Maldives Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly Travel Itinerary

Hi! My name is Natascia, I manage tree nut allergies, and I spent my honeymoon at the Baglioni All-Inclusive Resort in the Maldives! My favorite restaurant at the resort was Gusto, a delicious Italian restaurant, and fun activity was a snorkeling excursion! Follow me on Spokin @natascias for all of my allergy-friendly reviews and on Instagram @natascia.castro

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Baglioni Maldives

“I cannot say enough about Baglioni Maldives. They welcomed me with open arms upon my arrival. Their attention to detail with my food allergies is something I never experienced before (in the US and while traveling to other countries). They keep a photo of each guest and list of any dietary restrictions, allergies etc in their kitchen so that all staff is informed and aware at all times. They were well educated on cross contact of allergens and prepared all of my meals safely. I was able to enjoy and eat so many different cuisines as they modified the options to fit my needs. Chef Ali and all the staff were just incredible. There is also a doctor and clinic on site on the Baglioni Resort island in case of an emergency and the nearest hospital 20 minutes by speedboat (Nilandhoo Hospital) and the second nearest is 40 minutes by speedboat (Dhaal Atoll Hospital). I highly recommend this resort to the food allergy community!”

Pool Bar

“Chef Ali is amazing! He prepared me fresh mango, raspberry, and vanilla sorbet as well as a fresh poke bowl, fried fish, pizza, and ceviche—all nut-free!”

Unami Japanese

“Umami was great with food allergies! I had the sushi and noodle ramen soup – it was safe and delicious!”

Gusto Italian

“I had the octopus, salad, cheese plate and romantic dinner! All were safely prepared and nut-free!”


“International Breakfast Bar.”

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