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Requests for alcohol allergen details are bubbling up at Spokin and we are saying cheers to our FIRST Verified Alcohol Brand, Ghostfish Brewing Company! Ghostfish is one of the largest dedicated gluten-free breweries in the U.S. and their Seattle brewing facility also boasts the Ghostfish Taproom, a bucket list-worthy restaurant that’s 100% dedicated gluten-free and allergy-friendly. Ghostfish’s craft beer is sold in 18 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Sports fans can also find it at some of the leading baseball and football stadiums. Learn more from Co-Founder Brian Thiel and tune in for Brian’s Insta Live today 10/7 at 12pm CT.

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Brewing a great idea

Beer has always been in my life. I collected rare beer cans with my grandmother as a kid, worked professionally in the craft beer packaging industry, and homebrewed with a friend as a hobby, but it was the Celiac diagnosis of my now former wife that was the catalyst for starting a gluten-free craft beer company. Searching for great-tasting gluten-free beers with her was like searching for rare cans with my grandmother, except we never found one! I couldn’t imagine life without great tasting beer and saw a real need in the gluten-free community.

We’ll drink to that

I ran the idea of starting a gluten-free craft beer company by my homebrewing friend. We agreed we had no interest in being the number two gluten-free beer on the market and set out to create the best-tasting, highest-quality, gluten-free craft beer. Our goal was to win over everyone, from the Celiac and gluten-free community to avid craft beer drinkers, so that an entire group could enjoy the same beer together. I’m happy to share that dream came true and today Ghostfish is the top selling gluten-free craft beer in the U.S.


Raise a glass

We have our own brewing facility that’s 100% dedicated gluten-free. It’s also dedicated free of the top 9 allergens (excluding coconut), mustard, and legumes. Our beer is made with traditional brewing methods using non-traditional grains. We use naturally gluten-free grains such as millet and buckwheat to make our different styles of beer. We have 7 craft beers available year-round, including IPAs, ales, and darker beer like our Watchstander Stout. We also have 6 seasonal beers which are available at different times of the year. You can locate Ghostfish beer near you using our Beer Finder!


Pie in the sky

When we were looking for a place for our brewery, finding a space with a kitchen attached was a major selling point since we always envisioned offering food with our beer. Pizza was the first item we served in our Taproom, which was a big success, and eventually we opened an entire restaurant with a 100% dedicated gluten-free kitchen and menu. Today we serve lunch 5 days a week, dinner 7 days a week, and we feature a special brunch menu on Sundays.

Bucket list-worthy

Our menu focuses on gluten-free pub classics from fish and chips, burgers, and mac n’ cheese to loaded cheese fries, wings, and soft pretzels. Many of our recipes, like the breading for our fish and chips, incorporate our beer in the batter so people can have the unique experience of tasting the beer through the food. Our menu lists beer pairings for most items and we also serve flights of our beer.

Image credit: @wheatless_wanderlust
Image credit: @wheatless_wanderlust

Eyes on the fries

At the heart of our menu are fried dishes like fish and chips, onion rings, truffle fries, and spicy, crispy fried chicken sandwiches. People managing Celiac disease can safely enjoy all of our fried dishes because our fryers are dedicated gluten-free. We use canola oil in our fryer and our fries were recently featured in Spokin’s guide of 242 Places to get Safe French Fries.

Other allergies

While we are dedicated gluten-free, we can also accommodate other food allergies and specialized diets. We feel comfortable accommodating peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, soy and sesame allergies. We currently don’t have any menu items with peanuts and have a very limited number of items with tree nuts. We also note on our menu which dishes are vegetarian and vegan, or have the option to be prepared vegan.

Image credit: @wheatless_wanderlust
Image credit: @wheatless_wanderlust

Sweet finish

It’s worth repeating that ALL of our desserts are also gluten-free, including our house-made churros. We also offer cinnamon rolls with our Sunday brunch menu which are made by 5b’s, a local dedicated gluten-free bakery we’ve partnered with. We’re also mindful of other allergens, which is why our house-made carrot cake is purposefully nut-free.

In good hands

Our staff is trained in how to handle food allergies and will always follow strict allergy protocols including noting your allergens on your order, changing gloves, and utilizing dedicated utensils, prep areas, grill areas, and pans. We also verify the facilities providing our ingredients are free of allergens.

Favorite dish?

The gluten-free fish and chips is the number one selling item on our menu and was mentioned in Spokin’s Allergy-Friendly Seattle Itinerary but my personal favorite is our salmon BLT—being in the Pacific Northwest means we get really fresh, sustainably caught salmon, which makes for a great sandwich.

Image credit: @cabsahea
Image credit: @cabsahea

The real MVP

We know sporting events and beer go hand in hand and our beer is now available at several sports arenas. In the Seattle area, football fans can find us at Lumen Field and baseball fans can find us at T-Mobile Park. Our beer is also available for football fans on the East Coast at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts.

Join Brian’s Insta Live!

Join our Insta Live with co-founder and co-owner Brian Thiel to hear more about Ghostfish! Tune in @spokininc today (10/7) at 12 PM CT/1 PM ET.

You can follow Ghostfish Brewing Company on Instagram @ghostfishbrewco, on Facebook @GhostfishBrewingCompany, and on Twitter @GhostfishBrewCO.

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