North Carolina

“Nice restaurant with very nice staffs, they do have options but some were no go because of the shared fryer. The Food is more on the fancy side, my kids did have options but they say it just ok. Surprised that they offer a safe dessert crème brûlée made with coconut. I love it but my kids don’t like the taste.”

@happy, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk and egg allergies

The Asbury

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

“My waitress checked on every single item for me to make sure it was dairy-free! I had the strawberry spritz, deviled eggs, rosemary flatiron steak, and some raspberry sorbet (it’s not on the menu but you can ask for it). All of my food was amazing!! I highly recommend”

@morganromo, who manages tree nut, seed, and milk allergies

Element Gastropub

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

“Obsessed with this restaurant find in Downtown Raleigh, NC!! Has the most amazing service, food, and atmosphere!!! We tried the BBQ Nachos, Smash Burger, and Pineapple Upside Down cake and everything was superb! The entire restaurant is 100% vegan and peanut-free so we were able to enjoy our meal without any worries!! Definitely recommend making a reservation if you ever happen to be in the area!”

@allergystrategy, who manages peanut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies



Location: Cleveland, Ohio

“This restaurant is always a winner and our go-to whenever we are in Cleveland! They take food allergies seriously. The owner and chef are amazing people. The short ribs are ridiculously good! But the big thing is that this is the first time my son has been able to eat eggs benedict outside of our home due to his severe dairy allergy. And he loved it! Even their cheesecake is dairy-free.”

@warres1, who manages tree nut and milk allergies


Zach’s Bistro

Location: Newport, Oregon

“Plan your Oregon coast trip around a reservation at Zach’s Bistro. The chef plans out the menu himself each week, and is explicitly welcoming of dietary needs. The food was delicious. We especially enjoyed the lamb riblets with a ginger turmeric honey soy glaze. We also had the crab cake and the lamb hash. The prickly pear sorbet for dessert was soft, sweet, and a toddler favorite. The chef even proactively obtained bread from a top-9 free bakery so we could enjoy a bite while waiting for our first course.”

@whirligig, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, sesame, and egg allergies

Mox Boarding House

Location: Portland, Oregon

“This was a magical treat of a find! If you enjoy games of any sort and an amazing atmosphere in a very allergen-friendly restaurant, this is a gem. I called ahead to check on whether they accommodated our allergies and they said they had several gluten-free and vegan options and the only nuts I think they said they have are pine nuts (which my son isn’t allergic to). Amazing menu and service- so welcoming! My son ordered the tacos for lunch and we had gluten-free/vegan “donut holes”’for dessert but there was at least one other apple crisp with oat ice cream option (and I think others). Fun drink menu for kids and adults and you get to play games for free while you are at the table and then you get a 15% discount if you want to purchase the game.”

@cstrickland, who manages celiac and tree nut, milk, and egg allergies


Laser Wolf

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“The reservation form included a question if anyone in the party has food allergies. When we arrived, they had a menu with all items containing the allergens crossed off, and items that could be changed to accommodate marked with stars. My son has allergies to 8 of the 9 (minus coconut and almond) and a few additional (honey and oat).There were only a handful of items off-limits to him. He was even able to have dessert (coconut ice cream with a pomegranate and date molasses), which was a first at a restaurant. All the food was delicious!”

@paallergymom18, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, shellfish, grain, egg, and sesame allergies


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Being a vegan restaurant, HipCityVeg is a naturally milk-free environment. This, plus its close proximity to the UPenn campus makes it a go-to for a college student with a milk allergy. The meals and desserts are delicious, the staff is friendly, and the peace of mind is priceless.”

@jamisonv, who manages tree nut and milk allergies

Urban Farmer Philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Amazing attention to my son’s allergies. I noted his allergies when I booked, which the host proactively confirmed upon arrival. When seated, a manager handed our server a post-it with his allergens on it. Our server even brought up cross-contamination in the fryer, which our guy is okay with. He enjoyed fries and steak and even dessert (sorbet)!”

@jackiengai, who manages tree nut, milk, and egg allergies

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Amazing attention to my son’s allergies. I noted his allergies when I booked, which the host proactively confirmed upon arrival. When seated, a manager handed our server a post-it with his allergens on it. Our server even brought up cross-contamination in the fryer, which our guy is ok with. He enjoyed fries and steak and even dessert (sorbet)!!!”

@punkinmama, who manages a milk allergy

Aladdin’s Eatery McKnight

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“We went here for a late lunch today. While dad and I have eaten food from this place many times, Punkin has not. We encouraged her to try the food with an open mind. She happily ate some safe grilled chicken tenders, hummus, pita, and fruit. Then we brought home a gluten-free and vegan piece of cheesecake (Oreo flavor, although they had other options). She’s tried a couple bites before dinner now and said it was one of the best things she’s ever had.”

@punkinmama, who manages a milk allergy

South Carolina

Ombra Cucina Italiana

Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

“I was able to have penne pasta here! I had it with Mariana sauce, sausage, and arugula. I was so so happy to find a restaurant that had gluten free pasta that was also egg free. Owner has celiac and I think a son with a peanut allergy. I even had a safe dessert—peach sorbet INSIDE a peach. I hadn’t even researched desserts so I was really surprised!”

@samisafeeats, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, wheat, and shellfish allergies


Graze Nashville

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

“Super cool vegan restaurant in Nashville, TN!! Everything from dinner to dessert was great! Since it is a vegan restaurant, my dairy and egg allergies were not a concern and neither was my peanut allergy. They were helpful when we asked about the peanuts and ensured my order was safe. I believe the menu has changed a bit since I’ve been, but I had a spaghetti dish that was wonderful with pie and ice cream for dessert! Super tasty!”

@allergystrategy, who manages peanut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies

Butcher & Bee

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

“This restaurant was recommended by multiple locals. The food is artisanal and Israel-themed. Great hip atmosphere and decor. Offers dairy-free, gluten-free, and kosher meals. Extensive cocktail menu. The hummus, trout, avocado rice, and desserts were stellar.”

@bellavoix67, who manages milk and garlic allergies


Counter Culture

Location: Austin, Texas

“This restaurant was such a cool and surprising find during our trip to Austin!!! I happened to stumble upon it online and was so glad I did! This vegan restaurant had some AWESOME menu items and great service!!! They have lots of gluten-free and soy-free options as well, and a note at the bottom of the menu encourages you to talk to your server about any allergies, as they are able to accommodate. I got some nachos to share and a sandwich (both of which were great!!) and a piece of cheesecake for dessert!”

@allergystrategy, who manages peanut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies


Location: Dallas, Texas

“Our waiter was super understanding of my allergies and every time someone brought a dish out they would say “this is dairy and cashew free”. Great place for dinner! I recommend the hot rock with wagyu. The coconut tapioca with lychee ice cream dessert was amazing and dairy-free (but it does have hazelnuts).”

@morganromo, who manages tree nut, milk, and seed allergies


Maggiano’s Little Italy

Location: McLean, Virginia

“Chef Marlin and Brittany, our server were absolutely amazing!! I was able to have the bread (which never happens), I had the spaghetti & meat sauce with Italian sausage – then Chef Marlin created a fresh fruit with strawberry sauce dessert for me because all of the desserts had milk in it. They were absolutely amazing and exceeded every expectation!! I will definitely be back.”

@ashleybga, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, and sesame allergies


Ghostfish Brewing Company Taproom + Restaurant

Location: Seattle, Washington

“This is a dedicated gluten-free brewery with amazing food. You can get everything from an incredible Caesar salad, to fish and chips, to churros for dessert. Service is quick and the staff is always willing to answer questions. It is easy to request that other allergens are avoided as well.”

@cbb, who manages celiac and peanut, milk, and egg allergies


Chez Piggy Restaurant & Bar

Location: Kingston, Ontario

“Our peanut, tree nut and dairy-allergic child was able to eat a great, full meal here, including bread and dessert. Our server was confident and knowledgeable and although allergens are present on site, the kitchen is clearly careful and well-organized. We would absolutely come back.”

@dlant, who manages peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies

Fresh Restaurants

Location: Toronto, Ontario

“This was my all-time favorite place to get food from while I went to the University of Toronto St. George campus! It’s only a couple blocks away and is fully vegan with tons of gluten-free options as well. Their portions and prices are fair and they even offer a 10% student discount when you show your ID card for takeout orders which was super helpful for me! My favorite dishes were the BBQ burger, cobb salad, and squash tacos but I’ve seriously tried everything on the menu and am obsessed with all of it. They have awesome vegan desserts from local vegan bakeries as well and bomb cocktails! This place has it all (even a grab and go section). It’s a must-try!”

@jennatso8, who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies

Odd Burger

Location: Toronto, Ontario

“This was my favorite vegan fast food spot in college! It is a short streetcar ride from the UofT campus and has affordable vegan fast food. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts and are completely dairy-free. My favorite was their Maple Crunch breakfast sandwich with their onion rings—simply amazing!”

@jennatso8, who manages milk, egg, and meat allergies


Madame Brasserie

Location: Paris, France

“While this is a positive I do have one negative thing to mention. At first when they were giving everyone their appetizers they gave me the same one, rather than my modified dish. I didn’t eat any of it luckily since it contained dairy. My grandma talked to our waiter and he realized a few minutes later and brought out my dish. After that, they were very good and even made me my own special dessert which was a lemon with some special dairy-free cream on top.”

@tealdelly, who manages a milk allergy

Le Potager de Charlotte

Location: Paris, France

“My son was able to eat a 3-course meal from this restaurant. He started off with the grilled romaine lettuce, then had the seasonal salad with fruit for his main, and finished with the chocolate mousse (without the pecans.) They had a menu in English on their website that includes allergen information. Initially he had ordered the almond and rice pancake for dessert, however upon review with the chef, there was apparently peanut in the flour (which wasn’t listed on the menu.) We had Equal Eats cards translated in French, which helped a lot, even though the staff spoke English. My son felt safe eating here and even ordered a mocktail.”

@paallergymom18, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, shellfish, grain, egg, and sesame allergies

La Flottille

Location: Versailles, France

“I had a pizza with just sauce and many vegetables with some raspberry sorbet. Both were specifically made for me and there was one waiter and she made sure I got everything and talked to the chef. This was some of the best food I have had so far and the staff was very on it. Thoroughly impressed.”

@tealdelly, who manages a milk allergy


Mezza Via

Location: Munich, Germany

“The owners of this delicious, wonderful Italian restaurant were so helpful with my kiddos allergies and making sure they had something safe for dinner and dessert.”

@3withallergies, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, fish, beef, egg, sesame, and soy allergies


Otto Matur & Drykkur

Location: Höfn í Hornafirði, Iceland

“This is a super cute spot with a view of the water. The food was absolutely amazing and the waitstaff was very proactive with allergies! My sister got the rainbow trout and I got the sheep loins — spectacular!!! We split chocolate mousse for dessert to top it off. Everything is made with whole ingredients and homemade! A very calming atmosphere and overall satisfying experience!”

@reganh, who manages celiac and milk and egg allergies


Ristorante Il Geranio di Gaeta Lucio & C. Sas

Location: Capri, Italy

“Extremely helpful, especially with our nut allergy. They were great at helping us know which dishes to avoid and to notify the chef! Even brought out a separate dessert for our group just for my husband.”

@khaustin33, who manages celiac and tree nut and milk allergies

Piazza Scammacca

Location: Catania, Italy

“This place is unlike any other. Inside you will find several different kitchens catering to different menu styles. Several offer allergen-friendly (gluten, nut and dairy) options. One kitchen is strictly gluten-free. We were able to enjoy a traditional Sicilian appetizer of mixed fried fish. It has a rice flour based tempura and fried in olive oil. We have visited here several times now since finding this gem. I almost forgot the best part! All desserts are gluten-free. Some desserts are diary and/or nut-free! 🤤

@mama_crist, who manages celiac and peanut, tree nut, milk, soy, wheat, and meat allergies


Shochikuen Cafe

Location: Taito City, Japan

“Great vegan cafe. My son loves the rainbow cake! They do have nuts in food here but my son was able to eat without issue. The rainbow cake contains soy.”

@briiii, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, sesame and green bean allergies


Cantinho da Regina

Location: Sesimbra, Portugal

“Owner is amazing. She makes gluten-free and vegan dessert and dishes. Had the most pleasant lunch. The clams were VERY good—I wanted to order another dish. I have gluten and dairy allergy, and this spot was safe and delicious.”

@jmurphy, who manages celiac and tree nut, soy, milk, wheat, fruit, and vegetable allergies

Saint Barthélemy

Le Tamarin

Location: St. Barth

“Our daughter has severe food allergies to nuts, tree nuts, dairy and egg. They were excellent at this restaurant in understanding the allergies and making sure her food was cooked without cross contamination. She had a wonderful steak, French fries and sorbet. It was a wonderful restaurant. Highly recommend for food allergies.”

@therrickgraff, who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and seed allergies


Fu Hua Soya Bean

Location: Singapore

“This is a hawker center stall in Singapore that serves desserts made from soft soya bean curd (aka tofu!). It’s something I always like to have when I’m in Singapore because I can’t really find it anywhere else. I always order the set with sweet red bean, taro, mochi-like balls, tapioca pearls, and attap seeds. It’s topped with soy milk and a sweet syrup. Sometimes, I have this for breakfast, too! It’s naturally vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free; there is a designated spoon for each topping, so I wasn’t too worried about cross contamination.”

@amandayoung03who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies


Location: Singapore

“We went to Joie for lunch, and it was an amazing experience! It’s a vegetarian “casual fine-dining” restaurant on the roof of Orchard Central and has a six-course menu for lunch and seven-course menu for dinner. When we sat down, the waiter asked if we had any dietary restrictions; he brought over a menu that was dairy/egg-free and one that was nut-free. The six-course meal includes a chef’s choice starter (which had a vegan salmon sashimi — so cool!), starter (I had charcoal-coated tempura), soup (I got the potato cauliflower bisque and also tried my mom’s Japanese konbu broth with hand-carved tofu), main (wild rice with roasted eggplant), dessert (chocolate sorbet, fruit, and layered red bean and yam paste — this contained almonds), and mocktail-style drink. When they served each course, they described the modification that was made (if one was necessary) so that I could be sure it was safe.”

@amandayoung03who manages peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish allergies

United Kingdom

Gaucho Edinburgh

Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

“BEST MEAL EVER. I had one of the best filets I’ve ever had. Ate here with my food allergic friend who also loved her meal and got to eat a vegan brownie with ice cream for dessert! Our waiter was named Marek and he was one of the most helpful and kindest waiters I’ve ever had!!! We accidentally stumbled on this restaurant but it was fate! I can’t recommend enough, especially for steak lovers.”

@reganh, who manages celiac and milk and egg allergies

Kings Stores

Location: Greater London, United Kingdom

“I had chicken with steamed broccoli on the side. I also had raspberry sorbet. The staff was overall solid getting me my food and no negative aspects. They got me a special sorbet for dessert which was super yummy.”

@tealdelly, who manages a milk allergy

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